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Electric Flea Traps Don’t Work

I decided to test light traps a few months ago, when warm spring temperatures seemed to cause a resurgence of fleas in the editorial office of WDJ – which is on the ground floor of my home in a part of California that is famous for fleas.

Natural Herbs for Flea Relief

Herbalist Greg Tilford shares his recipes for building a dog's defenses against fleas. Although they prefer a warm, humid climate, fleas can thrive virtually anywhere, even places where they seemingly have nothing to eat. When food (like your dog) is not available, fleas will feed upon the bodies of each other as they lay in wait for a larger meal, nestled within the ground covers, carpets, and cracks they call home.

Eliminate Fleas Without Poisons

Today, spot-on flea products are advertised in every sort of media available to animal guardians and veterinarians, and are touted as safe and effective. However, the safety record of these products is not as spotless as the manufacturers would make us believe. After all, they contain pesticides, which are poisons, and they also contain toxic ingredients that are not disclosed to consumers – or even veterinarians – without applying through the Freedom of Information Act. The danger presented by these products is apparent in the hundreds of incident reports that sit in the Environmental Protection Agency's files – not to mention the manufacturer's own animal laboratory studies.

Dangers of Spot-On Pesticides for Fleas and Ticks

Some people will never give up their use of spot-on pesticides, despite the health risks to themselves and their dogs. I know you're out there, and I understand. Perhaps you have a dog with a flea allergy so severe – a dog who scratches and chews himself so badly that he develops severe hair loss, hot spots

Are Topical Flea Killers Safe?

The newest generation of pesticides are being marketed as far less harmful than the old ones. But they are deeply misrepresented as harmless.

Remedies for Your Flea Problem and More

a reader's 18-year-old Timber Wolf, benefits from non-toxic flea control.

Safely Getting Rid of Fleas

Every dog owner knows that getting rid of fleas can be one of the biggest challenges of dog-keeping. Few people know, however, that the process can also be the most damaging to their dog's health. Specifically, the use of insecticides on the dog and all around the dog's environment can cause nerve and liver damage, impair the immune system, and even cause cancer. And you have to wonder – if these effects have been noted in dogs, what effects do all these toxins have on the people who live with the dogs?

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