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How to Teach a Dog “Place”

“Place training,” or teaching your dog to go to a certain spot on cue, or at a certain time, is easy and invaluable.

How to Teach Your Dog to Shake (Paw)

Shaking hands – offering a polite paw – is one of the most popular and endearing tricks in the dog world. And it’s easy to teach your dog!
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Beware When Hiring a Dog Trainer

Are you wondering how to find a dog trainer? Be aware that no education, experience, certification, or license is required to be a dog trainer.
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How to Housetrain Your Adult Dog

If you adopt an adult dog, it may be that she arrives in your home with zero experience at living indoors, or a medical problem. Here are tips for potty training an adult dog.

How to Teach a Dog to Heel

Your dog’s ability to walk next to you on a loose leash can determine whether you enjoy your daily dog walks. Here is how to train your dog to heel.
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Tips For Dog-Walking Etiquette

Unwritten rules—and sometimes written laws—help dictate how to keep you and your dog safe while walking.
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Boundary Training

How to train your dog to stay in your yard (and how it should not be done)

Fido, Clean Your Room!

How to teach your dog to pick up his toys and put them away.
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Is Dog Agility Right for You and Your Dog?

It’s easy to start dog agility training right at home – all you need are a few jumps and the right attitude.
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Find the Best Trainer for You and Your Dog

There are lots of bad and even dangerous trainers out there. Here’s how to find a qualified training and behavior professional.

How to Teach Your Dog to Spin

“Spin” is an easy trick to teach your dog – and a fun one to show off!
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Five Steps to Stop Puppy Biting

Fact: Puppies have a developmental need to bite. Here’s a plan for directing and fulfilling that need – with your skin intact!

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My Thanks Are for Shelter Workers

Shelter workers are some of the hardest working people who deal with dogs, and we are thankful for all their hard work.