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Veterinarian during examining and cleaning dog teeth. Old labrador retriever in animal hospital.

Dog Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning a dog’s teeth is far more complicated than the same procedure is for humans. There is much more involved in the process, from when you drop off your dog at the veterinary hospital to the time you pick him up at the end of the day.
Pet care. Owner brushing teeth of cute mixed breed dog at home

At-home Dental Care in Dogs

Most dog owners are disappointed to hear that brushing their dogs’ teeth is a necessary part of maintaining the health of their dogs. Regular oral examinations and professional cleaning by a veterinarian is also needed.
A Border Collie gets its teeth examined at the veterinarian. The dog's teeth are not in good condition.

Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning for Dogs

Many people are anxious about having their dogs undergo general anesthesia. But the reality is that cleaning the teeth without the benefit of general anesthesia will do more harm than good.
A cheerful dog displaying its tongue with pigmented black spots.

Black Spot on Your Dog’s Tongue?

A black spot on a dog's tongue is usually nothing but pigmentation and is completely normal. It's only a cause for concern when these spots have an uneven texture, or are associated with foul odors and sores that you need to be concerned.
A cute dog chewing on a hard deer antler that can damage its teeth.

Are Antlers Safe for Dogs?

The biggest risk for dogs from chewing on antlers is broken teeth. Antlers can also splinter and damage a dogs digestive track, or block it.
A black lab sits on its hind legs on an empty wooded trail with fallen autumn leaves, licking its tongue humorously.

Why Dogs Lick Excessively

Dogs may lick their lips in anticipation of food or a tasty treat. However, the behavior can indicate a variety of health issues when it isn't associated with food, a treat, or a reward.
pale gums in dogs

Does Your Dog Have Pale Gums?

Pale gums in dogs can be a symptom of anemia or blood loss, but there are other causes as well.
pale dog gums

Healthy Dog Gums vs Unhealthy Dog Gums: The Colors to Watch Out For

Did you know that the color and condition of your dog’s gums can give you important clues about her health? Paying attention to these...

Canned Food Is Not Bad for Dogs’ Teeth

If you ever want to see us develop a twitch when asked a question, ask us something about the teeth-cleaning ability of kibble. First, you...

Dog Teeth Cleaning: Don’t Deny Dental Health

where the left and right sides of the mouth are mismatched. That upper canine should be right behind the bottom canine. Instead, the bottom canine is crashing into a top incisor. The rest of her top incisors are actually hitting the bottom of her mouth! This pup will need major dental work.üüOuch! This molar has suffered significant gingival (gum) recession and exposed the roots. Immediate extraction is warranted.

Dog Toothpaste: Is It Necessary?

Of course, you can't just pick up your own tube of human toothpaste and start brushing your dog's teeth. Just like our dogs don't have the same dietary requirements as we do, dog toothpaste differs from toothpaste for people in several ways. It's important to use a toothpaste made specifically for pets

Dog Has Bad Breath?

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