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A cute brown and white mixed breed dog stares at the camera as it lays comfortably on the beach surrounded by beach chairs.

Can Dogs Get Sunburn?

Dogs can get sunburn despite their fur. This is not only uncomfortable for the dog, but can increase their risk of skin cancer the same as it does in humans. Plan to provide sun protection for your pooch during outdoor activities.
A large white dog in harness marked deaf dog pants.

Do They Make Hearing Aids for Dogs?

Hearing aids for dogs are very expensive. custom fit, and require frequent visits to check both fit and settings. Dog vibration collars provide a more affordable and effective way for owners to communicate with their dogs.

Whole Dog Journal’s Gear of the Year for 2024

The Whole Dog Journal staff and contributors provide their top picks for the best dog gear to take care of your canine companion this year.
A cute dog chewing on a hard deer antler that can damage its teeth.

Are Antlers Safe for Dogs?

The biggest risk for dogs from chewing on antlers is broken teeth. Antlers can also splinter and damage a dogs digestive track, or block it.
dog with balls

Herding Balls for Dogs

These balls are for dogs that prefer to push and chase balls than to play fetch and for dogs with herding instincts but no livestock in sight.

Types of Dog Gates

The selection of dog gates for use indoors – and even outside your house – has exploded in recent years. Here are the most helpful dog-gate types.
Male golden retriever puppy playing with a rope on modern vinyl panels in the living room of the house.

Are Rope Toys Dangerous For Your Dog?

Yes. Dogs can tear them apart and swallow the threads, which can result in an obstruction and costly surgery.

The Best Summer Dog Shoes

All-weather shoes protect dog paws year-round, but are most appropriate for protecting paws from hot pavement. We tested six designs from five companies – Ruffwear’s Grip Trex were the best.
Three dogs leashed at street and looking at camera

Dog Collars vs Harnesses

Is a collar or a harness better for your dog? It mostly depends on the dog! But the quality of the gear, its design and fit, and how you introduce and use it, will influence how well it suits your dog.
dog in donut dog bed

Do Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds Work?

A dog bed for anxiety must suit your individual canine’s needs.
Two sartorial terriers, Zoe and Zak, on a winter stump in front of Lake Tahoe.

Dressing Your Dog for Cold Weather

Healthy, adult, heavy-coated dogs may not need them, but sweaters and other cold-weather gear can help puppies, short-haired dogs, and older dogs keep warm to thrive in winter weather.

Whole Dog Journal’s 2023 Dog Gear of the Year

Gear of the Year features the most exciting, useful products we’ve used and enjoyed over the past year.

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