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Why is your dog losing weight? Causes can be minor or serious.

Why Is My Dog Losing Weight?

Environmental issues can cause a dog to stop eating and be easily fixed. Dental or medical issues can also cause weight loss and need professional assistance to resolve.
Dramamine for dogs can relieve motion sickness.

Dramamine for Dogs

Dramamine, a brand name for the drug dimenhydrinate, is an antihistamine that is used off-label in many dogs for vestibular problems, including carsickness and...
Acorns can be hazardous to dogs if eaten.

Can Dogs Eat Acorns?

Some dogs love to eat acorns. But acorns are dangerous to dogs in a variety of ways including choking, gastrointestinal upset, and splintering.
Goldendoodle puppy feeling unwell.

Can Dogs Have Imodium for Diarrhea?

Dogs can be given Imodium to treat diarrhea, but dogs with the MDR1 mutation should not be given Imodium, as they will struggle to metabolize it. Too high a dose for the dog's size can also cause complications.
portrait of a cute purebred puppy chihuahua eating fruit

What Foods Are Toxic To Dogs?

There are many foods that are toxic to dogs. Watch what your dog eats, and if you’re not sure and see signs of poisoning, get to a veterinarian immediately or call a poison control center.
A man offers a Boston terrier a tasty treat while the dog avoids looking at the food.

Dog Sniffing Food But Not Eating

If your dog normally has a good appetite, but suddenly stops eating his food, you should be concerned. However, if your dog is always a picky, slow eater, and he goes on strike for a meal or two, there is usually nothing urgent to be worried about.
Boy sneaking dog food from the table

My Dog Is Acting Normal but Not Eating

If your dog won’t eat, you have a small window of time to evaluate the situation, The better you know your dog, the easier it is to decide if it is something serious or just a phase.

Bad Breath in Dogs

Bad breath, whether sudden or chronic, can be a sign of illness in dogs.
Woman picking dog poo in plastic bag

Getting a Dog Fecal Sample for Internal Parasite Testing

A dog fecal sample for internal parasite testing is critical to determining effective treatment for your dog. Stool samples can also provide other vital information about your dog's health.
Hungry dog food with a red empty bowl. High angle view.

What to Give a Dog for an Upset Stomach

The simplest, safest remedy for vomiting is one of the hardest: A 24-hour fast. (Note: This does not apply if your dog is a puppy or diabetic.) Not feeding your dog when he looks at you with those big, beautiful eyes is hard to resist.
Toad Swell on The Lawn After Meeting Siberian Husky

My Dog Ate a Frog (or Was It a Toad?)

If your dog swallows a toad or frog immediately flush the dogs mouth with running water to reduce poison ingestion and contact your vet or poison control.
A older woman pulls a turkey out of the oven while a small dog looks on in anticipation.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

You can share your Thanksgiving turkey with your dog. However, be aware of any additional ingredients you've use in cooking the turkey to avoid causing stomach upset or worse in your dog.

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