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The sleeping dog's nose has a runny nose.

How to Help a Dog’s Runny Nose

How to care for your dog's runny nose and when to call the vet
Groomer with a dog

How to Clean Dog Ears at Home

Cleaning your dog’s ears is easy with the right supplies.
Chocolate Labrador Puppy howling while in a wire dog crate- 7 weeks old

Is Your Dog Crying and Whining?

Why your dog may be keeping you up at night by whining – and how to stop his crying.
Adult tan mixed breed dog wearing a pet hardness laying on the floor looking bored

Stomach Cancer in Dogs

Stomach cancer is a rare but often devastating disease in dogs. Symptoms of stomach cancer mimic those of many other illnesses, making diagnosis challenging.
Shot of a senior woman out for a hike with her dog

Rapamycin: The New Anti-Aging Pill for Dogs?

The average life span of dogs is about 11 years, with some variation based on size and breed. It would appear that there is...
Senior dog with Elizabethan collar

How Long Does Anesthesia Last in Dogs?

Dogs recovering from anesthesia can take about 12 - 24 hours to return to their normal selves. You can expect some common side effects during this period, including sleepiness, whining, disinterest in food, and a wobbly gait.
Closeup of white and brown dog with its mouth open

Why Is My Dog Coughing Up Phlegm?

Dogs may gag and cough up white foam or mucus when their trachea is irritated. Here’s why a dog may cough up phlegm.
balance harness

The Best Dog-Walking Gear

Here are our top picks for basic dog-training and dog-walking equipment that every dog owner should have, including collars, harnesses, leashes, long lines, clickers, and treat bags.
A golden retriever with a swollen mouth

Common Sudden Skin Lumps on a Dog

What to do if you notice your dog has bumps under her fur.
Old black Labrador

Vestibular Syndrome in Dogs

Symptoms of vestibular syndrome (also known as vestibular disease) in dogs include head tilt, unsteady gait, and falling to one side.
broken dog tooth

Your Dog’s Chipped or Broken Tooth

Dogs can chip their teeth in accidents or just by chewing on something hard. Is your dog’s chipped tooth a medical emergency?

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