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Dog urine killing grass? Try changing things up.

Help for Dog Urine Killing Grass

Dog pee killing grass happens because of the high nitrogen content in dog urine. A little nitrogen is great for plants, but a lot . . . not so much.
Not all dogs can swim. Some are bred for it, and others simply don't float.

Can All Dogs Swim?

Some dogs like Chihuahuas are too small to swim, and lack the fur to keep warm. Other breeds like bull dogs are not build to swim well and may sink rear end first.
A woman introducing a cat to a dog, the cat is clearly upset.

How to Introduce a Cat to a Dog

There are millions of homes where cats and dogs live together in perfect harmony – mine included. How does that happen? Careful introductions of...
Coconut water is good for dogs in the right circumstances and small amounts.

Is Coconut Water Good for Dogs?

Coconut water can help dogs recover from vigorous exercise, especially in hot weather, and it is said to aid digestion. As with any new food, start slowly and monitor your dog’s response. 
Some dogs do watch TV and react to whatever they see on the screen.

Do Dogs Really Watch TV?

Dogs’ vision is a little different from ours. Despite these differences between dogs’ vision and ours, many dogs watch TV and recognize things that are of interest to them.
Woman's leg injured by a dog bite

Are Dogs’ Mouths Cleaner Than Humans’?

People have been told that dogs’ mouths are cleaner than a human’s. This is a myth! Dogs’ mouths contain just as many bacteria as our own.
Cheerful young African American man showing love to his dog a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

How to Show Your Dog You Love Them

Humans tend to naturally want to demonstrate their love with hugs, petting, and cuddles – and some dogs love being hugged, petted, and cuddled. Others don't. Here's some new ways to show your dog you love them.
Adorable, pretty puppy and handsome man preparing a healthy breakfast. Closeup, indoors. Day light, studio photo. Concept of care pet and healthy, delicious food

Can Dogs Drink Oat Milk?

Oat milk can be good for dogs. It’s a lactose-free dairy alternative for humans that dogs also can enjoy, but in moderation.
Beagle dog sleeping on soft gray couch. Comfortable furniture.

Do Dogs Like Music?

It’s understandable that dog owners would be interested in using music to facilitate calmness. And there is evidence that some music does indeed help dogs relax.
One cup of clear water against a white background

How long can a dog go without peeing?

Normal healthy dogs can hold their pee for four to eight hours. Puppies and senior dogs need to go more often, and high temperatures can cause the dog to drink more and need to go more often.

Low-Energy Dog Breeds

Calm canines range from small to giant, so you have your choice of size, but if you’re also looking for a dog who is easy to care for take note: Some low-energy breeds also have extra grooming or medical needs.
A fit older man walks a small dog white dog down neighborhood streets.

How Often Should You Walk Your Dog?

There isn’t a valid one-size-fits-all recommendation for the distance or amount of time that you should walk your dog. There are factors specific to each individual dog’s health and needs that determine how often you should walk your dog

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Dogs in Restaurants: Yay! Or Nay?

I’m generally a fan of places or experiences that dog owners can enjoy with their well behaved dogs—but not so much when it’s with other people’s unruly, reactive, or loud dogs. Couple any of that with owners who make no effort to limit their dogs’ intrusion into other people’s space or hampering wait-staff, and any progress that has been made to include dogs goes out the window.