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Jae Thomas is an e-commerce journalist, editor, and dog trainer based in Colorado. She graduated from the New York University journalism program in 2020, and has written commerce content for publications like Mashable, Apartment Therapy, Bon Appetít, and CNN. Jae has tested hundreds of dog products, and isn’t afraid to say what is or isn’t worth a reader’s time and money. Jae shares her life with mixed breed Muddy Paws Rescue alum, Miso, and Rough Collie, Dashi. Jae competes in various dog sports with her pups, and lives for clicker training, free shaping, and desensitization. She is also a member of the Collie Club of America and has an interest in the health and versatility of Collies.

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Nobody’s Perfect! Least of All Me!

I strive to be a good dog—I mean, a good dog owner. But recently, I was stuck between being a responsible dog owner and being responsible for my dogs’ well being, and I broke a leash law in order to protect my dogs. And I got yelled at, a couple of times.