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Teach Your Dog to Fetch By Training Your Dog to Love Retrieval

we start with shaping that behavior and backchain to the completed "Fetch" behavior.üGradually

5 Benefits of Trick Training Your Dog

It's fortunate that there are many positive training options for our dogs today! Increasingly, people are choosing to extend their dogs' education past classes in good manners, and I strongly advocate following up those basic classes with a tricks class! Learning even just a few basic tricks is fun for you, your dog, and your potential audience! And while the benefits to you and your dog are many, I will describe my top five.

Rules for Playing Tug

A couple of decades ago, when positive reinforcement-based training was in its infancy, we were quite sensitive to criticism from the dog training community about this new permissive" style of dog training. When we began encouraging people to play tug with their dogs

Become a Dog Sport Champion – At Home!

and we even managed to complete it with my lack of videography and editing skills. I am a Certified Trick Dog Instructor through DMWYD and really like the way the program gives people attainable goals to work toward with their pets."üüüüüüüüüJude Azaren (seen at a conventional agility event with her dog

Find Activities That Fit Your Dog’s Personality

There is nothing sadder than the look on my 8-year-old dog Otto's face when he sees me loading my new puppy Woody into the car, on our way to puppy kindergarten classes. This is pretty much the only time I take Woody somewhere and don't ask Otto to come along, too. Otto's expression was so bereft, it got me looking around for some other activity to take up with Otto (and Otto alone).

Have Fun Training Your Dog New Tricks!

Pat lures Bonnie into position with her front feet on a bench.üPat uses the higher lure to help maintain Bonnie's position while moving another lure into place below.üWhen Pat can easily lure Bonnie's nose down between Bonnie's front legs

Do More with Your Dog

Stunt dog trainer/performer and author Kyra Sundance has created an entire program around teaching dogs to do tricks. Trainers can become Certified Trick Dog Instructors (CTDI), and dog owners can earn titles at five levels by having a witness sign the Trick Dog Performance Form found on Sundance's website. To achieve the various levels, you simply need your dog to perform enough tricks from Sundance's Tricks List to meet the requirements for that level: …

9 Great Warm Up Games and Exercises for Your Dog

Every dog should be walked at least two to three minutes prior to starting activity. For more strenuous activities, walk longer and include some jogging toward the end. There is no better gait for overall exercise than a brisk walk.

Preventing Exercise Injury for Your Dog by Warming Up and Cooling Down

Professional human athletes never skip a proper warmup. That's because research has proven, repeatedly, that preparing your muscles for upcoming physical activity reduces the risk of physical injury. And for them, an injury could impact their wallet with down time.

Sarah Foster’s Dog Cue Dictionary

It helps to keep track of exactly what it is that you expect the dog to do when you use a certain cue. If your dog is often confused about a particular cue or behavior, you might look over your own dictionary to determine whether your definition or cue has drifted away from what you originally taught your dog, or whether you have cues or behaviors that are easy to mistake for another one.

Teaching Trade

It's important to be able to ask your dog to give something to you, especially something he is not supposed to have. If you take away only those things that are forbidden to him, he will learn to play the keep-away game, or worse, he may learn to resource-guard. If your dog already guards resources, you may need to do some behavior modification before it is safe to play the trade" game with him. Ask a professional for help with this if you don't think it's safe."

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