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What’s the Best Dry Dog Food? 2024’s Top Picks in 8 Categories

For 2024, we’ve named the dry dog foods we like best in a number of categories, such as best adult maintenance food, best puppy food, best budget food, best lower-fat food, and more. But keep in mind that the most important selection criteria is not whether a food is one of our favorites, but whether a food works for your dog.
Sheepdog sniffing butter on kitchen table

Can Dogs Have Butter?

Although butter is not toxic to dogs, it can make them sick if they ingest large amounts.
portrait of a cute purebred puppy chihuahua eating fruit

What Foods Are Toxic To Dogs?

There are many foods that are toxic to dogs. Watch what your dog eats, and if you’re not sure and see signs of poisoning, get to a veterinarian immediately or call a poison control center.
Adorable, pretty puppy and handsome man preparing a healthy breakfast. Closeup, indoors. Day light, studio photo. Concept of care pet and healthy, delicious food

Can Dogs Drink Oat Milk?

Oat milk can be good for dogs. It’s a lactose-free dairy alternative for humans that dogs also can enjoy, but in moderation.
A dog owner next to their dog wearing a treat pouch.

Five Best Dog Training Treat Pouches

The most common reward is giving your dog a tasty treat. Unfortunately, holding treats in your hand or your pocket can lead to a sticky, crumbly mess. The best solution is a dog-training pouch.
Boy sneaking dog food from the table

My Dog Is Acting Normal but Not Eating

If your dog won’t eat, you have a small window of time to evaluate the situation, The better you know your dog, the easier it is to decide if it is something serious or just a phase.
A black and white Border Collie sprints after a ball in the grass.

Best Dog Food for Weight Gain

If your dog is too thin, adding calories is the obvious solution. Calories can come from different ingredients, but their sources can be broken down into three main categories: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
Male Feeding Stray Dog While Eating Chips On Outdoor Gym

What Seasonings Can Dogs Have?

Most spices and seasonings will not harm your dog, provided he doesn’t eat too much of them. Eating a handful of salt could lead to sodium poisoning, but eating a couple potato chips isn’t likely to cause a problem.
Photo of a canned dog food label with the protein and carbohydrates circled.

Dry Dog Food Labels: How to Compare Fat, Protein, and Carbs

Federal and state laws require pet food makers to put information about the protein and fat content of their products on pet food labels. Unfortunately, few people understand this critical information.
An anxious mixed breed rescue dog on a blue leash looks guardedly at the camera.

Treats And Medications that Calm Your Dog

Calming dog treats and medications can calm down an anxious dog and help build their confidence to approach new situations without anxiety.
A cute dog chewing on a hard deer antler that can damage its teeth.

Are Antlers Safe for Dogs?

The biggest risk for dogs from chewing on antlers is broken teeth. Antlers can also splinter and damage a dogs digestive track, or block it.
canned dog food shelf

What’s the Best Canned Dog Food?

Canned food isn’t as popular as kibble, but there are lots of good reasons to feed wet food to your dog: Canned dog food...

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