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8 Steps to a Behaviorally Healthy Dog

You can start the process of socializing and training at any stage of a dog's life! Making positive associations for your dog is faster and easier for youngsters than adults, but it's always worth trying to teach new ways of thinking that will improve your dog's quality of life and overall happiness.

The 10 Most Important Things to Teach A Puppy

I don't care what breed or mix of breeds you're talking about, puppies are inarguably, impossibly and adorably cute. You have to...

Puppy Training Pros and Cons

Last month, I mentioned how concerned my son was when he heard I had made the decision to adopt one of the bully-breed-mix puppies I had been fostering. He's accustomed to me pretending that I don't like puppies (Ew
dogs chewing

Take Control of Puppy Chewing

Why do puppies chew? They chew to explore the world, and to relieve the pain and irritation of teething. But they also chew because it's a natural, normal activity for all canines, young and old. While puppies do eventually grow up and get past the stage where they feel compelled to put their teeth on everything they see, mature dogs also need to chew to exercise their jaws, massage their gums, clean their teeth, and to relieve stress and boredom.
puppy being held

Puppies in Public: Risk Factors

As the proud owner of a new puppy, you are faced with some big decisions in the first few months. Are ALL of those vaccinations necessary? Can my puppy start socializing by mingling at the dog park or on the street? When should I begin training, or hire a dog trainer? What may seem like obvious answers are actually quite complicated and critically important to your puppy's well being.

The Deal with Puppy Shots

You might be surprised to know that dogs don't actually need a series" of shots in order to be immunized against canine diseases. That said

Best Puppy Collars & Harnesses

Does this collar make me look fat?" This is not a question your dog is likely to ever ask
dog being walked

7 Steps to Leash-Train Your Puppy

Did you know that the best way to teach a puppy to walk politely on a leash is to not use a leash? If you think that sounds like an inscrutable Buddhist koan, fear not - you are not alone. It's far more common to see people either dragging their puppies around, or being dragged around by their puppies, than it is to see a calm, happy puppy trotting along by her owner's side.
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What is Proper Socialization and How Do You Make Sure Your Puppy Gets It?

In 2008, the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior (AVSAB) released a statement affirming that puppy socialization is a critically important tool in the development of a behaviorally normal dog. The organization also confirmed that the risk of a puppy contracting a serious or fatal disease during proper socialization efforts is far less than the risk of a dog later being given up or euthanized due to behavior problems that developed as a result of a lack of socialization. This is an absolutely critical accomplishment for your dog.
puppy being held

Putting Together the Puppy Puzzle

Contained in the October issue is an article I wrote about internal parasites – worms. I needed art to accompany that article, and the best thing I could think of to depict a wormy dog was a photo of a typically round-bellied wormy puppy, the kind that is surrendered to shelters all too frequently. I called my local shelter and asked whether they had any wormy puppies with bloated tummies; it turned out that they had just received such a litter two days before, and I was invited to come down and take some pictures.

Ways to Manage an Adolescent Dog

Is your once cute, cuddly, and well-behaved pup suddenly acting out? Is your dog ignoring you, taking off if he sees something interesting, and chewing on everything in sight? Did his once perfect sit

5 Things To Do When Your Puppy Acts Out

You thought you were doing a good thing for your mature dog when you adopted a new puppy. She'll love him!" you assured yourself. "It will keep her young and active." Rather than loving him

Latest Blog

An Update on Foster Puppy Coco

If only it was summer. I have been so eager for the end of the hot, dry weather that characterizes every summer...

Vet visit for Miss Coco; Woody tagging along as canine security blanket. (OMG, you guys, a vet who will let us come into the clinic! I am so excited!) ...

She may be a kangaroo, but she’s a happy little kangaroo ...

I can use this to blackmail her when she is out of her teenage phase. #crushingonwoody ...

Foster pup has a mystifying medical issue. Will be posting about this in the WDJ blog later this week. Had to post here first so there would be a way for readers to see Coco in action.

*Bonus* You get to hear me tell my darling Woody to “Go away!!” (I was trying to film and he was shoving me, trying to get me to throw the ball. Sorry!)

You don’t have to throw it. Just give it to me! ...

Please throw the ball! ...

New, cute poses of her love affair with (somewhat indifferent and highly tolerant) Woody ...

Foster puppy loveslovesLOVES Uncle Woody. He is accustomed to this adulation, lol ...

Took a minute for ourselves. Ahhhhh. ...

Woody has a new project puppy. ...

Having hands would be helpful, but he does okay. (I think he deliberately drops his ball into places that will sometimes elicit my help...but I wasn’t helping, so he had to deal.) ...

"You're leaving us again, aren't you?" Spending long days at the emergency animal shelter, where pets displaced by local fire are being cared for by volunteers. It's hard on our own dogs, but at least they have homes. ...

One dog is enjoying our evacu-cation in a hotel more than the other.

Our neighborhood is under a mandatory evacuation due the the #bearfire, but we don't think our house is actually in danger currently. The fire went FAR, FAST, night before last, so they wanted folks out of the way. The wind has died down and the fire line is holding. In the meantime, like Woody, we will try to enjoy ourselves, until we can get back home.

My thoughts go to those who lost homes and animal friends. Best local relief org:

#noon #nofilter #cafires #smoke ...