5 Things to Do When a Neighbor Complains About Dog Barking

Are neighbors complaining about dog barking? Do NOT get defensive! The following are ways you can peacefully diffuse this potentially hostile situation.


The natural thing to do when a neighbor complains about dog barking is to get defensive. “My dog? Causing a problem? How dare you?!”

Don’t go there. Defensiveness exacerbates hostilities, escalates tension, and encourages your neighbor to make a mountain out of what you perceive to be a molehill. Remember, it’s all about perception, and your neighbor’s perception is his reality. Instead of being defensive, try these things:

1. Listen intently to your neighbor’s complaint.

Unless one of you plans to move, defusing the situation beats all-out war. Set defensiveness aside, and listen to what your neighbor says. Assume there’s some nugget of truth to his complaint. You need to find it, so you can figure out what to do with it. He says your dog barks all the time, underneath his bedroom window, and wakes him up. That may be an exaggeration, but chances are your dog is barking some of the time, especially if you leave her out in the yard, or if she has free backyard access through a doggie-door.

2. Empathize and apologize for your dog barking.

Without admitting guilt, empathize with your complainer. “It must be frustrating to have to listen to barking dogs when you’re trying to sleep.” Be sincere. Tell him you’re sorry he’s being disturbed by barking. Reassure him that you don’t want your dog to be a nuisance, and you want to help find a solution to his concerns. Ask him to bear with you while you work on the problem. Bake him chocolate chip cookies.

3. Investigate your dog’s nuisance behavior.

Ask questions that won’t make your neighbor defensive. “Is there a time when it’s most annoying?” “Are there other dogs that are barking too?” “Other than giving up my dog, what would make you happy?” Set up a video camera or voice-activated tape recorder to document your dog’s activities when you aren’t home. Alternatively, take a day off and watch your own house from a distance, to see what goes on that might make your dog bark. Check the neighborhood to see if there are other dogs whose barking might be blamed on your dog. Ask other neighbors if they hear your dog, and if so, when and how much.

4. Respect all community dog laws.

Make sure your dog is currently licensed, and obey all local animal control laws. Maybe your neighbor is complaining because your dog runs loose and he feels threatened (even though you know your dog is a pussycat), or because you don’t clean up when you take her for walks. Those are legitimate grounds for complaint (as is excessive nuisance barking) even if your dog is a pussycat. You don’t want animal control to find you in violation of anything. Obey leash laws and scoop laws, and respect your neighbor’s discomfort with your dog – don’t let her off-leash even if you’re just walking out to your car. If she runs over to happily greet him, you’ll fuel the fires.

5. Take action to modify your dog’s behavior, and your own behavior.

Make changes to accommodate your neighbor and protect your dog. If his complaint is early-morning noise and she’s barking when you let her out at 6:00 am while you shower, alter your routine. Get up earlier and go out with her. Let her eliminate, then play with her. Keep her quietly occupied rather than leaving her to find her own entertainment. If it’s random throughout-the-day backyard barking while you’re away, bring her in and close the dog door. She doesn’t have to be outside all day. If things get ugly, leaving her out unattended exposes her to great risk from an irate neighbor. If necessary, pay someone to let her out for a noon potty break. If the complaint is about barking even when you are home, behavior modification is in order. (See “Modifying Your Dog’s Barking Behavior“.) If it’s something other than barking, determine how you can modify the situation to mitigate the problem. Some examples:

-Your dog charges the fence. Your neighbor fears for his children’s safety. Make the fence solid, or put up an inner fence so there’s an “airlock” between dog and kids. See, “Solve Fence Aggression with a Better Designed Dog Fence,” for more info on fencing.

-Your dog came over and attacked his dog. You think your dog was just playing, but whatever. Vow that your dog is never off her leash in your neighborhood. Even just walking to your car.

Keep your neighbor informed of your efforts to address his concerns. Document your actions in a journal in case you do have to face animal control. Ask your neighbor to let you know if he sees improvement – and document that. Save receipts for anything you buy to modify your dog’s environment. If you see your neighbor deliberately antagonizing your dog, document that with a video camera. Keep your dog safe. Be considerate. Keep baking chocolate chip cookies.

