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Aromatherapy for Your Dog’s Arthritis Treatment

Each essential oil has a chemical category that may have several different effects. Aromatherapy is a modern healing art, and the therapeutic quality of essential oils is still being discovered. In other words, aromatherapy is a complex subject that deserves careful study and expert guidance. There are many ways to deliver essential oils into your dog's environment. Essential oils – the volatile substances of aromatic plants – are collected, usually by steam distillation, from leaves, blossoms, fruit, stems, roots, bark, or seeds. The water that accompanies an essential oil during distillation is called a hydrosol or flower water. Hydrosols contain trace amounts of essential oil and are themselves therapeutic.

Herbal Remedies for Your Dog’s Arthritis Pain

While it’s true that some herbs recommended for use with canine arthritis have drug-like actions, including contraindications and potentially adverse side effects, the plants mentioned here are easily acquired from reputable sources, widely used, and safe for most dogs. The descriptions that follow include safety notes as applicable.

Cayenne for Canines: They’re Not Too Hot!

Since 1985, the International Herb Association has announced its Herb of the Year during National Herb Week, which this year is May 1 through 7. The IHA has just published Capsicum: Herb of the Year 2016, a book that reviews chili peppers and their growing conditions and uses, and the organization helps garden centers and herb farms promote its featured plant.

Help Heal Your Dog with Common Herbs

All I could hear was the buzz of a thousand bees as I parted my way through a deep thicket of Heracleum lanatum, a tall, broad-leaved member of the parsley family commonly known as cow parsnip." The big

Apple Cider Vinegar Tinctures & Liniments

Tinctures are liquid extracts that preserve the medicinal properties of the fresh or dried herbs they contain. Alcohol is the most widely used tincture solvent because it extracts fats, resins, waxes, most alkaloids, some volatile oils, and other plant components, which it preserves indefinitely. Vegetable glycerin, a sweet, syrupy liquid, dissolves mucilage, vitamins, and minerals but does not dissolve resinous or oily plant constituents. Apple cider vinegar does not break down plant constituents as effectively…

Using Herbs for Dogs

Increasing research proves that animals, including domestic dogs and cats, understand what it means to have an ailment, and can in fact self-medicate with remedies found in nature. Ever catch a dog eating grass, and immediately try to stop them? This is mysterious behavior, since we know grass makes dogs vomit 8 out of 10 times. But what if that's the whole point? As savvy pet owners, we ought to utilize more natural remedies for our pets because they are good for them, effective, and on some level, our pets actually seem to know them better than we do.

Your Dog Deserves Roses

Coyotes aren't the only canines that can benefit from the healthy attributes of Rosa species, and in fact, wild roses aren't the only varieties with healing powers. In fact, all species of rose are useful, including domestic varieties in the garden. The astringent tannins contained in the twigs, bark, and roots of the plant help reduce minor inflammations of the skin and digestive tract, making the herb useful in a broad variety of applications. …

Medical Marijuana for Dogs?

Would a dog benefit from using medical marijuana? Legally, they're not allowed to, but many believe it could relieve pain the same way it does for humans.

Pain Relieving Massage Therapy for Dogs

Massage, for dogs? Yes! Dogs, just like humans, usually love a good therapeutic massage. Just like us, they enjoy the relaxation that massage provides and the relief from muscle aches and pains that can come from a day of hard playing, a long hike, or even from just lying around. They don't know about the benefits they're receiving, or that they will soon experience a feeling of well-being and rejuvenation. They just know that someone is touching them in a way that takes away pain and feels really good.

Success Story

While the concept of energy-based healing might be tough for some people to accept, professional animal trainer and flower essence practitioner Jennifer White of Woodinville, Washington, has a large database of client success stories to draw upon. It includes a 3-year-old service dog who was on the verge of being retired due to extreme car sickness. The dog had exhibited symptoms of nausea – drooling and panting – since early puppyhood, and he never outgrew the problem.

Benefits of Turmeric for Dogs

Maybe you've heard about turmeric? It's all the rage, you know. I've recently been exploring the 4,000-year-old history of human use of this plant product and what it can do for you and your dog. Though I've had turmeric sitting in my spice cabinet for longer than I can remember, it wasn't until February of last year that I found out just how beneficial this plant-based substance can be for people and for dogs.

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