dry dog food

Whole Dog Journal’s 2022 Approved Dry Dog Foods

We’re excited to now present information about every single one of the dry dog foods made by the companies on our “Approved Foods” list, including their complete ingredients lists. Even more exciting: This is a searchable database. You can use filters to find foods that meet many specific needs for different dogs.
dog gear

Whole Dog Journal’s 2022 Dog Gear of The Year

Check out the most exciting and useful dog products you can use in the new year.
frozen raw dog food

Frozen Raw Dog Food

We’ve got some good news and some bad news for dog owners who are interested in feeding raw diets. First, the good news: Some...
Hind-Leg Weakness in Dogs

What Causes Hind-Leg Weakness in Dogs?

When a dog suffers from weakness, regardless of cause, it’s usually most noticeable in the hind limbs first. This makes sense, as the dog’s hind limbs do a lot. They are responsible for pushing...
anxiety in dogs

Extreme Anxiety in Dogs

Most of us have had moments of anxiety in our lives, and while it’s not fun, most of us survive those moments and get over it. Similarly, most dogs also have those moments and...

Who We Are

I didn’t mention it last month, but this is the start of WDJ’s 25th year of publication. These milestone anniversaries call for a bit of reflection.  There may be some subscribers among you who have been...
why is my dog's nose dry

Why is My Dog’s Nose Dry?

Most of the time, if your dog’s nose seems a bit dry, it’s not a big deal. The wetness of a canine nose is a dynamic situation, constantly changing in response to the dog’s...

Great Expectations: What to Expect When Adopting a New Dog

Some of the happiest dog people I know never even meant to get a dog. Their stories run the gamut – from a stray who showed up on a vacation to a pup inherited...
dog recall

Daily Practice Makes for Perfect Dog Recalls

Coming when called – a “recall” as it’s often known in dog-training circles – is arguably the most important behavior you can teach your dog. It can literally save his life. Imagine your dog...
dog barking

Dog Barking: What You Can Do

Dogs bark for lots of different reasons. Dog barking may be triggered by strong emotional responses such as fear, reactivity, and aggression. These behaviors require significant attention to and modification for the underlying emotions...
tick-borne diseases in dogs

Tick-Borne Diseases in Dogs

When we think of tick-borne diseases in dogs, Lyme disease is typically the first thing that pops into our heads. But there are a number of other serious diseases transmitted by ticks that dog...

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Otto Is Showing Age-Related Dementia Symptoms Often Seen in Dogs

My 14-year-old dog Otto is starting to show signs of age-related dementia. While there are all kinds of ways dementia in dogs can manifest,...