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WDJ's Training Editor Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, grew up in a family that was blessed with lots of animal companions: dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, goats, and more, and has maintained that model ever since. She spent the first 20 years of her professional life working at the Marin Humane Society in Marin County, California, for most of that time as a humane officer and director of operations. She continually studied the art and science of dog training and behavior during that time, and in 1996, left MHS to start her own training and behavior business, Peaceable Paws. Pat has earned a number of titles from various training organizations, including Certified Behavior Consultant Canine-Knowledge Assessed (CBCC-KA) and Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA). She also founded Peaceable Paws Academies for teaching and credentialing dog training and behavior professionals, who can earn "Pat Miller Certified Trainer" certifications. She and her husband Paul and an ever-changing number of dogs, horses, and other animal companions live on their 80-acre farm in Fairplay, Maryland.


  1. Help. My neighbor has started complaining about my 6 month old Cowboy Corgi.I have a 6 foot stockade fence. This woman has a pool…4 kids… and 3 pitbulls. Its usually full on party music too. My pup barks then runs away. My girl is learning. She doesnt quite understand the barking and the noise. She gets barked at she barks back. What can i do to make this woman understand…..kids scream dogs bark thats life. We are not outside very long. She is becoming very hateful.

    • I have 2 dogs and kids.
      My kids don’t scream and my dogs don’t bark.

      Shut ya dog up or get rid of it and let the kids enjoy their pool in peace next door.
      Just because they have a party now and then (probably once a month) is not the same as your dog barking EVERYDAY

      • “I have 2 dogs and kids.
        My kids don’t scream and my dogs don’t bark.”
        Good job demonstrating you weren’t capable of fully reading the previous comment. Pam’s neighbors have children who scream and three dogs who bark, and clearly they regularly have parties otherwise it wouldn’t be worth describing as “usually full on party music.” A dog barking in reaction to kids yelling or other dogs barking =/= “your dog barking everyday” in response to nothing. Congrats on your kids and your dogs but you’re obviously not her neighbor. Grow up and don’t take your own beef out on someone else with a legitimate issue via making baseless accusations and assumptions.

          • I’m agreeing with the Dog LOVERS! Young kids do scream and get excited fact, dogs do bark fact! Stop waking people up partying or blasting your music, maybe that’s to blame for the Dog barking! Dog’s bark for a reason, that’s how they communicate! You’d soon be grateful to the Dog if it was barking at an intruder or burglars

          • I agree with you that barking is for communication, but the question is, some dogs bark at unnecessary things, when master comes home, when people walks by the road, when stray dogs walk by the yard, they need more training, patience, ther think their territory is the whole world!

          • “comprehension” issues, ironically.
            Dog lovers are the most arrogant people. Most of us are on this particular page because you bought an animal you’re incapable of training, madam.

        • @ “f”
          “””””””Dog lovers are the most arrogant people.””””””””
          And here YOU are calling dog lovers “arrogant people”
          GET REAL you Condescending Hypocritical “arrogant” & Opinionated t***!
          You obviously haven’t a clue about “love” or “dogs” have you …

      • My neighbors dog climbs on the fence and looks and barks at the kid or anytime I open the door to go outside. These dogs are out all day? I plan on talking to them because I want to have a get together in the back yard but don’t want the constant dog peeping over and barking to ruin it. And it’s Rottweiler.(I am sure it can’t be dangerous)

      • Shut up ! Dogs bark . They are allowed to bark when someone gets to close to the house . As long as the dog stops barking when the person passes no harm done . My dogs are absolutely allowed to bark if I had you as a neighbor I would allow them to bark at you a minute or so . If her dog barks on occasion that’s not against the law . My german shepherds bark if someone comes to close to my privacy fence . If I hear my dogs barking more than 30 seconds I go see what the problem is and usually bring them in that’s the responsible thing to do . My dogs are not allowed to bark in morning or after 9 pm not even once that’s being respectful . I feel sorry for your dogs . I don’t complain about the other neighbor dogs barking non stop this is what dogs do 🤦‍♀️

        • I agree. I have a neighbor who sleeps with her windows open 365 days a year. I have lived next door for 10 years. I have always had dogs. They bark. Up until last summer, if I apoligized for my dogs barking, her reply was always, “oh, there no problem, I love dogs” Now if they bark once she yells and screams out the window for them to SHUT UP. I have a fenced in yard that my dogs can no longer enjoy, because I am constantly on edge waiting for a bark. I have purchased anti barking collars, and I yell, “No barking” as soon as they bark. I have 2 little dogs, 10 pounds each, and a 9 month old lab pup. I broke down and purchased a shock collar for my puppy today. I’m sorry, but this is breaking my heart. To the pers Maybe if you on who said to get rid of the dog, shame on you! Dogs are not disposable! Maybe you should be the one to leave. When my husband shot himself a couple of years ago, my dogs licked my tears away. They neighbors reaction? “Oh, that’s just all I need” Never, are you ok can I do anything for you. I will NEVER give up my dogs. I try to be a very good neighbor, no one else in the neighborhood has a problem, just her. She will be carried out on a stretcher before my dogs go anywhere. Sounds harsh. I just had another smal stroke because of the pressure she puts on me.

