A New Great Dog Treat Bag

Too late to be included in last month's review, we found a dog treat pouch that tops our list of favorites.


I haaaate it when this happens: We review a category of products (in this case, “The Best Dog Treat Bags You Can Buy,” August 2016), and then, after the issue comes out, a brand-new contender in the same product category comes out, and it is even better than our top pick in the review that the ink is still drying on. Argh!

OllyDog Treat Bag Pro

That’s exactly what happened this month with the OllyDog Treat Bag Pro, a product with one very significant improvement on both Ollydog’s older and smaller bag (the Treat Bag Plus) as well as every other treat pouch on the market: A belt that threads through the fabric of the pouch itself, rather than just the plastic clip that is riveted to the bag. On most bags, if the plastic clip on the back of the bag breaks (or breaks off the bag), the bag is rendered useless. On Ollydog’s Treat Bag Pro, even if the plastic clip broke (and it’s less likely that this could even happen, because of the way the clip on this bag is riveted inside the bag), the belt would still work fine. Genius lies in small details!

This bag is also big enough to hold enough treats for more than one dog on a long hike, making it ideal for both professional trainers or people walking with several dogs. And yet, it’s not as unwieldy or as heavy as the next-deepest bag we reviewed (Doggone Good’s Rapid Rewards Pouch). Also, the magnet that closes this main pouch is strong enough to prevent the treats from bouncing out of the bag, even if you run while wearing it – or to prevent a naughty dog schnozz from snuffling its way into the bag, helping himself to treats – but is not so strong as to necessitate the use of two hands in order to get to the treats. Perfect!

OllyDog Treat Bag Pro

In addition, the front pocket is large enough to hold a tennis ball, and the hidden, zippered pocket in the back is large enough to hold a large cell phone. The side mesh pockets on Doggone Good’s bag are too small to hold anything but a clicker or a waste bag or two; just as a test, I jammed my large (Samsung Galaxy S5) phone in the pocket of the Ollydog Treat Bag Pro to see if it could fit; it did, rather snuggly, but quite securely!

At $25, this product is priced among the most expensive in the category, but given its thoughtful features and fine construction, it should last for years.

OllyDog Treat Bag Pro; $25
(800) 655-9364
Magnetic closure. Fastens with belt (maximum 45 inches) or plastic belt clip. Belt has best tactic for attaching the bag to the belt of all bait bags we’ve seen. Main pocket is roomy and deeper than most. Second zippered pocket on back of bag is large enough for a large cell phone. Mesh pockets on sides of bags are large enough to hold clickers, keys, or waste bags; elastic straps at the top of these pockets don’t close the pockets, but provide enough security for most items. Front pocket has hook-and-loop closure and easy-open tab. About 8 by 8 inches. Comes in two solid colors and three colored patterns.


OllyDog’s Other Treat Pouch

OllyDog’s smaller bait bag, the Treat Bag Plus ($17), is very similar to a product that tied for third place in our review last month, the EzyDog Snak Pak Treat Bag. However, both of these products would have been bumped down a notch in our review – tied for fourth – had we included the Ollydog Treat Bag Pro from the get-go. If you wanted a smaller bag with just one compartment, you might still consider it. As for me, now that I have the “Pro” model, I’m not looking back.