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golden retriever puppy in shower

Choosing the Best Shampoo for Puppies

Oatmeal shampoos formulated for dogs are a great option.
Senior pug with a sore ear. Ear mites, allergic otitis media, dirty auricle

Ear Mites in Dogs Treatment

Home remedies for ear mites in dogs might leave you scratching your head.
Water in in your dogs ears? No sweat it can be removed easily.

Water in Dog’s Ear? No Problem

Get water out of your dog’s ear at home with a cotton ball.
Dog groomer cutting nails on black Labrador retriever dog

How to Trim Dog Nails

No dog likes getting their nails cut, but every dog can learn to accept the procedure.
Dog nails grinding. Woman using a dremel to shorten dogs nails. Pet owner dremeling nails on vizsla dog.

What Are the Best Dog Nail Clippers?

The best dog nail clippers are the ones that fit your hand and are easy for you to maneuver.
top view of a two-year-old girl and her chocolate Labrador retriever dog playing with the sand on the beach.

Sand Flea Bites on Dogs

It’s possible, but not that probable, that your dog has been attacked by sand fleas.
Male veterinarian wrapping a small dogs paw with gauze

Injured Dog Paw Pads and Wounds

A sore dog paw may just need TLC to aid healing, but a pad that is rubbed raw, ripped, bleeding, or infected may require veterinary help.
Dog and toothbrush in white background, concept of pets dental hygiene

How Often Should You Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?

The gold standard is to brush your dog’s teeth every day, but even weekly will help.
Dog skin tag removal is usually not a medical necessity unless the skin tag is on a dog's eyelid.

Dog Skin Tag Removal

A skin tag on a dog eyelid may need removal, otherwise skin tags tend to be harmless.
Groomer with a dog

How to Clean Dog Ears at Home

Cleaning your dog’s ears is easy with the right supplies.
red chow

Should You Shave Your Dog? Shaving Against Advice

Grooming experts almost always advise against shaving double-coated dogs – but it can really help some overheated senior dogs cool down and feel better in the summer.
broken dog tooth

Your Dog’s Chipped or Broken Tooth

Dogs can chip their teeth in accidents or just by chewing on something hard. Is your dog’s chipped tooth a medical emergency?

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Give Them Time!

When you bring a dog home from a rescue or shelter – or anywhere, actually! – give them space and time! Be friendly and encouraging, but don’t loom or fuss over them.