          • If this lady was fine with your dogs for ten years and now she’s having problems with them, that sounds like a behavioral change for your neighbor, and that could be a result of a health issue. Are there any friends or family members you can talk to? She might need help.

        • Pity everyone doesnt have your attitude I agree with you 100%
          We have dogs on our private property who bark only if someone comes to the door or with excitement if we return after being away for a while they never ever bark at night NEVER and are all kept indoors in our bedrooms and sleep with us I have been down to the environmental section of the council and they reassured me that my dogs barking during the day is not an issue and is actually allowed because of the time and length they are barking at/for …some people just complain as it’s a polished way of bullying and sometimes it can be done to cover up jealousy when they are annoyed over you getting a new car or they see a workman doing some home improvements to your property I’ve been there we had some work being done on our property and our neighbour sent a text to ask if we could hold off on the hammering that he was tired and was going to bed this was at 7:40pm on a summers evening in June the bathroom walls needed to be slabbed before getting plastered the next day even the workman said he was ‘out of order ‘ and questioned his mental stability

          • I wouldnt put a barking devuce on my dog unless she started doing it incessantly, all dogs have times when they bark its their communication, excited, warning you, etc. Maybe they dont like your neighbour, they’ll pick uo on yoyr anxiety over the neighbour too, I have a control freak if a neighbour who used to have a jack russel evety time she went oyt swimming 3times a week it would bark for the whole time she was out. Unfortunately their is practically no sound proofing in our party walls so it sounded really loud, I didnt complain because its not her fault the landlords haven’t done anything about it. However since covid she has become mentally ill from being restricted to home & has started banging on my bedroom wall on the odd occasion my dog barks in the morning (after 7am) to be let out for a pee, so its a short bark not for hours on end. Banging on the wall is totally unacceptable, the problem is with her, she needs help for her mental health, before I movrd here she had made unnecessary exaggerated complaints to the landlord about all three of the previous tenants, her own teenage son constantly woke up the neighbours revving his car up at night & in the early morning, & her own voice was so loud you could hear her in the livingroom. Shecneeds to be rehoused in a bungalow down a long track with only sheep for neighbours 😂

        • There are responsible Dog owners and then there are the others. I am retired and have a Neighbour with a Dog. It barks when people walk by and then it is quiet. Unlike the one next to him. It barks near my back yard, not just for a minute or so but goes on for quiet some time for a couple or so of times a day. I think it comes down to in having consideration and respect for your surrounding neighbourhood. It is Not ok for a Dog to bark encroaching on other peoples
          Piece and quiet. It is Not ok to say that is what Dogs do.

          • thank you. i have no problem with dogs occasionally barking during the day, but my Mexican neighbors have a sheep dog with a deep bark from 12 – 7 am. It is driving me crazy. It gets nearby dogs going too. After it started barking at 3 am continually, my brother drove over there at 5:30 am. The Mexican owner said he owns a farm (only like 3 acres and he got houses all around him) and it’s okay in the country. If it were the city, it’d be different. And the neighbors said they’re okay with it. His wife just sent me a hostile text saying not to come onto their private property at 6 am anymore. i’ve extended as much courtesy as I can, and i need some sleep. I’ll be contacting the neighbors to get the real story, document the barks and actions taken, as well as contacting the police station.

          • You want peace and quit move to the country where there is no people dogs maybe a bear . Dog bark and have a right to be outside in there yard. I have a neighbor who is going to court very soon. HE IS RIDICULOUS.

        • I wish all dog owners were as responsible as you are. A 30 second dog bark is nothing! My problem is my neighbor got his dog and all was well when he was home. Now he has a girlfriend and quite frequently leaves on the weekends. The dog barks on and off at different times of night. Last night it was from 10-11 PM. I’ve heard the dog bark and wake me up at 1:30 AM! It’s a Pitbull so his bark is very loud! I rarely see the tenant, so I’ve left him notes. He seems like a nice person, and I do like his dog. I understand the dog is protecting his domain. But this excessive late-night barking has to stop! Last note I left I told him I’m contacting the landlord! I’ve had enough!

