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Dogs can eat cat food without adverse health risks.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

If your dog snatches a little cat food occasionally, his biggest risk is getting a swat on the nose from your irritated cat.
Dogs can eat the majority of fruit that humans eat in moderation.

What Fruit Can Dogs Eat?

With the notable exception of grapes and raisins many common fruits are safe for dogs to eat and make a great treat or dietary add in.
Pineapple is good for dogs to eat in small amounts as an occasional treat.

Is Pineapple Good for Dogs?

You can feed your dog pineapple. To feed pineapple to your dog, cut it just like you do to eat yourself.
Dogs can eat vegetables and many may prefer them to other treats.

Can Dogs Eat Vegetables?

Can dogs eat vegetables? Yes, dogs can eat vegetables. Dogs can eat celery, and carrots are especially good for dogs. Dogs can eat broccoli,...
Can dogs eat berries? Not only can dogs eat berries but many berries are a healthy treat they love.

Can Dogs Eat Berries?

Many berries are a delicious and nutritious addition to our dogs’ regular food and as a treat the enjoy whether fresh or frozen,
Coconut water is good for dogs in the right circumstances and small amounts.

Is Coconut Water Good for Dogs?

Coconut water can help dogs recover from vigorous exercise, especially in hot weather, and it is said to aid digestion. As with any new food, start slowly and monitor your dog’s response. 
Low protein dog food is one of many prescription foods for pets pictured here in a display.

Low Protein Dog Food

Many dogs are prescribed low-protein diets to alleviate kidney workload, help with gastrointestinal issues or kidney disease. However, protein is vital to a dog's health and there is dog food that is low in protein, and dog food with really low protein.
Cute older dappled Dachshund With Paralyses Legs Eating Pet Food At The Kitchen And Looking At Camera.

Kidney Diet for Dogs

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) allows waste products and toxins to build up in the body as kidney function decreases. Diet can help mitigate symptoms and slow the progression of the disease.
dry dog food

WDJ’s 2024 Approved Dry Dog Foods: Search Over 1,000 Varieties

We’re excited to now present information about every single one of the dry dog foods made by the companies on our “Approved Foods” list, including their complete ingredients lists. Even more exciting: This is a searchable database. You can use filters to find foods that meet many specific needs for different dogs.

What’s the Best Dry Dog Food? 2024’s Top Picks in 8 Categories

For 2024, we’ve named the dry dog foods we like best in a number of categories, such as best adult maintenance food, best puppy food, best budget food, best lower-fat food, and more. But keep in mind that the most important selection criteria is not whether a food is one of our favorites, but whether a food works for your dog.
Sheepdog sniffing butter on kitchen table

Can Dogs Have Butter?

Although butter is not toxic to dogs, it can make them sick if they ingest large amounts.
portrait of a cute purebred puppy chihuahua eating fruit

What Foods Are Toxic To Dogs?

There are many foods that are toxic to dogs. Watch what your dog eats, and if you’re not sure and see signs of poisoning, get to a veterinarian immediately or call a poison control center.

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