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Dogs lay on your feet to show how much they care for her.

Why Do Dogs Lay on Your Feet?

We think that dogs may lay their head on our feet as a way to show they love us by being close.

Kidnapped From Planet Dog

We’ve updated this very popular article, originally published in late 2020, because it just turned into a whole book! Welcoming Your Puppy from Planet...
Two Jack Russel terriers howl in unison along with a siren or other noise.

Why Do Dogs Howl at Sirens?

There’s a lot we don’t fully understand about canine communication including exactly why dogs howl. While the behavior itself is normal, dogs howling can be a problem.
Licking can be a sign of displacement behavior in dogs.

Recognizing Displacement Behavior in Dogs

Displacement behavior is when your dog does something normal, but at weird times that feel out of context due to your dog experiencing conflict or frustration.
Dog dogging away from a person who is hovering over him.

How to Win the Body-Language Game

The key to dog body language is recognizing stress signals, and understanding what our own body language communicates to our dogs.
A dog restrained by a leash attempts to charge another dog on a leash.

What is a Reactive Dog? Understanding Reactivity

A reactive dog means a dog who gets way too excited over something in her environment—and not just excited as in, “Oh hi, I’m so happy to see you!”
Some dogs view fences as a challenge not a limitation making it hard to keep them from jumping the fence.

How to Keep a Dog from Jumping the Fence

A fenced yard can be great when you have a dog. That safety can disappear quickly if your dog finds a way to get out of the yard.
Some dogs are ticklish, and some of these enjoy being tickled.

Are Dogs Ticklish?

Like humans, enjoyment of tickling sensations differs between dogs. Some love it. Others loathe it.
Dogs like humans go through an adolescent risk taking stage.

How to Ace Dog Adolescence

In all species, adolescents exhibit what’s an “instinct to learn” and an immature impulse control and ability to tolerate frustration..
A dog getting aggressive with other dogs can manifest with other dogs in the home, visiting dogs, and out on walks.

Why is my Dog Aggressive with Other Dogs

Dog-aggressive dogs can be discriminating in their choice of targets. A dog who aggresses toward other dogs doesn’t necessarily try to fight with all other dogs.
A depressed dog may have a reduced appetite and lethargy.

How to Tell If a Dog Is Depressed

Depression in dogs typically involves a significant behavioral change. Often starting with a gradual loss of interest in once-loved games. It can also start with a bang with aggressive or destructive behaviors.
There is no single reason dogs eat dirt.

Why Do Dogs Eat Dirt?

If your dog is eating large amounts of dirt, she could be suffering from a vitamin or mineral deficiency that she is trying to remedy. Maybe. While there’s a lot of anecdotal support for this theory, research is fairly inconclusive.

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