Dramamine for Dogs

While there is no official Dramamine dosage for dogs, but veterinarians do have recommendations.


Dramamine, a brand name for the drug dimenhydrinate, is an antihistamine that is used off-label in many dogs for vestibular problems, including carsickness and senior dog vestibular disease. With its antihistamine properties, this medication also may help with mild itching. For some dogs, it can act as a mild sedative, too.

Dramamine is not an FDA-approved medication for dogs, which means its use is considered off label, and there is no official Dramamine dosage for dogs. A better choice might be an FDA-approved treatment like Cerenia.

The dosage for Dramamine for a dog is based on the dog’s weight. Most veterinarians recommend a Dramamine dosage for dogs at 2 mgs to 4 mgs per pound of the dog’s body weight. Since the pills tend to come in 50 mg size, you will need a pill cutter to get down to a reasonable dose for small dog. Overdosing may cause poisoning.

Dramamine for Motion Sickness

Dramamine takes 30 to 45 minutes to take effect. If it helps your dog with motion sickness, you need to give it before you get in the car. Common Dramamine side effects noticed in dogs are sleepiness, a dry mouth with sticky saliva, and problems urinating.

Dramamine had drug interactions, particularly neurologic medications such as antidepressants. It can also interfere with allergy testing. Before using any medication, check with your veterinarian. Be sure to mention EVERYTHING your dog gets, which means food, treats, and all supplements and medications.

Dogs with some chronic health problems should not receive Dramamine. The list includes glaucoma, seizures, and cardiac conditions such as hypertension. It is of questionable use in a dog with any urinary problems as well.

Help for Dogs with Motion Sickness

What else can you do for a dog with motion sickness? Do your best on car trips to minimize turns and stops. The ideal road trip for these dogs is on a smooth highway – no potholes. Keep the car cool. Use the AC and put a fan on your dog’s crate if needed. Roll the windows down if your dog is safely crated and the weather is cool. Some dogs do best if they can see out, while others ride better if covered. Remember that a dog who has motion sickness will probably be uncomfortable on a boating expedition as well.

Some herbal mixtures, such as ginger, may help dogs who get carsick. Again, check with your veterinarian before you mix and match too many medications and supplements and be careful with dosages.