5 Reasons to Feed Raw Honey to Your Dog

Raw honey is one of nature's most powerful and versatile remedies - even for dogs! Use raw honey on your dog for the various ailments listed.


1. Local Raw Honey Relieves Dogs’ Skin Allergies

Medical research supports the use of local honey for dogs to combat their environmental allergies. Note that we said local honey. A local product contains tiny amounts of the pollen in your area, so that when your dog ingests the honey, his body can adjust to the potential allergens gradually, which should help prevent a full-blown attack. Hint: Be sure you’re dealing with an environmental allergic reaction. Itching, scratching, and hot spots can also indicate a food allergy. See “Suspect Your Itchy Dog Has a Food Allergy?” for more info.

honey for puppy skin allergies
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2. Raw Honey Helps Dogs with Kennel Cough

Honey is a time-honored solution for soothing irritated throats and coughs. For kennel cough, you can use local honey, but Manuka honey for dogs with kennel cough may be your best choice. Made by bees pollinating the Manuka trees in New Zealand and parts of Australia, Manuka honey has the highest antibacterial properties of any honey in the world. It’s also the highest-priced honey in the world, and may cost three or four times what you might pay for local honey.

honey for dog coughs
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3. Raw Honey Heals Minor Topical Wounds

Manuka honey is also a top choice for a natural wound dressing. In fact, Manuka honey is FDA-approved for use on human burn patients. But any raw honey will help keep the wound area clean and moist, which promotes healing. Honey’s natural antibacterial properties reduce the chance of infection and protect the injured area. After cleaning the wound, spread on a thick coat of honey and then apply a light bandage, if necessary. Of course, you may have to also use an Elizabethan collar or similar device to stop your dog from licking the area! Note: Deep, wide or puncture wounds should always be examined by a veterinarian before applying any medicine. See “How to Treat Dog Wounds” for more on this.

dog with wound
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4. Raw Honey Reduces Gastrointestinal Upset in Dogs

Honey can be jelpful for a dog’s upset stomach or diarrhea that might come from something simple, such as your dog feasting on fresh grass, a couple of doses of honey may help quiet and soothe his GI tract. Some veterinarians suggest honey for dogs to help control minor stomach ulcers, since honey’s natural antibacterial properties can help destroy bacteria that may be causing the ulcer. Again, you need to be certain about what you’re dealing with, so seeking veterinary advice in these situations is wise.

dog eating honey

5. Honey Can Give Dogs More Energy

Honey is a sugar, and sugar boosts energy. Anecdotal evidence shows that honey helps many older dogs regain some of their former spunk and drive. Many owners of canine athletes use honey to promote energy, endurance and vitality.


  1. Great info. I also use honey when administering medicine. If the pill is crushable, I crush it in a teaspoon, add just a little honey to mix it up. Chichi my Chihuuahua laps up her medicine, and enjoys it.
    A little bit of honey makes the medicine go down in such a delightful way!

  2. Hello
    My dog Boris age 12 and have a problem with gastro intestinal for long time
    I have a manukau honey 40 at home for myself so I wonder can I give some of these for Boris too
    And how much should I give him a day ?

  3. Honey really is natures gift – it also never goes off and can be stored in the cupboard at room temperature. I found the best way to give our dog honey is to give him it spread onto a piece of square plain bread, that gives him something to chew on at the same time and makes a great treat.

  4. Manakue honey helped my dogs front paw after he had licked the top of his front paw raw I found if you warm it you can drizzle it over the wound rather then spreading it on but be careful not to get it too hot and of course use a teflon coated pad and then wrap with ace bandage you can also add some aleo vera juice fresh from a plant and a plant 5yrs or older holds more healing powers

    • CBS is a proven remedy for seizures. Be 1000000000% sure it IS TRUE CBD (You might need to visit your local MMJ Dispensary, but CBD s do not contain THC (well, not ALL of them), nor does it need THC to work correctly!

  5. I’m not a lover of honey, but I do know how awesome it is for many things. It is always best to get RAW ORGANIC honey from the area you live in so you treat with the pollen from your area. Same goes for humans with hayfever. It has to be from your area.

  6. I have 3 puppies,I have been bottle feeding,all three different sizes,2 I believe we’re premier pups,did not open there eyes untill after 3 weeks,so puppies are five weeks & they developed diarrhea,vet gave antibiotic & iron still got bad,so I decided to give them little bit of 🍯,& I can already tell a difference in puppies stool!

    • This is what I found on the internet. Hope it helps.

      Follow these guidelines to make sure your dog doesn’t get too much:

      Up to 10lbs – ¼ teaspoon of honey daily
      10-20lbs – ½ tsp daily
      20-50lbs – 1 tsp daily
      50lbs+ – up to 2 tsp daily