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Submissive Urination and Excitement Urination

Some dogs can’t really help but urinate when they are frightened, anxious, or excited. What can you do to prevent this untimely submissive urination?
dog behind dog gate

Why Is My Dog Pooping in the House?

Nobody likes rounding the corner in the house and discovering a pile of poo. While it’s one thing to find the occasional “gift” from...
dog jumping up on you

How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping on People

Dogs naturally like to jump up. It’s one of the ways they explore the world around them, including the humans they meet. Unfortunately for our...

For Better Dog-Behavior Training: Pretend Your Dog Is a Tiger

Owners often turn to dog trainers when they’re feeling exasperated. They report that their dog has the following behavior and training issues: Has no...
giant dog breed

Training Big Dogs – A Big Responsibility

Giant-breed dogs can be a hoot. It’s fun to see them in cars, looking for all the world like bears being taken for a...
how to use a dog whistle

How to Use a Dog Whistle for Training

Dog whistles have long been used for dog training. Working retrievers and herding dogs are often trained to respond to whistle cues because the...

How to Teach a Dog to Speak

Want to teach your dog to talk? “Speak” is a simple trick, especially if your dog is already vocal. It can be helpful to...
how to talk to your dog

How to Talk to Your Dog

I’ve always talked to dogs – as I’m sure you do – engaging them with the usual cues, the names of favorite things and...
petting dog on head

The Problem With, “May I Pet Your Dog?”

It used to be that if folks wanted to pet your dog, they just reached out and did it. Happily, in today’s more well-informed...
why do dogs hump

Why Do Dogs Hump (and What You Can Do)

You may be embarrassed by your dog’s proclivity to mount other dogs, cushions or pieces of furniture, or even (horrors!) humans. You are not...
why do dogs eat poop

Help! Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?

Why do dogs eat poop – especially their own? It’s so gross! There’s nothing worse than when your dog eats a fresh piece of...
child holding puppy

How to Pick Up a Puppy

When you see a little puppy, the most natural thing in the world is to run over and swoop her into your arms for...

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