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Safe Dog Food Storage

Here’s how to ensure that your dog’s dry food stays fresh, tasty, nutritious, and safe for consumption.
Close up woman hand clean and wash dog paw pug breed for cleanning around paw by tissue, Dog Care Concept

Is Coconut Oil Good for Dogs?

Most dogs can eat coconut oil and anecdotal reports suggest several healthful benefits. But studies suggest that its most impressive gift to dogs is reducing seizures in dogs with epilepsy.

How to Choose the Best Canned Dog Food for your Dog

Why did we choose the products that are on our 2022 “Approved Canned Dog Foods” list (SUBSCRIBER ONLY: Click here to see the full...

Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

To hear better, see better and to communicate are just a few reasons why your dog tilts his head at you.
popsicles for dogs

Homemade Frozen Dog Treats

Our dogs are just as fond of ice cream, popsicles, and other frozen treats as we are. But frozen treats, including those sold for...
healthy dog food additives like fruit and eggs

10 Healthy Dog Food Additives to Improve a Dry Food Diet

America’s most popular dog food is kibble or dry food, which, because it is convenient and affordable, accounts for more than 60% of all...
close up of cricket for cricket dog food

Dog Food, Protein, and Sustainability

What if we could give millions of pets a healthier, happier life and, in the process, make our planet healthier, too?” That’s the question...
prescription dog food

Prescription Dog Foods: Do They Really Help?

The general concept of veterinary or prescription diets is sound; it’s well-accepted by all nutrition experts that nutrient levels and ingredients can be manipulated...
can dogs drink milk

Can Dogs Drink Milk & Eat Dairy Products?

Many dogs enjoy and benefit from consuming milk and other milk-based foods without any ill effects. Follow these tips if you'd like to add dairy products to your dog's diet.
how to save money on dog food

Where to Buy Dog Food to Save Money

If you have a big dog, more than one medium or large dog, or, like me, you sometimes foster for a shelter or rescue...
AAFCO dog food nutrient profile

How to Find a Low Copper Dog Food

Last month, in "Excessive Copper in Dog Food," we told you how high copper levels in dog food can cause a serious, potentially lethal,...
doberman Copper-Associated Hepatopathy

Excessive Copper in Dog Food May Cause Copper-Associated Hepatopathy

We all know good nutrition is critical for the health and longevity of our dogs, and most of us rely on commercial dog foods...

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