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Man walking dog

Tips For Dog-Walking Etiquette

Unwritten rules—and sometimes written laws—help dictate how to keep you and your dog safe while walking.
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Boundary Training

How to train your dog to stay in your yard (and how it should not be done)

Fido, Clean Your Room!

How to teach your dog to pick up his toys and put them away.
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Is Dog Agility Right for You and Your Dog?

It’s easy to start dog agility training right at home – all you need are a few jumps and the right attitude.
Women With Dogs

Find the Best Trainer for You and Your Dog

There are lots of bad and even dangerous trainers out there. Here’s how to find a qualified training and behavior professional.

How to Teach Your Dog to Spin

“Spin” is an easy trick to teach your dog – and a fun one to show off!
puppy biting

Five Steps to Stop Puppy Biting

Fact: Puppies have a developmental need to bite. Here’s a plan for directing and fulfilling that need – with your skin intact!
training your dog to leave it

Teach Your Dog to “Leave It” and “Drop it”

Training your dog to “leave it” and “drop it”.
Smart dog is looking for delicious dried treats in intellectual game and eating them, close up. Intellectual game for dogs. and training of nose work with pet. brain game training for dogs

Scent Games for Dogs

Scent work is a natural way for dogs to enjoy a game and be enriched.
Choosing to use respectful dog training language with your dog is important for both training and your relationship.

Words Matter: Respectful Dog Training Language

Why the words you use make a difference in your relationship with your dog – and perhaps even the success of your dog training program.
Two Dogs Barking For Each Other At The Public Park

How to Socialize a Reactive Dog

Dogs who have issues with other dogs can learn to be calm around other dogs – and maybe even make dog friends.
Girl playing tug-of-war with dog

How to Phase Out Training Treats

Want to phase out treats when dog training? You can train a dog without treats – but why would you?

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An Open Letter to Craigslist and Facebook:

Please stop helping people sell dogs on your sites. Oh, I know, you say you don’t allow these sales – that these activities are prohibited by your terms of service – but you do absolutely nothing of value to stop them.