dry dog food

Whole Dog Journal’s 2023 Approved Dry Dog Foods

We’re excited to now present information about every single one of the dry dog foods made by the companies on our “Approved Foods” list, including their complete ingredients lists. Even more exciting: This is a searchable database. You can use filters to find foods that meet many specific needs for different dogs.

Whole Dog Journal’s 2023 Dog Gear of the Year

Gear of the Year features the most exciting, useful products we’ve used and enjoyed over the past year.
how to transition dog food

How to Transition Dog Food

Switch dog food over a period of seven to 10 days. Here’s how to do it.
loose off leash dog

What To Do If Loose Dog Is Coming At You and Your Dog

Make a plan today for what to do if an off-leash dog approaches (or, worse, attacks) you and your on-leash dog.
senior dog receiving acupuncture

Acupuncture for Dogs

Whether the veterinary acupuncturist practices Traditional Chinese Medicine or Western medical acupuncture, the treatment helps, especially for dogs with arthritis or neurological problems.
vitamins for senior dogs

Vitamins for Senior Dogs

The best senior dog vitamins are the ones your dog needs and that have an NASC seal on them.
rat poison bait box

Rodenticides and Dogs

Better known as “rat poisons,” rodenticides are deadly to any mammals that consume them. Know the signs of poisoning so you can seek fast, appropriate treatment if your dog finds some.
front dewclaws on dogs

Dewclaw Disagreement: Should Dewclaws Be Removed?

Some dog experts think dogs should have their dewclaws removed; others say these vestigial “toes” are important for the dog’s stability and soundness. Who’s right?
vet checking for moles on dog

Finding a Mole on Your Dog

Regardless of its color, a mole on a dog is benign and harmless.
dogs eating scrambled eggs

Best Food for Dogs with Diarrhea

The best food for your dog with loose stools is food that is bland and high in fiber.

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