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Woman training Irish Wolfhound on a meadow

Best Age to Neuter a Male Dog

The effects of neutering a dog too early changed the recommendation of when to neuter.
Closeup the disease on cat skin, Dermatitis in dog, skin laminate and dog hair fallen

Folliculitis in Dogs

Bacterial folliculitis is an infection of the dog’s hair follicles and superficial skin. It can be precipitated by a number of conditions, so successful treatment depends on finding the cause.
Dog looking out a Window

Anti-Anxiety Medications for Dogs

Your veterinarian has a number of medication options available to help your anxious dog feel better and enhance your desensitization and behavior-modification program.

How to Help a Choking Dog

Learn first-aid techniques now – including the Heimlich Maneuver – so you can save a choking dog in an emergency.
Dog Running On Field

How Often Do Dogs Need Rabies Shots

The requirement for a rabies booster depends upon the vaccine used and state laws.
dog eating chicken bones

My Dog Ate Chicken Bones

Dogs do eat chicken bones, but it’s far from an ideal choice and can lead to big veterinary bills.
golden retriever playing

Blastomycosis in Dogs

The fungal respiratory infection blastomycosis can lead to death. The fungus is found mainly in warm, damp environments.
merle puppy

What Is Heterochromia in Dogs?

Dogs with different colored eyes – eyes that display more than one color – have a condition called heterochromia.
Black and white border collie catches a frisbee drive

Knee Injuries in Dogs

Poor conformation may be partly to blame for dog knee injuries, but a dog’s weight, physical condition, and activities make a big difference as well.

Bulging Eyes in Dogs

Bulging eyes in dogs could be due to disease—sometimes bad enough to cause an eye to pop out.
Alopecia in Dogs

Alopecia In Dogs

Treating alopecia in dogs starts with determining the underlying cause of the hair loss.
Yellow Labrador retriever dog lifting leg to urinate in a grassy field

How to Get a Urine Sample from a Dog

A urine sample is like liquid gold to your veterinarian. It contains so much information about your dog’s health, including whether there is a urinary tract infection or crystals, kidney disease, liver disease, or diabetes.

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