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puppy watching

How to Socialize a Puppy

To introduce a puppy to our human world without scaring her, take every experience at her pace and keep it safe and positive. Her body language will let you know if you are moving too fast.
loose off leash dog

What To Do If Loose Dog Is Coming At You and Your Dog

Make a plan today for what to do if an off-leash dog approaches (or, worse, attacks) you and your on-leash dog.
dog not eating from bowl

Why Won’t My Dog Eat Out of His Bowl?

Some dogs insist on being hand-fed. Is that a problem? If so, here’s how to break the habit.
why do dogs give your their paw

Why Does My Dog Put Their Paw On Me?

Many dogs like to “give a paw” to humans in greeting or when seeking attention. Here’s how to handle the paw!
signs of happiness in dogs

What Are Signs of Happiness in Dogs?

Dogs show many signs of happiness, but you must watch and listen for them. To know if your dog is happy, you need to know your dog.
dog rolling in grass

Why Do Dogs Roll In The Grass?

Instinct is usually what causes dogs to roll in the grass and may have its roots in hunting prey, which is why dogs roll in other things, too.
Aggressive, disobedient dog problems concept.

On-Leash Aggression

It’s not uncommon for dogs to behave badly when they are leashed and see other dogs – and it doesn’t mean they are truly aggressive. Here’s what to do to achieve peace on leash.
adorable lying small pregnant dog protects stomach from young woman hand growling

Why Do Dogs Growl?

Here’s what you need to know if you’ve ever wondered why your dog growls when you pet her, pick her up, brush her – or why she ever growls!
terrier dog hiding under a bed.

Is Your Dog Afraid of Noises?

Some dogs are highly sensitive to certain sounds, such as emergency sirens, smoke detectors, and motorcycles roaring past your house. Here’s how to desensitize these dogs to loud, sharp, or otherwise unpleasant noises, and make them feel more comfortable and safe in their homes.
Scared dog

Thunder and Storm Phobia

How to help a dog who is afraid of thunder and scared of storms.
Woman and dogs walking in hallway at home

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

Does your dog constantly follow you around the house? Do you sometimes trip over him as you exit your bathroom, because he’s fallen asleep right outside the door? Not to worry; this is a very typical dog behavior.
dog training: corgi puppy on a leash from a woman

My Dog Doesn’t Want to Walk

If your dog refuses to walk on leash with you, consider the problem from the dog’s perspective.

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