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A small brown puppy sleeping through the night in his bed.

How to Get a Puppy to Sleep Through the Night

Puppies sleep schedules are irregular. Exercise, dimming lights, and companionship are great ways to get a puppy to sleep through the night.
Little cute puppies papillon on green grass

Pyometra in Dogs

Pyometra in dogs is a life threatening infection of a dog's uterus, most often in un-spayed dogs. It can rarely occur in spayed dogs too.
Communal water bowls are one the most common ways for dog papillomas to spread.

Dog Papillomas: Viral Warts

Viral dog papillomas are contagious from dog to dog. With the dawn of dog parks and doggy day care veterinarians are seeing more cases of viral dog papillomas, especially oral papillomas in dogs.
two female vets preparing a labrador retriever puppy for vaccination

What is the Best Puppy Shot Schedule?

A puppy’s shot schedule is usually based on advice from the American Animal Hospital Association, which breaks vaccines for dogs into two categories: core and non-core.
12 years old girl in backyard at home teaching her black labrador puppy to sit on command. Stay a home. Weekend activities

Dog Training for Kids and Other Beginners

The level of your children’s participation in your dog’s training program will vary based on the age and abilities of the children.
A dog lying on a mat of grass indoors.

Indoor Dog Potty

There are legitimate reasons why some dog lovers need their dogs to potty indoors. We looked at “dog indoor potty” products to help you determine which you might want to choose from if you are in the “indoor bathroom” club.
Welsh Corgi Pembroke dog feeds six newborn puppies, lies on white couch. Happy family. Pets. Childhood. Maintenance and feeding of pets. Dog breeding. Positive emotions. Raising puppies.

Progesterone Test for Dogs and the Female Dog Heat Cycle

Most progesterone tests for dogs are done through the veterinary office, using radioimmunoassay (gold standard) or chemiluminescence immunoassay, but progesterone home test kits are available if needed.
Two puppies interacting, one looks curious while the other looks surprised.

How Long Is a Dog Considered a Puppy?

The exact timeframe varies by size and breed, pretty much all dogs are considered adults by 2 years of age.
Beautiful puppy dog lying belly up with a pronounced "outie belly button," showing an umbilical hernia in puppies.

Umbilical Hernias in Puppies

If your puppy has an umbilical hernia it looks a lot like an “outie” puppy belly button. When the hole where the umbilical chord attached doesn't close properly it allows fat to poke out and create a bulge.
Puppy eats from a bowl indoors

How Often to Feed a Puppy

Most puppies should be eating three to four meals a day.
Teaching a puppy to drop it can protect your possessions, and keep your puppy from swallowing something dangerous.

How to Teach a Puppy to Drop It

Yelling or chasing your puppy to get him to drop something dangerous is not the best choice. Here are some better strategies to stop a puppy from chewing something he’s “stolen.”
Newborn puppy

When will Newborn Puppies Open Their Eyes?

Most puppies open their eyes at 10 to 14 days old, but that doesn’t mean they’re seeing well yet.

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