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Some dogs are ticklish, and some of these enjoy being tickled.

Are Dogs Ticklish?

Like humans, enjoyment of tickling sensations differs between dogs. Some love it. Others loathe it.
Teething is a trying time for both puppies and their owners. Puppy teething toys can help.

How to Choose the Best Puppy Teething Toys

These days, there are an overwhelming number of puppy teething toys to choose from. When selecting toys, safety considerations like size and durability should always come first.
Why is your dog losing weight? Causes can be minor or serious.

Why Is My Dog Losing Weight?

Environmental issues can cause a dog to stop eating and be easily fixed. Dental or medical issues can also cause weight loss and need professional assistance to resolve.
The lyme vaccine for dogs is a potentially controversial vaccine.

The Lyme Vaccine for Dogs

Dogs who show signs of an acute Lyme infection may experience fever, shifting leg lameness, swollen joints, enlarged lymph nodes, lethargy, depression, and loss of appetite.