canned dog food

Whole Dog Journal’s 2021 Approved Canned Dog Foods

Check out Whole Dog Journal's 2021 list of approved canned dog food products, with over 500 varieties! Did your dog's food make the list?

What You Need to Know About Dehydrated and Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Rehydrate these meat-rich dry diets to make them a complete and balanced meal for your dog, or feed them dry as treats. Either way, your dog will love them.
freeze-dried dog food

Whole Dog Journal’s 2021 Approved Freeze-Dried/Dehydrated Dog Foods

It’s been three years since I last reviewed freeze-dried diets – and even longer since we looked at the few dehydrated or air-dried diets...
alpha dog

Alpha Dog Myths

You might think that after 20-plus years of moving toward a deeper and more scientific understanding of dog training and behavior in the dog-training profession, all of the alpha/dominance myths would have vanished into...
splenic mass in dogs

Splenic Masses in Dogs: What You Need to Know

The dog’s spleen is a highly vascular organ that sits behind the stomach. The spleen’s function is a red blood cell processing plant. It filters red blood cells, getting rid of old, damaged, or...
leash pressure dog training

Tactical Extraction: Leash Pressure Dog Training

Teaching your dog to “yield to the pressure” of the leash can help you safely and easily end an encounter between your leashed dog and another dog. When it comes to interacting with other...
dog on leash greeting

Dog On Leash Greetings

The modern dog owner spends a lot of time thinking about their dog’s social skills. We do what we can to ensure we make the most of our puppy’s sensitive socialization period; we seek...
crate training

Crate Training To Keep Your Dog Content

Having a dog who enjoys time in a crate is a beautiful thing. A crate can give a dog some peace and quiet when the house is abuzz with overwhelming activity. It can help...
dog wound care

Dog Wound Care

It’s a beautiful day and your dog is running, jumping, chasing, playing, and having so much fun that you feel happy all over. What could possibly go wrong? Actually, knowing dogs, all kinds of...
Protozoal Diarrhea

Protozoal Diarrhea in Dogs

Diarrhea isn’t fun for anybody. When your dog gets it – and feeding boiled chicken or hamburger with rice doesn’t make it go away – it’s time to see your veterinarian. There are lots...
On Target Training

On Target Training

There’s a behavior that we never used to teach in old-fashioned training classes that is now one of my absolute favorites; I can’t wait to introduce my students to “targeting” – teaching their dogs...

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New Searchable Database of Approved Canned Dog Foods

What with all the foster puppies around, and trying to get all of their adoption interviews scheduled, I haven’t managed to find the time...