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Red-tailed Hawk searching for prey

Will a Hawk Attack a Dog?

“Considering how prevalent hawks are across North America, hawk attacks on our pets are not common, and most of the claims we hear about are unsubstantiated, with only a few verified reports each year,” behavioral expert Hillary Hankey states.
Puppy at home urinating on a carpet.

Best Carpet Shampooers and Upholstery Cleaners for Pets

Carpet cleaners or rug shampooers combine suction power with cleaning sprays, rotating brushes, and rinse water to remove stains, odors, and stubborn grime.
Cute puppy dog with intense body language. Obedience collar for safety and behavior correction. Female Harrier mix. Selective focus

GPS Trackers and Smart Collars for Dogs

From using GPS technology to help locate a pet who’s wandered off to accelerometer technology to track activity, modern dog collars offer more than just a functional way to attach an ID tag and leash.
Coyote on city street in winter storm

Will Coyotes Attack Dogs?

Attacking coyotes are more rare than common, and most attacks occur in winter, which is the breeding time for coyotes.
Dog chewing the area just above its tail trying to satisfy an itch.

Dog Mange Mites on Humans

You can get sarcoptic mange from your dog. but the canine variant of the sarcoptic mange mite can’t fully reproduce in people, so symptoms will fade in 4 or 5 days.
White Labrador Retriever Dog Sitting In Green Grass and Chewing Wooden Stick On Grass

Why Does My Dog Chew on Wood?

Wood chewing is fraught with potential veterinary emergencies, from splinters in the mouth to pieces lodged in the gastrointestinal tract and more. So even though it's natures favorite chew toy it shouldn't be your dogs.
Welsh Corgi Pembroke dog feeds six newborn puppies, lies on white couch. Happy family. Pets. Childhood. Maintenance and feeding of pets. Dog breeding. Positive emotions. Raising puppies.

Progesterone Test for Dogs and the Female Dog Heat Cycle

Most progesterone tests for dogs are done through the veterinary office, using radioimmunoassay (gold standard) or chemiluminescence immunoassay, but progesterone home test kits are available if needed.
Close up low angle image of a small white dog outdoors on the city street. The dog has had its bushy tail died bright pink by its owner. Horizontal colour image with room for copy space.

Safety with Dog Hair Dye

Whatever your reason for using dog hair dye be sure to use dog safe products as human products are formulated differently and can cause your dog injury.
Dog running at the park and pulling its owner

Teach Your Dog to Walk Without Pulling

It might be an exaggeration, but dogs that don't pull seem to be an exception rather than the rule.
golden retriever licking feet

Why Do Dogs Smell Like Fritos?

If your dog’s feet have a slight eau de corn chip, don’t worry. This smell is just from the normal bacteria that end up on dog feet throughout daily life.
A fit older man walks a small dog white dog down neighborhood streets.

How Often Should You Walk Your Dog?

There isn’t a valid one-size-fits-all recommendation for the distance or amount of time that you should walk your dog. There are factors specific to each individual dog’s health and needs that determine how often you should walk your dog
Cute Maltese puppy dog close up head-shot of the eye detail with typical tear staining around the eye.

Dog Tear Stain Remover: When and What to Use

Dog tear stain removers can remove tear stains. However, tear stains are harmless when they aren't caused by another issue and changes in diet and grooming can also resolve dog tear stains.

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