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Dogs who live on the streets with their people may not have much beyond love.

Is That Dog Fortunate or Tragic?

What about the dogs who accompany unhoused people? Some may see dogs in rough conditions. Others may see dogs who are seemingly completely content to be with their owners 24/7.
Petting a dog should be enjoyable to both the dog and the owner.

Hands Off!

If you like dogs, it’s just a pleasure to pet them, boop their snoots, and smoosh their jowls. However, not all dogs are as into being petted as their owners would like. We need to learn to respect their boundaries and enjoy the time they deign to be petted.
When you bring home a dog from a rescue or shelter they need time.

Give Them Time!

When you bring a dog home from a rescue or shelter – or anywhere, actually! – give them space and time! Be friendly and encouraging, but don’t loom or fuss over them.
Walking your dog at least once a day has health benefits for both the dog and their owner.

How Often Do You Walk Your Dog?

Failing to take your dog on walks can be detrimental to your dog’s physical and emotional well being.
Puppies await adoption in shelter.

An Open Letter to Craigslist and Facebook:

Please stop helping people sell dogs on your sites. Oh, I know, you say you don’t allow these sales – that these activities are prohibited by your terms of service – but you do absolutely nothing of value to stop them.
A litter of bully breed puppies, and their father and mother bark aggressively at passersby beyond the fence line.

Could You Defend Yourself in a Dog Attack?

I agree; all dog owners, but especially people who own large, strong dogs should know what to do in case their dog attacked someone (or themselves) and be capable of doing it.
A list of news stories about dogs reunited with their families.

Current Contact Information

Think about your dog’s microchip – he HAS an implanted identification microchip, doesn’t he? Is it currently registered with a microchip registration company? If so, does the registry have your current contact information
Cheerful mother and son Black ethnicity petting their Maltese dog

Parallels between Force-Free Training and Gentle Parenting

Both gentle parenting and force-free training emphasize empathy for the living being you're responsible for, and patience with their behavior as their core tenet.
The lobby of an animal shelter crowded with people.

What NOT to Say to Shelter and Rescue Workers

All day, every day, front-desk shelter workers are confronted with people who are sad and upset and/or angry and frustrated.
Two dogs amidst brown grass of winter field.

Reducing Woody’s Weight

I have been struggling for a few months to reduce my dog Woody’s weight. He turned 8 years old in November, and it was about that time that I first noticed he was looking a little pudgy.
A dog seeking attention from a veterinary technician during a routine procedure.

Get your dog’s health records in order

If you’ve ever been going through the final illness, or the final, rough year of a beloved dog’s life, you know how easy it is to neglect the other, young, healthy dogs’ needs.

Training for Connection

Training a dog in seemingly silly behaviors offers the chance to really connect with and understand your dog and what they enjoy.

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