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Three dogs leashed at street and looking at camera

Dog Collars vs Harnesses

Is a collar or a harness better for your dog? It mostly depends on the dog! But the quality of the gear, its design and fit, and how you introduce and use it, will influence how well it suits your dog.
dog in donut dog bed

Do Anti-Anxiety Dog Beds Work?

A dog bed for anxiety must suit your individual canine’s needs.
Two sartorial terriers, Zoe and Zak, on a winter stump in front of Lake Tahoe.

Dog Cold Weather Gear: Dressing Your Dog for Winter

Healthy, adult, heavy-coated dogs may not need them, but sweaters and other cold-weather gear can help puppies, short-haired dogs, and older dogs keep warm to thrive in winter weather.

Whole Dog Journal’s 2023 Dog Gear of the Year

Gear of the Year features the most exciting, useful products we’ve used and enjoyed over the past year.
Beautiful border collie puppy stares at his Kong on the couch

Where Can I Buy Durable Dog Toys?

Nowhere, as aggressive chewers can destroy anything.
Brown French Bulldog dog wearing fabric period diaper pants for protection

Dog Diapers

Whether for incontinence, urine leaking, heat cycles, or male dog wraps for “leg lifting,” dog diapers are simple and convenient.
bow wow toy

Review of the Bow Wow Buddy

The Bow Wow Buddy is a safety chew/bully stick holder that prevents your dog from swallowing or choking on the end of a bully stick. It’s not perfect – we would like to use it with more slender sticks – but it definitely helps increase bully stick safety.

All About Elevated Dog Bowls

Raised food and water bowls may be good for some dogs with specific health needs but are potentially harmful for others.

Which Dogs Need Raincoats?

A dog raincoat keeps your dog warm in cold, wet weather. If your dog is one of a single-coated breeds (such as Boxers, Dalmatians,...
biodegradable dog poop bags

Dog Poop Bags Review

As the saying goes, “Sh*t happens,” and as every responsible dog owner knows, cleaning up after their dogs is an absolute must. For those...

Whole Dog Journal Product Review: 2020 Dog Gear of The Year

Have you ever bought a cute but pricey item in a pet supply store, only to have it fail within days – or hours?...
dog jacket

Does My Dog Need a Coat?

To help our beloved friends we can add an extra layer of warmth for insulation, but when does a dog need a coat?

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Dogs in Restaurants: Yay! Or Nay?

I’m generally a fan of places or experiences that dog owners can enjoy with their well behaved dogs—but not so much when it’s with other people’s unruly, reactive, or loud dogs. Couple any of that with owners who make no effort to limit their dogs’ intrusion into other people’s space or hampering wait-staff, and any progress that has been made to include dogs goes out the window.