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Ways to Combat Your Dog’s Indoor Urine-Marking

I can still remember the day, more than a decade ago, when I first realized with horror that our Scottish Terrier, Dubhy (pronounced Duffy")

5 Ways to Prevent Your Housetrained Dog from Soiling the House

It's very disconcerting when your well-housetrained dog suddenly starts having accidents in the house. It may be human nature to think he's doing it to spite you, but that's not the case – a well-trained dog doesn't just start soiling indoors on a whim. There's a legitimate reason it's happening, and you owe it to your dog to find out why. Here's what you need to do:

How to Train Your Dog to Go to the Bathroom Outside

so getting him to touch the bells took just a matter of moments. However

An Extreme Inappropriate Response

Many years ago, when I was a Customer Care Supervisor at the Marin Humane Society, in Novato, California, we received a frantic phone call from a woman who had glanced over her fence and noticed her neighbor’s adolescent Dalmatian tangled up in her tie-out rope so badly that she couldn’t move. Rushing to the address, the Society’s humane officer did, indeed, find the tangled dog, but there was something suspicious about the scene. The rope was coiled and knotted so neatly around the dog’s legs that it left no room for doubt in the officer’s mind.

House Training a Dog in Cold Weather

Nasty, cold, blowing, snowing, sleeting, rainy day out and your dog won't go out to potty? I can relate; I don't much like to go out in bad weather either – even if I don't have to poop and pee out there.Help is on the way. Here are five things you can do to help improve your dog's winter eliminate outside" outlook... Go out with her. She may be much more willing to brave the elements if her beloved human is with her. If you go with her you can keep her mind on her business

5 Ways to Stop Dogs from Urine-Marking in the House

Marking is not the same behavior as my bladder is full and I have to pee." Housetraining is just a matter of teaching your dog when and where to relieve himself. In contrast

How to Handle Your Dog’s Accidents in the House

whether it's on carpet or floors. The enzymes break down the smelly agents in urine and feces

Nocturnal Dogs

and matching leash all get softer with time and laundering. I like the extra large D-ring for snapping the leash onto.

Tips on House Training Your Dog

Teaching your dog to eliminate on cue is such a valuable trick" once your dog knows how

Letters: 11/04

A friend copied the article, “Monkey See, Monkey Do?” from the July issue for me, knowing I would want to subscribe, which I did.

How to Teach Your Dog to Eliminate on Cue

and will be forced to soil the crate. Once a puppy's inborn instinct to keep his "den" clean is broken

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House-Training Is Simple, But Not Always Easy

There are lots of reasons that a house-training failure can occur. Perhaps the dog has a particularly small bladder or had a urinary tract infection. Perhaps the owner wasn’t able to let the dog outside as frequently as needed to support the house-training habit, or didn’t have the means or ability to manage the dog’s environment,