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Blastomycosis in Dogs

The fungal respiratory infection blastomycosis can lead to death. The fungus is found mainly in warm, damp environments.
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What Is Heterochromia in Dogs?

Dogs with different colored eyes – eyes that display more than one color – have a condition called heterochromia.
Black and white border collie catches a frisbee drive

Knee Injuries in Dogs

Poor conformation may be partly to blame for dog knee injuries, but a dog’s weight, physical condition, and activities make a big difference as well.

Bulging Eyes in Dogs

Bulging eyes in dogs could be due to disease—sometimes bad enough to cause an eye to pop out.
Alopecia in Dogs

Alopecia In Dogs

Treating alopecia in dogs starts with determining the underlying cause of the hair loss.
Yellow Labrador retriever dog lifting leg to urinate in a grassy field

How to Get a Urine Sample from a Dog

A urine sample is like liquid gold to your veterinarian. It contains so much information about your dog’s health, including whether there is a urinary tract infection or crystals, kidney disease, liver disease, or diabetes.
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Chatter of Fact: Why Do Dogs Chatter Their Teeth?

If you’ve ever seen your dog’s teeth chattering, you’ve probably wondered why it’s happening and if it’s cause for any concern. Here are some of the reasons you may see this odd behavior.
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Ear Cropping

Some dog breeds were developed for certain jobs for which a cropped ear was thought to minimize the risk of injury. Today, however, that rationale makes little sense.
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How to Identify and Buy Therapeutic-Quality Essential Oils

Essential oil diffusers are a popular aromatherapy accessory for dogs – but some essential oils are bad for dogs. Here’s how to use a diffuser safely and effectively around your dog.
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Tips For Grooming An Anxious Dog

Is your dog a nervous mess when it comes to being groomed, brushed, or clipped? Here’s how to keep your dog calm for grooming.
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Diabetes in Dogs

Learn the symptoms of diabetes mellitus (including increased water consumption, urinary incontinence, and UTIs) so you can quickly seek a diagnosis and treatment if you see them in your dog.
Poodle Vaccination Shot

Dog Vaccine Requirements

Determining what vaccines are necessary for dogs depends somewhat on his lifestyle. A stay-at-home dog doesn’t need as much protection as a dog encountering many other dogs.

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