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Beyond the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare

The “Five Freedoms,” a set of standards for humane animal care, have long been internationally respected and embraced by animal protection organizations, including the...

Dog Muzzles Are Useful Tools When You Use Them Right

India) has been conditioned by her owner to wear a muzzle happily; for her

Chronic Ear Infections in Dogs: What You Need to Hear

Given that itchiness" is the most common reason for veterinary visits

Smoke Inhalation and Dogs

Smoke inhalation is dangerous for all dogs regardless of breed or age, but there are some specific concerns with some breeds. Dr. Loenser explained that dogs with short noses including bulldogs, pugs and boston terriers are especially at risk. Additionally, she explained that very young and very old dogs of any breed can be more fragile and at risk for medical complications from smoke inhalation.

When One Is Not Enough

For many of us who love dogs, our canine family members are a lot like potato chips - we can't have just one. There...

Planning A Road Trip with Your Dog?

Thinking of taking a road trip with your dog? Road trips can be a lot of fun and are a great way to see...

Dog Walking Apps: Are They Safe?

When you use a dog walking app service, you are inviting a stranger into your home who you have not vetted. You are handing your four-legged family member, with all his or her unique quirks, to a well-intentioned dog lover who most likely does not have the requisite education and training to keep your dog safe by understanding body language, recognizing early warning signs, knowing how to avoid incident, and what to do should something go wrong. This puts your dog at greater risk.

Letters and Corrections: September 2018

The mask" is the Outfox Field Guard

Do Dogs Smile?

A well-accepted theory among dog behavior experts is that dogs smile because they know that we humans love it. We see our dogs lounging on the rug with their mouths hanging open, lips pulled back, looking utterly satisfied with themselves, and we go ga-ga with praise and pets. Dogs probably also observe their humans smiling at them and among themselves; they know people smiles are inherently positive (at the very least, benign), and that they can communicate amicability by miming that behavior.

Cloudy Eyes in Dogs

There are many possible ways in a which a dog's eyes can look clouded. Often, you are seeing the cloudiness in the lens of the eye – an elastic, transparent structure that lies behind the iris (the pigmented part of the eye) and the pupil (the opening in the center of the eye). Tiny muscle fibers inside the eye contract and relax to makes the lens change thickness and shape; these movements help the dog change focus. As dogs age, certain changes cause the lens to turn white and become visible. When this ordinarily transparent structure develops a cloudy spot or section, the dog's vision is compromised.

The Trail Runner System: Whole Dog Journal’s Review

The Trail Runner System allows you to walk or run with a natural arm and shoulder motion – something that is perhaps most appreciated by older athletes who exercise through the aches of age and former injuries – while maintaining control of your dog. You can even drink from the water bottle, take photos with your cell phone, or pick up dog poop without losing control of your dog or getting tangled in the leash.

5 Reasons to Feed Your Dog Raw Honey

Most dogs love the sweet taste of honey. Honey for dogs has many health properties as well! Raw honey fights allergies and heals wounds, soothes coughs, and eases canine stomachs.

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We often read discussions of whether dogs experience guilt; we’ve published a few, too. But here is a twist I don’t think...