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vitamins for senior dogs

Vitamins for Senior Dogs

The best senior dog vitamins are the ones your dog needs and that have an NASC seal on them.
front dewclaws on dogs

Dewclaw Disagreement: Should Dewclaws Be Removed?

Some dog experts think dogs should have their dewclaws removed; others say these vestigial “toes” are important for the dog’s stability and soundness. Who’s right?
how often should you wash your dog clean dog in a bed

How Often Should Your Wash Your Dog?

When should you wash your dog? It depends on your dog’s coat, lifestyle, activities, age, and health. Here’s how to reduce allergens, minimize shedding, and keep your dog smelling fresh.
dog getting a bath how to bathe a dog

How to Bathe Your Dog

Follow these instructions and suggestions for dog bathing products to make bath time a pleasant and beneficial experience for you and your pup.
Dog drinking water

Signs of Kidney Failure in Dogs

Symptoms of kidney disease can be subtle, often starting with your dog drinking lots more water.
The human hands wearing blue sterile gloves, holding dachshund head, show to the camera dog teeth without one front tooth. Veterinarian in white coat checking animal dental health.

Senior Dog Is Losing Teeth

Tooth loss is somewhat preventable in senior dogs, as it is in humans, but you need to start dental care sooner rather than later.
Woman training Irish Wolfhound on a meadow

Best Age to Neuter a Male Dog

The effects of neutering a dog too early changed the recommendation of when to neuter.
Closeup the disease on cat skin, Dermatitis in dog, skin laminate and dog hair fallen

Folliculitis in Dogs

Bacterial folliculitis is an infection of the dog’s hair follicles and superficial skin. It can be precipitated by a number of conditions, so successful treatment depends on finding the cause.
Dog looking out a Window

Anti-Anxiety Medications for Dogs

Your veterinarian has a number of medication options available to help your anxious dog feel better and enhance your desensitization and behavior-modification program.
how to help a choking dog

How to Help a Choking Dog

Learn first-aid techniques now – including the Heimlich Maneuver – so you can save a choking dog in an emergency.
Dog Running On Field

How Often Do Dogs Need Rabies Shots

The requirement for a rabies booster depends upon the vaccine used and state laws.
dog eating chicken bones

My Dog Ate Chicken Bones

Dogs do eat chicken bones, but it’s far from an ideal choice and can lead to big veterinary bills.

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