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A husky howls in Alaska, United States, North America

Why Do Dogs Howl?

Howling is one of the many ways that dogs communicate. It can be a territorial declaration, signal excitement at the start of a walk. or just communicating with dogs in the area.
A man offers a Boston terrier a tasty treat while the dog avoids looking at the food.

Dog Sniffing Food But Not Eating

If your dog normally has a good appetite, but suddenly stops eating his food, you should be concerned. However, if your dog is always a picky, slow eater, and he goes on strike for a meal or two, there is usually nothing urgent to be worried about.
copyspace in the grass area between two dogs resting on the grass

Why Dogs Sneeze When They Play

When a dog sneezes due to an irritation in her nose, the sneeze is forceful and may include nasal discharge. A social sneeze is small and delicate with no nasal discharge and very little head movement.
Beagle dog sleeping on soft gray couch. Comfortable furniture.

Do Dogs Like Music?

It’s understandable that dog owners would be interested in using music to facilitate calmness. And there is evidence that some music does indeed help dogs relax.
Boy sneaking dog food from the table

My Dog Is Acting Normal but Not Eating

If your dog won’t eat, you have a small window of time to evaluate the situation, The better you know your dog, the easier it is to decide if it is something serious or just a phase.
Dog looks out the window and watching the fireworks

Sound Masking to Help Dogs with a Noise Phobia or Sound Sensitivity

Noise canceling with noise machines, music or sounds from a speaker, or even just a circulating fan can help dogs with a noise phobia, or dogs that are scared of thunder relax.
Dog jumpimg over the fence or net. Dog exercise. Spring day

Do Dogs Have Periods?

Do female dogs have periods? No, dogs do not have periods. During one stage of the dog's reproductive cycle there is a bloody vaginal discharge that superficially resembles a period.
Brown and white boxer dog leaning on balcony as if he's looking outside, barking or howling

How to stop a dog from barking

Dogs bark for many reasons, but the overall reason is communication. You may just want to know how to stop your dog from barking,...
A black lab sits on its hind legs on an empty wooded trail with fallen autumn leaves, licking its tongue humorously.

Why Dogs Lick Excessively

Dogs may lick their lips in anticipation of food or a tasty treat. However, the behavior can indicate a variety of health issues when it isn't associated with food, a treat, or a reward.

Does Your Female Dog Hump?

Usually humping is associated with male dogs, but humping is also very common amongst female dogs. Some girls will hump toys or other objects, some hump air, others hump other dogs or even people. To learn more about humping, why girls do it, and how to keep your female dog from humping, we talk with Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Chair of The Association of Professional Dog Trainers Nick Hof, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, KPA-CTP, CSAT, to answer some of your most commonly asked questions about female dogs and humping.

Comfort Your Dog

There is absolutely no evidence, not one bit, suggesting that providing comfort and security to a distressed dog causes the dogs anxiety or fear to increase. Why then, does this myth persist among dog owners and even with some trainers? Why are owners still advised to ignore their dog when he is distressed or anxious or fearful, as if providing any attention to the dog will reinforce those emotions?

Moving with Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

Moving to a new house regardless of whether it's down the street or across the country is stressful for anyone, but for dogs it can be especially confusing and upsetting. I just moved my three dogs (ages 16 years to 21 months, 10 pounds to 100 pounds) from New York City to Portland, Oregon. The move has been a bit hectic, but my biggest priority has been creating stability and consistency for my dogs.

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