Buying the Best Canned Dog Food: The NEW Approved Wet Dog Food List is Here!
WDJ editor Nancy Kerns' grandog, Cole, LOVES canned food.

Buying the Best Canned Dog Food: The NEW Approved Wet Dog Food List is Here!

The NEW Approved Canned Dog Food List of 2018 has arrived. Find out what those long ingredient lists on canned dog food labels are really telling you - and how to choose the best wet dog food for your unique dog.

Finding a top-quality dog food is not impossible if you know what nutritional ingredients to look for. Whole Dog Journal reports on the best canned dog food available in pet stores - how to pick commercial dog food that meets your dogs' dietary requirements, and which ingredients indicate a low- or high-quality pet food. Here is everything the pet food industry doesn't want you to know! No can of commercial dog food is going to be perfect for every dog, but to ensure your dog receives a proper balance of nutrients, the one you feed should meet the Whole Dog criteria. Your goal in selecting a food is to find the one with the most animal-specific proteins, whole food ingredients, and the least artificial additives.

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