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A group of pill bottles containing common antibiotics for dogs.

A Guide to the Top Antibiotics for Dogs

Antibiotics are the best weapon in our medical arsenal for fighting bacterial infections in dogs. Prescribed and given appropriately, antibiotics give our dogs the best chance at recovery from an infection.
Photo of a canned dog food label with the protein and carbohydrates circled.

What to Look for on a Dog Food Label

Federal and state laws require pet food makers to put information about the protein and fat content of their products on pet food labels. Unfortunately, few people understand this critical information.
canned dog food shelf

What’s the Best Canned Dog Food?

Canned food isn’t as popular as kibble, but there are lots of good reasons to feed wet food to your dog: Canned dog food...
Male and female vet doctors giving a shot to a golden retriever's puppy front leg. The dog is sitting on examination table. Female doctor is cuddling her while the dog is looking towards the camera.

What Is Distemper in Dogs?

Distemper in dogs is caused by paramyxovirus which attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and nervous system. It is spread by sneezing, and shared food and water bowls.
Young woman in winter park with white puppy. Woman with white Swiss shepherd

My Dog has a Runny Nose, Is it Serious

Dog owners nationwide are concerned about a severe canine respiratory virus that doesn’t respond to traditional medications and is killing some dogs.
Dog looks out the window and watching the fireworks

How Noise Canceling Helps Dogs with a Noise Phobia

Noise canceling with noise machines, music or sounds from a speaker, or even just a circulating fan can help dogs with a noise phobia, or dogs that are scared of thunder relax.
Dog running at the park and pulling its owner

Teach Your Dog to Walk Without Pulling

It might be an exaggeration, but dogs that don't pull seem to be an exception rather than the rule.

Low-Energy Dog Breeds

Calm canines range from small to giant, so you have your choice of size, but if you’re also looking for a dog who is easy to care for take note: Some low-energy breeds also have extra grooming or medical needs.
Woman picking dog poo in plastic bag

Getting a Dog Fecal Sample for Internal Parasite Testing

A dog fecal sample for internal parasite testing is critical to determining effective treatment for your dog. Stool samples can also provide other vital information about your dog's health.
golden retriever licking feet

Why Do Dogs Smell Like Fritos?

If your dog’s feet have a slight eau de corn chip, don’t worry. This smell is just from the normal bacteria that end up on dog feet throughout daily life.
Veterinarian during examining and cleaning dog teeth. Old labrador retriever in animal hospital.

Dog Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning a dog’s teeth is far more complicated than the same procedure is for humans. There is much more involved in the process, from when you drop off your dog at the veterinary hospital to the time you pick him up at the end of the day.
Pet care. Owner brushing teeth of cute mixed breed dog at home

At-home Dental Care in Dogs

Most dog owners are disappointed to hear that brushing their dogs’ teeth is a necessary part of maintaining the health of their dogs. Regular oral examinations and professional cleaning by a veterinarian is also needed.
A Border Collie gets its teeth examined at the veterinarian. The dog's teeth are not in good condition.

Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning for Dogs

Many people are anxious about having their dogs undergo general anesthesia. But the reality is that cleaning the teeth without the benefit of general anesthesia will do more harm than good.
A small brown dog with a large swelling on his elbow.

Dog Elbow Hygromas

A hygroma is a large, fluid-filled lump on a dog’s elbow, or a fluid-filled lump on any bony point on your dog that frequently comes into contact with the ground when he sits or lays down. Elbow hygromas are the most common.

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