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A golden retriever runs towards it's female owner during playtime in the park.

How to Get a Dog to Listen When Distracted

Does your dog respond reliably to you at home, but starts ignoring you and focusing on distractions the moment you step out the door? Getting your dog to listen when distracted starts with training in a distraction free environment and slowly adding distractions.
Clickers for dog training make a sharp clicking noise when pressed helping to cue a dog.

How To Use A Clicker In Dog Training

A dog training clicker is a small low-tech device that makes a distinct and consistent clicking noise. If you consistently follow its use with a food treat (or other salient reward), the dog will quickly learn that the noise predicts a treat, and that he can make the noise and treat return by repeating whatever he was doing at the moment he heard the click.
A doberman pinscher relaxing in a retail environment.

Teach Your Dog to Settle and Relax on Cue

If your dog will exhibit calm relaxed behavior when needed, it can help reduce stress and make everyone’s day smoother. When our dogs act calm, they will actually become calmer. Gradually, this state of relaxation will develop to match the outward behavior.
12 years old girl in backyard at home teaching her black labrador puppy to sit on command. Stay a home. Weekend activities

Dog Training for Kids and Other Beginners

The level of your children’s participation in your dog’s training program will vary based on the age and abilities of the children.
A dog lying on a mat of grass indoors.

Indoor Dog Potty

There are legitimate reasons why some dog lovers need their dogs to potty indoors. We looked at “dog indoor potty” products to help you determine which you might want to choose from if you are in the “indoor bathroom” club.
Woman walking her dog taking care to keep the leash loose and comfortable for them both.

How to Stop a Dog From Pulling on a Leash

Any chance you’d like to transform your dog walks from frustrating leash-pulling contests of strength to enjoyable and cooperative outings?
A white dog on a leash looks intently at its owner for hand commands.

Dog Training Basics: How to Teach a Cue

While our dogs are born with all sorts of natural canine inclinations – like searching out food, investigating scents, romping with friends – “listen to words from humans” is not part of their default program. With the right kind of teaching, responding to your cues will become a dog’s go-to choice because it is the most reliable route to the things he wants.
A black labrador retriever pays close attention to its owner's hand command.

How To Train a Deaf Dog

Training a deaf dog requires patience and consistency, just as training a dog who can hear does. While replacing the verbal “sit” with a...
Young girl standing on beach, playing with dog

Stop Nipping

Solutions for a dog who nips, whether he’s nipping in fear, excitement, annoyance – or because it’s part of his genetic inheritance! (We’re looking at you, herding breeds!)
Woman running with dog to workout during morning walk

Types of Dog Training

Clicker training, positive reinforcement training, balanced dog training. . . . What do these terms mean, and what’s the best way to train your dog?
A dog gate can keep your dogs confined without the need for a crate or a kennel.

Visitor at the Door? Use a Dog Gate

Using indoor dog gates can quickly transform those chaotic moments when people come to your door into calm ones – and gates have many other dog-management uses, too.

How to Teach a Dog “Place”

“Place training,” or teaching your dog to go to a certain spot on cue, or at a certain time, is easy and invaluable.

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