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Why It’s Important to Teach Your Dog to Trade

Sometimes we need to take things away from our dog and that’s when the trade trick becomes vital. Here’s how to teach your dog to trade.

How to Teach Your Dog to Play “Nose Games”

If competition isn’t your thing, you can do a simpler activity at home with your dog that we call Nose Games. You can do...

How to Teach Your Dog to “Search”

The "search me!" game uses lots of energy and can tire out your very active dog, and offers very practical applications as well. Start with treats, since most dogs will happily look for food. You can eventually ask him to look for hidden objects (favorite toys, your lost keys) and even hidden or missing humans!

The Marvelous Mutts

At a performance by The Marvelous Mutts, as the name suggests, you won't see any pedigreed dogs, but you will definitely witness focused owners and competitive dogs! Looking at a photographic gallery of The Marvelous Mutts, one could easily be confused with having found the listing for a rescue promoting their mixed-breed adoption candidates. Instead, it's an inspiring model, both for what rescue dogs can do and what highly motivated dog owners can do for shelter and rescue dogs.

Teach Your Dog to Choose Things

Our dogs have very little opportunity for choice in their lives in today's world. We tell them when to eat, when to play, when...

Nose Work is Great Exercise for Dogs!

When your dog has learned how to search, this makes a great rainy day indoor exercise activity. You can also routinely scatter her meals around the yard so she has to search through the grass to find them; put her on a long line if you don't have a fence. You can also name her favorite toys and have her find them. You can even have family members and friends hide and have her find them.

Teach Your Dog to Fetch By Training Your Dog to Love Retrieval

we start with shaping that behavior and backchain to the completed "Fetch" behavior.üGradually

Rules for Playing Tug

A couple of decades ago, when positive reinforcement-based training was in its infancy, we were quite sensitive to criticism from the dog training community about this new permissive" style of dog training. When we began encouraging people to play tug with their dogs

5 Benefits of Trick Training Your Dog

It's fortunate that there are many positive training options for our dogs today! Increasingly, people are choosing to extend their dogs' education past classes in good manners, and I strongly advocate following up those basic classes with a tricks class! Learning even just a few basic tricks is fun for you, your dog, and your potential audience! And while the benefits to you and your dog are many, I will describe my top five.

Become a Dog Sport Champion – At Home!

and we even managed to complete it with my lack of videography and editing skills. I am a Certified Trick Dog Instructor through DMWYD and really like the way the program gives people attainable goals to work toward with their pets."üüüüüüüüüJude Azaren (seen at a conventional agility event with her dog

Find Activities That Fit Your Dog’s Personality

There is nothing sadder than the look on my 8-year-old dog Otto's face when he sees me loading my new puppy Woody into the car, on our way to puppy kindergarten classes. This is pretty much the only time I take Woody somewhere and don't ask Otto to come along, too. Otto's expression was so bereft, it got me looking around for some other activity to take up with Otto (and Otto alone).

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Proposition: You Don’t Really Want to Train Your Dog

Most people aren’t interested in learning theory and the timing of the dopamine release and whether a dog is intentionally signaling aggression when his hair stands up—but I am fascinated by all of those things and can’t even resist telling you right here and right now that he’s not!