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Other Diseases

A Healthy Pancreas for Canine Diabetes Prevention

The pancreas is an elongated gland, light tan or pinkish in color, nestled alongside the small intestine and adjacent to the stomach. The organ is composed of two functionally separate types of glandular tissue, each which performs a vital and disparate role in the dog's body.

Treatment for Canine Heartworm Infections

Treatment for a heartworm infection is critical, but it's not without risk. By being prepared for what can happen, you should be able to bring your dog through safely. Whether or not you choose to use conventional heartworm preventatives, there is always the possibility that you may one day find yourself with a heartworm-positive dog, and be faced with the decision of how to treat her.

Heartworm: Don’t Take it Lightly

People have learned of the benefits of a natural diet and limited vaccinations, and have seen the health improvements in their dogs from these changes. Now, many want to know if they can discontinue administering heartworm preventatives to their dogs, or whether those can be replaced by natural options.

Fending Off the Flu

It’s not neccessary to put your dog in solitary because of viral threats.

Vaccination and Canine Distemper Virus (CDV)

When we decided not to vaccinate Caleb, our Bouvier des Flandres, against anything other than rabies, my friend Janice and I knew we ran a risk that he might develop a dreaded disease. We also knew that vaccination doesn't always protect against disease, and believed it sometimes causes illness. We felt the home-prepared BARF (bones and raw foods) diet we fed him would help his body fight off many health problems. Naturally, we hoped that Caleb would never come down with anything serious like canine distemper virus (CDV). But, when he was three years old, we had to face and overcome exactly that challenge.

Watch Out for a Misdiagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease in Dogs

new strains of the disease have appeared – strains that may not be detected by standard tests.üFour-year-old Louis succumbed to ehrlichiosis. Initially diagnosed with kidney disease

Help for Dogs With Hypothyroidism

Many people are aware that hypo-thyroidism (low thyroid function) is a medical condition that can cause an afflicted dog to become lethargic, dull, and fat. But far too few dog owners are aware of the behavioral symptoms that hypothyroid can cause. This is unfortunate, since these symptoms include unexplainable aggression, so-called rage syndrome

Understanding The Canine Respiratory System

The respiratory system functions rather miraculously. Vital for life, critical for the health of the whole body, it’s one of the major ways the dog’s body unites his external environment with his inner milieu. As a primary site of contact with the outer world, the lungs are susceptible to diseases that can be caused by any airborne germ, irritant, or toxin that happens to be floating around.

Epileptic Dogs Can Live Normally

Don't despair if your dog has seizures or is diagnosed with epilepsy. Informed care and complementary methods can help these dogs live long, happy lives. Seizures can occur for a variety of reasons across the whole range of ages, and are the most common neurological disorder found in dogs. Making the diagnosis of canine epilepsy is a process of elimination.

Canine Glandular or Organ Therapy

The premise seems simple - if your dog has liver problems, feed him liver. What if it's a kidney, thyroid, or adrenal problem? Then feed kidney, thyroid, or adrenal tissue. This is, in its simplest form, glandular or organ therapy. The process has become much more refined over the years. Now your dog can experience the benefits of glandular therapy even when you can't find the raw glands or other organs to feed him. Now, glandulars (the common term for products containing animal cells even if they aren't from glands) are available in tablet, capsule, and liquid form, depending on the manufacturer.

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