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Female owner with Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy in nature

How Far Can I Walk My Puppy?

How long should you walk a puppy depends on her age. A new puppy should go on a walk for no more than five or 10 minutes – here’s why.
Labrador mother with her puppies

What Is the Runt of the Litter?

Being the smallest puppy at birth may earn a pup the title “runt of the litter,” but that’s not necessarily a detriment. What matters is how that puppy develops.
Chihuahua standing in front of Border Collie

When to Stop Feeding Puppy Food

The dog must be physically mature before you stop feeding puppy food.

Socializing Puppies with Other Dogs

How to help your puppy feel comfortable around other dogs.
Cute labrador puppy dog getting a vaccine at the veterinary doctor

Common Puppy Diseases

Some common illnesses in puppies are deadly. Vaccinate your puppy!
A puppy taking a bath in the kitchen sink

When Can Puppies Take a Bath?

The age you can bathe a puppy literally depends upon how dirty he is.
Naughty young spaniel puppy testing its teeth on chewing garden chair as it relaxes under it in the shade out of the sun with its companion

When Do Puppies Stop Teething?

Tips for keeping your home, possessions, and self from being chewed to bits by your teething puppy.
Fat puppy

Single Puppy Syndrome

Singleton puppies miss out on opportunities to learn basic canine communication and behavioral coping skills from their littermates, sometimes setting them up for frustration and sensitivity to handling later in life.
puppy leash training

Pup Won’t Go? Steps to Take for Puppy Leash Training

You just brought your new puppy home and you can’t wait to head out on that first walk. You’ve been picturing this happy moment...
resource guarding in dogs

Starting Young: Resource Guarding in Puppies

It might come as a shock when your sweet fluff of a baby dog suddenly and fiercely stakes a claim to the treats that...

Socializing Your New Puppy: How Much Puppy Playtime Does Your Dog Need?

In addition to planning for and providing your new pup with all the training and management she needs to learn basic good manners and...
puppy with larger dog when do dogs stop growing

When do dogs stop growing?

Although predicting your puppy’s size isn’t an exact science, a puppy-weight calculator could help guess your purebred or mixed breed’s adult weight.

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