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Can Dogs Drink Oat Milk?

Oat milk can be good for dogs. It’s a lactose-free dairy alternative for humans that dogs also can enjoy, but in moderation.
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Do Dogs Like Music?

It’s understandable that dog owners would be interested in using music to facilitate calmness. And there is evidence that some music does indeed help dogs relax.
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How long can a dog go without peeing?

Normal healthy dogs can hold their pee for four to eight hours. Puppies and senior dogs need to go more often, and high temperatures can cause the dog to drink more and need to go more often.

Low-Energy Dog Breeds

Calm canines range from small to giant, so you have your choice of size, but if you’re also looking for a dog who is easy to care for take note: Some low-energy breeds also have extra grooming or medical needs.
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How Often Should You Walk Your Dog?

There isn’t a valid one-size-fits-all recommendation for the distance or amount of time that you should walk your dog. There are factors specific to each individual dog’s health and needs that determine how often you should walk your dog
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Dog Surrender Fees

I was recently made aware that the term “where can I surrender my dog for free” is searched online thousands of times every month....
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Are There Restaurants That Allow Dogs?

A number of restaurants allow dogs in their outdoor seating areas. There are a few that even offer special menu items for canine guests. You should consider your and other guest's comfort by being sure that your dog is a well mannered dinner date.
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How to Register a Dog as Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support dogs are not registered in any database. What you do need is a letter from your licensed mental health professional that you need an emotional support animal.
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Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

You can share your Thanksgiving turkey with your dog. However, be aware of any additional ingredients you've use in cooking the turkey to avoid causing stomach upset or worse in your dog.
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The Best Family Dogs

If you are looking for a dog who will make a fantastic addition to your family, what you should be looking for is an individual dog with specific canine personality traits that are conducive to family life.
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How Old Is My Dog in Human Years?

How old your dog is in human years depends on its age, puppies mature faster, and the size of the dog with toy breeds living longer than large working breeds.

Dog Kisses: Is Your Dog Really Kissing You?

You either love it or hate it: the wet, warm sensation of a dog licking your face. Many of us seek out this kind...

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How Often Do You Walk Your Dog?

Failing to take your dog on walks can be detrimental to your dog’s physical and emotional well being.