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Your dog losing hair is upsetting, but hair loss isn't always harmful.

Why Is My Dog Losing Hair?

If you see your dog losing hair concern is normal. It's not always a cause for concern though with some dogs naturally shedding, and other having hereditary conditions. It's only when the skin beneath the hair looks abnormal that worry is called for.
Dogs can get hypothermia even in warm weather if they get wet during a swim or rainstorm.

Symptoms of Dog Hypothermia

Although hypothermia is usually a cold weather problem. Swimming in cold water, or wet and chill due to rainy weather can also cause hypothermia in dogs.
Cooling vests for dogs can help to keep your pup comfortable on hot days or long hikes.

Cooling Vests for Dogs

The best cooling vests, or coats, for dogs are lightweight, breathable, loose-fitting, and light in color. Anything heavy, tight, or dark will result in more heat absorption and retention.
Dogs can get herpes, and have their own form of canine herpes that is often fatal for puppies.

Can Dogs Get Herpes?

Dogs can get herpes, and have their own form of the herpes virus. Canine herpesvirus—also known as canine herpes—is a disease that is nearly...
Dog allergy medication can help with a dog's constant itchiness, and other symptoms.

A Guide to Dog Allergy Medications

There are several manifestations of allergies in dogs, including atopic and flea allergy dermatitis, allergic rhinitis and bronchitis, hives, and insect bite hypersensitivity. Symptoms...
A rat terrier playing in a bar where there is a chance the dog could eat rat poison if unsupervised.

Emergency: My Dog Ate Rat Poison

There are a few different types of rat poison, which is why it’s vitally important to know which kind your dog ate and hopefully approximately how much. Your veterinarian and Poison Control will use this information to formulate the best plan for saving your dog.
A sick dog that doesn't eat may eat bland foods if offered.

5 Things to Feed a Sick Dog With No Appetite

Consider offering a sick dog with no appetite small meals frequently. A variety of different foods might tempt them to try and eat.
Rarely, young dogs can be affected by puppy strangles for reasons that aren't entirely clear.

What is Puppy Strangles?

Also known as juvenile cellulitis the puppy strangles is a rare condition whose cause is not known. Most dogs are able to make a complete recovery.
Inducing vomiting in dogs is a last resort when they've eaten something they shouldn't have.

How to Make a Dog Throw Up

Hydrogen peroxide can make a dog vomit, but making your dog vomit isn't something to be done without consulting an informed professional.
Bartonella in dogs is a bacterial infection believed to be spread by fleas.

Dogs Can Get Bartonella, Too

In both people and dogs, bartonellosis often shows up with cardiac signs while it is asymptomatic in cats.
A diaper can help when your dog is in heat for the first time.

What to Do When Your Dog is in Heat for the First Time

Dog heat cycles can be unpredictable, and you can be caught by surprise by you dog going into heat for the first time. Here are some tips to managing this and keeping your dog safe and well.
Acral lick dermatitis is a bald or ulcerated area caused by excessive licking.

Acral Lick Dermatitis in Dogs

Acral lick dermatitis is an area that becomes bald with raised skin that may ulcerate or bleed as your dog excessively links it.

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