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Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other?

Dogs lick other dog’s ears and faces as a social behavior and to explore the world, although research also points to submission and stomach pain.
Smart dog is looking for delicious dried treats in intellectual game and eating them, close up. Intellectual game for dogs. and training of nose work with pet. brain game training for dogs

Scent Games for Dogs

Scent work is a natural way for dogs to enjoy a game and be enriched.

Why Do Dogs Show Their Teeth?

What it means when your dog bares his teeth – whether he’s growling or not – and what to do.
dogs meeting each other

How to Introduce a New Puppy to Your Old Dog

New Dog? Meet Old Dog. Here are some tips for introducing a new dog or puppy to the dog who is already part of your family.
Veterinarian Examining a Nervous and Scared Dog in her Clinic

Do Dogs Have Good Memory?

Dr. Claudia Fugazza’s research shows that dogs have good memory.
Man playing tug of war with dog in park

Eight Rules for Playing Tug With Your Dog

Why tug is a GOOD game to play with your dog, and how to do it safely.
Stroking Dog

Should You Pet That Dog?

Where and how should you pet a dog for the best results?
Three small friendly Jack Russell Terrier dogs eats without jealousy side by side at home

Food Aggression in Dogs

Guarding one’s food is a natural, normal behavior for dogs, but it’s not safe for other family members. Fortunately, diligent management will resolve the problem.
Cute dogs standing near safety gate in apartment

How to Stop a Dog From Running Out the Door

How to prevent your dog from slipping (or bursting!) out the door and not wanting to come back.
dog digging in yard burying a bone

Why Do Dogs Bury Bones?

Instinct, of course. They’re protecting their assets.
hyper dog running through the grass

Why Does My Dog Have So Much Energy? Does He Have ADHD?

A high-energy dog’s behavior might beg a comparison to the symptoms of humans with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or hyperactivity, but these diagnoses are rare in dogs. Labels aside, let’s talk strategies for dealing with all that energy.
how to slow down your dog's eating

Ways to Make a Dog Eat Slower

Knowing how to slow down a dog eating is vital to the dog’s health.

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