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Dental Health

Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning For Your Dog

Most of us have seen signs or advertisements for anesthesia-free teeth cleaning" for dogs and cats. To most people

Your Dog’s Bad Breath Can Signal Oral Health Problems

Chronic bad breath is not a normal, healthy condition. Even though it is true that dogs will sometimes eat UFOs (Unidentifiable Fetid Objects), unpleasant things collected from unspeakable sources that can make their mouths smell unbearable for short periods of time, their breath should never remain foul. And while hal-itosis (bad breath) is sometimes caused by indigestion or other imbalances deeper in the digestive tract, it is more commonly attributable to plaque; a buildup of anaerobic bacteria on the teeth and gum tissues.

Clean Teeth, Healthy Dogs

You might be one of the lucky ones; your dog might maintain gorgeous white teeth without any effort on your part whatsoever. Just wait, though. Sooner or later, all dogs can benefit from having their teeth brushed. Plaque and tartar accumulate on canine teeth just like ours. Plaque is made of proteins from saliva, which interact with bacteria. If left to accumulate on teeth, bacteria quickly multiply and can invade the gums around the teeth, causing inflammation known as gingivitis. If plaque is not removed, inflammation of the gums can spread to the bone around the teeth, leading in turn to bone loss or periodontal disease.

Oral Diseases in Dogs

At some time or another, every dog lover has endured a blast of bad breath from an ardent canine companion. Foul-smelling breath is so prevalent among pooches that the very phrase has come to be an insult, as in, Get lost

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