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Training a Deaf Dog

Deaf dogs are just as capable of learning as hearing dogs, and training any dog takes consistency, time, and patience. The hardest part is remembering to change your behavior and not rely on your voice!
Young girl in hospital hugging therapy dog

What’s a Therapy Dog?

Do you and your dog absolutely love people? If so, this rewarding volunteer activity might be for you. Here’s how to prepare yourself and your canine partner for providing comfort to people in need.

How to Train Your Dog to Roll Over

Roll Over is a crowd-pleasing trick that’s especially amusing to teach to fun and flexible puppies.

How to Teach Your Dog to Lie Down on Cue

Many people find it more difficult to teach a dog to lie down on cue than sit, accusing their dogs of being stubborn. But if you use the same lure-reward, force-free technique for "down" that you use for “sit,” you’ll soon succeed.
Dog running to it's male owner through a tall grassy field.

Off Leash Training

How to train your dog to reliably work off leash: First get solid responses to your cues on leash, then on a long line. When moving to an unfenced area, introduce distractions gradually.
Crate Training Made Easy

How to Crate-Train an Older Dog

Crate-training tips to help your older dog adjust to confinement.
dog waking person up

How To Calm An Anxious Dog: Be Predictable

If you're looking for how to calm dog anxiety naturally, make your everyday routines consistent and predictable – and watch how much calmer and less anxious your dogs become.

Dog Training for Beginners

Are you thinking about adopt your first dog? Or, do you already have a dog, but have no clue how to teach him to do anything? No worries! We’ve got dog training tips just for beginners.
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Teach Your Dog to “Leave It” Without Using a Cue

With this “leave it” training method, the thing you want your dog to leave alone or stop obsessing over becomes the cue for him to look at you.
Woman and dog

What’s Your Dog-Training “Vibe”?

The best dog-training method isn’t a method at all! For effective dog training that helps your dog learn faster, make your voice, body language, and mental state clear, confident, and inviting.
Training a dog to stay

How to Teach a Dog to Stay

A solid stay is one of the basic commands for dog training. Here’s how to teach a dog to sit and stay.

Submissive Urination and Excitement Urination

Some dogs can’t really help but urinate when they are frightened, anxious, or excited. What can you do to prevent this untimely submissive urination?

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