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How cold is to cold for a dog? It depends on the dog.

How Cold Is Too Cold for Dogs?

Cold tolerance varies widely among dogs and is affected by the dog’s size, coat, activity level, and individual preferences. It is important to understand when it is too cold to walk your individual dog.
Dramamine for dogs can relieve motion sickness.

Dramamine for Dogs

Dramamine, a brand name for the drug dimenhydrinate, is an antihistamine that is used off-label in many dogs for vestibular problems, including carsickness and...
Water intoxication in dogs can be cause by too much or too little sodium.

Water Intoxication in Dogs Can Be Deadly

Water intoxication in dogs is the result of sodium levels being too low or too high. Either due to ingesting too much water in too short of time, or ingesting sea water leading to too much sodium.
Red-tailed Hawk searching for prey

Will a Hawk Attack a Dog?

“Considering how prevalent hawks are across North America, hawk attacks on our pets are not common, and most of the claims we hear about are unsubstantiated, with only a few verified reports each year,” behavioral expert Hillary Hankey states.
Coyote on city street in winter storm

Will Coyotes Attack Dogs?

Attacking coyotes are more rare than common, and most attacks occur in winter, which is the breeding time for coyotes.
Dog chewing the area just above its tail trying to satisfy an itch.

Dog Mange Mites on Humans

You can get sarcoptic mange from your dog. but the canine variant of the sarcoptic mange mite can’t fully reproduce in people, so symptoms will fade in 4 or 5 days.
biodegradable dog poop bags

Dog Poop Bags Review

As the saying goes, “Sh*t happens,” and as every responsible dog owner knows, cleaning up after their dogs is an absolute must. For those...

Smoke Inhalation and Dogs

Smoke inhalation is dangerous for all dogs regardless of breed or age, but there are some specific concerns with some breeds. Dr. Loenser explained that dogs with short noses including bulldogs, pugs and boston terriers are especially at risk. Additionally, she explained that very young and very old dogs of any breed can be more fragile and at risk for medical complications from smoke inhalation.

Planning A Road Trip with Your Dog?

Thinking of taking a road trip with your dog? Road trips can be a lot of fun and are a great way to see...

Symptoms and Treatment of Foxtail Invasions in Dogs

While some ?rst aid may be possible in the event of a foxtail wound, in almost all cases you should get your dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Delaying treatment allows the foxtail to do further damage; avoiding foxtail treatment altogether could lead to your dog developing a chronic illness or could even lead to death.
Foxtail grass and dogs are a bad combination.

Foxtail Grass: Awns of Destruction for Western Dogs

The seeds of the nasty foxtail grass seem to have a special affinity for invading dogs' bodies. The three most common hazards of foxtails to dogs are these: They get sniffed into dog noses, work their way into dog ears, and lodge between dog toes. Each of these sites is a mere port of entry for these sturdy seeds; once inside, they start a relentless crawl forward, traveling deeper into a dog's tissue with every passing hour. They are sometimes found in exploratory surgeries years afterward; the durable seed and awn fibers resist breaking down in the body as if they were made of plastic.

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