homemade dog treats

Holiday DIY Gifts for Dogs: Homemade Dog Treats & Healthy Recipes

Looking for a special gift for a friend – or, better yet, a friend’s dog? We've put together this helpful gift guide for dogs,...

New Searchable Database of Approved Canned Dog Foods

What’s the cool new tool? It’s a searchable database of ALL of the foods on our “approved canned foods" list.
canned dog food

Whole Dog Journal’s 2021 Approved Canned Dog Foods

Here you’ll find a list of pet food companies that make the kind of foods that meet our canned dog food selection criteria. For the first time, we’ve included ALL the information we gathered from each company on our approved foods list. In years past, the online version of this table was identical to the table that appeared in the print version, where we are limited in how much space we can devote to the table. Now, we can show you information about each food made by each company on our “approved foods” list. Here’s the most exciting part about the table, however: It’s a searchable database that you can use to find appropriate foods for your dog!
adolescent dog

Angst With Your Adolescent Dog

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the puppy months pretty much in one piece and hopefully laid a solid foundation for your many years together to come. You breathed a sigh of relief when the...
kinesiology tape

Using Kinesiology Tape On Your Dog

If you pay attention to sports, you know that athletes around the world are wearing colorful tape on their arms, legs, shoulders, and torsos as part of treatments to heal muscle sprains, prevent injuries,...
human grade dog food

Human Grade Dog Food: What You Should Know

In a world of commercial pet food industry-specific jargon that is often incomprehensible to the average dog owner, the term “human grade,” which is popping up on more and more pet food labels, would...
high visibility clothing

High Visibility Clothing and Gear For You and Your Dog

As winter deepens its grip, many of us find ourselves navigating dark pre-dawn and/or post-dusk dog walks. While the increased darkness makes it tempting to skip the dog’s walk, our canine friends still need...
How To Get Cats and Dogs to Get Along

How To Get Cats and Dogs to Get Along

According to family lore, when my husband was a little boy, his bedtime request was always the same: “Tell me a story about a doggy and a kitty who made friends.” Those of us...

Don’t Have a Cow

When I was a teenager, I had a Jersey cow, and I had to milk her two times a day. No one made me do it; having the cow was my own idea. I...
allergy medicine for dogs

Groundbreaking Allergy Medicine for Dogs: Apoquel and Cytopoint

Apoquel and Cytopoint, both manufactured by Zoetis, have been around for some time now – eight years and five years, respectively. They represent the newest and most effective drugs in the veterinary arsenal to...
dog impulse control

Dog Impulse Control Training

The behavior has several different names (inhibitory self-control, emotional self-control, self-regulation), but the term “impulse control” is used frequently in dog training. It means that dogs can resist the temptation to perform an unwanted...

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Happy Thanksgiving from a Dog-Loving Family

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