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Teething is a trying time for both puppies and their owners. Puppy teething toys can help.

How to Choose the Best Puppy Teething Toys

These days, there are an overwhelming number of puppy teething toys to choose from. When selecting toys, safety considerations like size and durability should always come first.
Homemade dog ear cleaner can make keeping your dogs ears much less expensive.

Homemade Ear Cleaner for Dogs

Some dogs’ ears stay clean without any attention or effort from us, but other dogs’ ears are prone to developing a dirty, stinky state...
Dramamine for dogs can relieve motion sickness.

Dramamine for Dogs

Dramamine, a brand name for the drug dimenhydrinate, is an antihistamine that is used off-label in many dogs for vestibular problems, including carsickness and...
Oral care is the way to freshen a dogs breath and keep it fresh.

How to Freshen Dog Breath

You can freshen dog breath at home, but you must be diligent.
DIY dog toothpaste can make an appetizing teeth cleaner dogs love.

Homemade Dog Toothpaste

You can experiment to design a custom toothpaste for your pup using an oil for a base, an abrasive cleaning agent, and a variety of natural flavors that your dog enjoys.
Ear mites in dogs are one of many potential causes of ear discomfort.

Ear Mites in Dogs

Ear mites in dogs cause an inflammatory reaction in their ear canals. The glands that line your dog’s ear canals ramp up production ear wax to drive out the ear mites and cause a discharge that can resemble coffee grounds.
Water intoxication in dogs can be cause by too much or too little sodium.

Water Intoxication in Dogs Can Be Deadly

Water intoxication in dogs is the result of sodium levels being too low or too high. Either due to ingesting too much water in too short of time, or ingesting sea water leading to too much sodium.
Cutting too high when clipping a dog nails is possible. Stopping a dogs nails bleeding is fairly simple.

How to Stop Dog Nail Bleeding

A dab of styptic powder or corn starch can stop a dogs nail from bleeding.
A mature woman is standing behind a bench with a dog sitting on a towel on the bench. She is grooming the dog.

Supplies for Dog Grooming at Home

Dog grooming at home can be less stressful for your dog, provided that you have the right grooming supplies. Not all dog's coats are the same and different thicknesses and textures require different brushes and rakes.
German pinscher running on special animal treadmill in dog fitness club

Dog Treadmill Choices

Working out on a dog treadmill can be a great excercise option during inclement weather, or the winter months when long walks aren't an option.
12 years old girl in backyard at home teaching her black labrador puppy to sit on command. Stay a home. Weekend activities

Dog Training for Kids and Other Beginners

The level of your children’s participation in your dog’s training program will vary based on the age and abilities of the children.
A dog owner next to their dog wearing a treat pouch.

Five Best Dog Training Treat Pouches

The most common reward is giving your dog a tasty treat. Unfortunately, holding treats in your hand or your pocket can lead to a sticky, crumbly mess. The best solution is a dog-training pouch.

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There are lots of reasons that a house-training failure can occur. Perhaps the dog has a particularly small bladder or had a urinary tract infection. Perhaps the owner wasn’t able to let the dog outside as frequently as needed to support the house-training habit, or didn’t have the means or ability to manage the dog’s environment,