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doggie language book

Buy This Book!

Doggie Language: A Dog Lover’s Guide to Understanding Your Best Friend is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about canine behavior, whether they are 8 years old or 80.
just trimmed dog nails

Dog Nail Trimming Thoughts

No one likes trimming their dogs’ nails. But it has to be done. Owning multiple dogs makes it worse! But when I notice everyone...
dogs walking off leash

Boone Has Lost His Off-Leash Privileges

I walk with my dogs in a number of locations in my local “wildlife area,” which consists of thousands of acres of land surrounding...
three dogs looking up at camera

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful that my dogs are all still present and that we’re all healthy enough to enjoy our traditional Thanksgiving day hike...
long dog nails

A Dog Owner’s Risks and Responsibilities

I do things with my dogs practically every day that would make other dog owners frown with disapproval – and my friends and neighbors...
dog refusing to go with human, balking on leash

Behavior-Modifying Drugs Save Many Dogs Lives

I’ve seen some incredibly dramatic transformations when dogs were medicated for their chronic fear or anxiety.
dog sleeping on dog bed

When the cost of pet health insurance rises…

I just received the annual renewal notice for my senior dog’s pet health insurance policy, and, sadly, made the decision not to renew it....
dog jumping at tree

Boone & The Squirrel: Recall When Your Dog is Distracted

Dog trainers like to say that our dogs do what works for them. The thought behind that concept is that dogs are extraordinarily good...
three mutt dogs

Dog Breed Biases: We All Have Them (Admit it!)

Are there breeds you love and breeds you don’t get the appeal of? I think we all do – though I would be the...
dog comforting stressed person

Dogs Know When We’re Stressed: Here’s How

It always makes me happy when scientists substantiate something about dogs that any loving dog owner already knows – but it’s icing on the...
measuring dog food with scale

“Two cups a day!” How much are you REALLY feeding your dog?

Ask any owner who feeds kibble to their dog how much they feed to their dog, and you will invariably get the amount expressed...
dog and chickens

Are Dogs Good With Chickens?

When I was about five years old, my parents moved our family from the San Francisco Bay area to a rural farming area about...

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