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Tick paralysis in dogs is caused by a neurotoxin injected by a feeding tick.

Tick Paralysis In Dogs

Tick paralysis starts five to nine days after the tick attaches and feeds. If the ticks transmitting the neurotoxin are not removed, your dog will eventually die due to respiratory failure.
A golden retriever moves through high vegetation.

What Is Anaplasmosis in Dogs?

Anaplasmosis is a tick-borne bacterial disease in dogs. Signs of an anaplasmosis infection usually occur during the first couple of weeks after infection and are usually mild.
Low protein dog food is one of many prescription foods for pets pictured here in a display.

Low Protein Dog Food

Many dogs are prescribed low-protein diets to alleviate kidney workload, help with gastrointestinal issues or kidney disease. However, protein is vital to a dog's health and there is dog food that is low in protein, and dog food with really low protein.