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Vibration Collars: What You Should Know

Vibration collars are frequently suggested as a good tool for communicating with hearing-impaired dogs. I hadn’t had much experience with them, so when I...

Wolfwill Vibration Collar: The Negatives

I found the concept of a vibration collar potentially useful. But in practice, there were a number of things I didn’t like about the...

Understanding Your Dog’s Nose

All dogs have noses – and they all know how to use them. Our awareness of our dog’s nose capabilities is nothing new. We...

How to Teach Your Dog to Play “Nose Games”

If competition isn’t your thing, you can do a simpler activity at home with your dog that we call Nose Games. You can do...

Tips on Living With and Training a Blind Dog

When Orbit came into one of the classes I offer for puppies and their owners, in Santa Cruz, California, he was in most ways...

Kids and Dogs

These days, it seems that every time someone posts a picture on social media of a child with a dog it is immediately followed...

How to Teach Verbal Cues

Does your dog understand what behavior you wish her to perform when you use verbal cues alone, with absolutely no hand gestures or suggestive...
how to train a dog to stay

How to Train A Dog to Stay

Once you train your dog to stay on cue, the behavior can come in handy. In the past week alone, I’ve asked my dog to stay a number of times.

Does Your Female Dog Hump?

Usually humping is associated with male dogs, but humping is also very common amongst female dogs. Some girls will hump toys or other objects, some hump air, others hump other dogs or even people. To learn more about humping, why girls do it, and how to keep your female dog from humping, we talk with Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Chair of The Association of Professional Dog Trainers Nick Hof, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, KPA-CTP, CSAT, to answer some of your most commonly asked questions about female dogs and humping.

The Best Food-Dispensing Toys 2019

We still love the basic Kong toy, as well as the variety of other toys made by Kong. But we have to admit, we also love many of Kongs competitors in the food-stuffable toy category. In fact, there are so many its hard to even have favorites anymore! But at a minimum, we think you should be aware of how many options are available to you and your dog today, so you can select the ones that are best suited to your own dogs needs and wants.

Teach Your Dog to Relax Around Bees

Just like a good skunking doesnt stop most dogs from going after those black-and-white critters again the next time (darn it!), there are many dogs who seem goaded into more intense bee-chasing behavior after an unfortunate encounter of the stinging kind. Conversely, there are also dogs who become literally phobic about all small, flying creatures after a stinging incident. Then there are those who develop an obsessive-compulsive behavior known as fly-snapping.

Autistic Dogs: Can Dogs Have Autism?

Autism is not yet a diagnosis that can be given to dogs. Autism-like symptoms such as repetitive behavior or episodic aggression can be very challenging for dog guardians to understand and safely manage in the home, and it may be tempting to put the autism label on a dog if it fits. But Dr. Parthasarathy explains that a detailed history of the dog is essential for professionals to come up with a diagnosis.

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Don’t Pull Your Puppy With His Leash!

I was just driving down the street and my eye, as always, was drawn to a dog – a Golden Retriever puppy,...