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Odin with his new owner

A Perfect New Home For My Foster Dog Odin

When, back in March, I scheduled a week-long vacation for early July, I of course had no way of knowing a huge, dog-related...
FDA table on ingredients in dog food

Update on grain-free diets and DCM cases in dogs

On June 27, 2019, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released an update to two previous advisories regarding dog food...

Skunks and Fireworks Are NOT a Dog’s Best Friends

My senior dog Otto has never liked fireworks, but he’s never been a total wreck around the Independence Day holiday, either. He...
puppies suffering from mange

Here’s Why We Can’t Just Keep Every Foster Dog

"Why don't you just keep him?" Everyone who fosters dogs for a shelter or rescue group has heard some...
small dog with suture

Keep Your Dog Safe from Accidents

In a 48-hour period last weekend, three dogs who are very close to me ended up in veterinary emergency rooms. It was a...
A girl uses handsignals to train her puppy

When It Comes to Dog Training, Practice Makes Perfect

Anyone who has ever learned to do something physical – hitting a baseball, sewing a garment, driving a car, you name it – understands that...

Memorable Things I’ve Learned From Pet Seminars

Continuing education is an awesome thing. I am so grateful that my publisher sends me to a couple of places or events each year...

Take the Sit/Down/Stand challenge!

My trainer friend Sarah Richardson, owner of The Canine Connection in Chico, California, recently attended a conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas, with...

I love dedicated dog people.

The company that I work for is based in Norwalk, Connecticut. I have worked for Belvoir Media Group for the past 22 years...

What Happened to Odin’s Eye?

After months of weighing all options, I have finally agreed to have Odin's compromised eye removed. He is healing quiet nicely from the surgery, and seems to be enjoying not having to take medicine 12 times a day.

Making Weighty Decisions for Our Dogs

Using optical coherence tomography, the technicians were able to get images of the interior of Odins cornea. They observed that a tear or bubble has formed between the corneal endothelial layer and the next layer upward (outward), the Desemets membrane.

How NOT to Teach Your Puppy to Sit

I've always wondered the origin of the practice of pushing a puppy or dog's bottom to the ground in order to "teach her to sit." My guesses are these: People do it because it sometimes works; the dog or puppy learns that to avoid the discomfort of being forced to bend all the joints in their rear ends, they should just sit down. And that once someone has seen anyone else do this with apparent success, they think maybe they will try it, too! But these are poor guesses, because I've shown hundreds of people how to get their puppies or dogs to sit without touching them - and without saying "Sit! Sit! SIT!"

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