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how to save money on dog food

Where to Buy Dog Food to Save Money

If you have a big dog, more than one medium or large dog, or, like me, you sometimes foster for a shelter or rescue...
AAFCO dog food nutrient profile

How to Find a Low Copper Dog Food

Last month, in "Excessive Copper in Dog Food," we told you how high copper levels in dog food can cause a serious, potentially lethal,...
doberman Copper-Associated Hepatopathy

Excessive Copper in Dog Food May Cause Copper-Associated Hepatopathy

We all know good nutrition is critical for the health and longevity of our dogs, and most of us rely on commercial dog foods...
limited ingredient dog food

Limited Ingredient Dog Food – How to Find the Best Dog Food for Allergies...

So much of what’s on dog food labels has to do with marketing, rather than nutrition. The phrase “limited ingredient” falls somewhere in between. There...
dog food for allergies

Find the Best Dog Food For Your Dog with Allergies

Many of us have identified certain ingredients that we don’t want to see in our dogs’ food. Sometimes we have good evidence for this, such...
best dry dog food

What’s the Best Dry Dog Food?

What’s the best dry dog food? What should I feed my dog? If we had a dollar for every time we’ve been asked those...
dry dog food

Whole Dog Journal’s 2022 Approved Dry Dog Foods

We’re excited to now present information about every single one of the dry dog foods made by the companies on our “Approved Foods” list, including their complete ingredients lists. Even more exciting: This is a searchable database. You can use filters to find foods that meet many specific needs for different dogs.
frozen raw dog food

Frozen Raw Dog Food

We’ve got some good news and some bad news for dog owners who are interested in feeding raw diets. First, the good news: Some...
human grade dog food label

Human Grade Dog Food: What You Should Know

In a world of commercial pet food industry-specific jargon that is often incomprehensible to the average dog owner, the term “human grade,” which is...
homemade dog treats

DIY Gifts for Dogs: Homemade Dog Treats & Healthy Recipes

Looking for a special gift for a friend – or, better yet, a friend’s dog? We've put together this helpful gift guide for dogs,...
canned dog food

Whole Dog Journal’s 2021 Approved Canned Dog Foods

Here you’ll find a list of pet food companies that make the kind of foods that meet our canned dog food selection criteria. For the first time, we’ve included ALL the information we gathered from each company on our approved foods list. In years past, the online version of this table was identical to the table that appeared in the print version, where we are limited in how much space we can devote to the table. Now, we can show you information about each food made by each company on our “approved foods” list. Here’s the most exciting part about the table, however: It’s a searchable database that you can use to find appropriate foods for your dog!
canned dog food

How to Choose Canned Dog Food: What You Should Know

"What should I feed my dog?” It’s the most common question that I am asked. I wish I had the ability to magically know...

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