      • Well that was impressively unhelpful, madechi. Sure, your perfect kids and dogs never make noise…..riiiight. Everything else you said after that is dismissed as idiocy, since it’s impossible to get past your first supremely stupid remark. lol

        • I love dogs. I mostly do residential installs and repairs for income..
          …. But then there is those times when I get a house with a dog that doesn’t shut up.. Cannot even have a conversation with the customer without the dog yelling over our voices…
          … or maybe it is the neighbours dog barking for an hour through the fence at me … Barking about nothing..

          Almost 100% of the times this happens , you can bet it is a small dog…
          So then 1 day I changed my modo to… I love dogs, except small dogs…
          Then later I realized that is not fair to the small dogs…
          It’s the dog’s owner that I dislike…
          Customer’s dog is barking every second…. owners might even tell the dog to be quiet… the dog doesn’t listen , cause it thinks it is boss and never had to listen its entire life with consequences… The customer goes to pick up dog, but the dog runs in circles so they can’t…
          It entirely the dumb owners fault for never training the dog as a puppy..

          Yes, dogs bark when someone’s at the door… After the dog sees the owner allow you inside and the dog does his greating (sniffing you) , all barking should stop..

          Other than that, a dog should only bark when a threat or excitement happens,, and again stop seconds later…

          Yes, I agree with RW… Owners don’t deserve to have a dog that hasn’t had 1 minute of attention and training… The owners only taught their dogs to be rude to everyone and everything… Not acceptable. Period.

          HOw about I be your neighbour and yell at you over the backyard fence everytime you try to enjoy your yard ?
          Would you like me ? No? Oh, why not ? By your reply, you should embrace me yelling at you for hours…

      • Maybe we should keep your mouth shut . Locked up and only allowed to pee between the hours of 7 and 10 again ridiculously uncalled for. I am putting up cameras and I will catch my neighbor provoking my dogs. To court we go.

  2. Neighbors are generally assholes…everything they do is OK and everything you do is not. So I say fuck them and ignore it. Dont apologize for your dog. Do what you can but forget about baking cookies, and let them reflect on their own assholeness towards you and the ones you love, including your pup.

    • You are proof of that! People like you are the reason that others act like they do. You think all neighbors are assholes or at least potential assholes so anything goes right? Hopefully someone moves in nextdoor to you and has 4 large outdoor dogs and a small yappy one that they don’t care anything about and leave them outside all day and most of the night and never interact with them. You willsee what a true asshole is.

      • My point was – jerk – that no matter what you do and how considerate you are, most all neighbors will find something to complain about, so an apology tour of the neighborhood is not required, especially in this lady’s situation. What she said in her comment is not reason enough for complaint from her obvious ass-holey neighbor with the loud kids. She should not apologize to her, why should she?
        Before you comment, read the entire thread.

        • Did you hear what you just said? So I happen to be that neighbor that is actually a very kool guy.. I have three kids that are now grown and all but my youngest are on own now.. we’ve lived in this home for 20 years and have never had issues with barking dogs that don’t stop! About four months ago a new person moved into the house next to us and have a dog that they have let out in backyard since day one.. the dog will bark continuously until they let it in. Sometimes for more than ann hour.. x four or five times they let it out, and that’s just about the whole day.. This has eliminated the enjoyment of outdoor activities for my family. We own two dogs of our own that go outside on a regular basis and do not bark. This is because I taught them not to.. my first move was to call the police and make a noise complaint. Only because I know all to well that me going over and talking to them about it is the wrong choice because years back I had done so. Only to be met with an asshole like yourself that got all defensive and started cussing me out.. So anyways I’ve called the police a dozen times with no effect. My local animal control does not deal with noise complaints, they are the ones who told me call the police. I don’t hate dogs.. I’ve had dogs my whole life. But I’m definitely not going to lay down and let this ignorant person keep me indoors. Anyone who thinks approaching an owner of an annoying dog next door… Don’t!! My next step will be to find the landlord of the “TEENAGERS” that are renting it . If that don’t work I will be having a small claims court case in the near future.. I should be allowed to enjoy my property without being annoyed by an animal that does nothing but bark…

          • How did you teach your dogs not to bark? Seriously. I have a neighbor who has singled out my dog from among many in the neighborhood as the sole cause of her unhappiness. We have a fenced yard and all the other neighbors just turn their dogs loose and they come up to our fence and bark at our German Shepherd and she barks back. I’ve consulted with trainers who had no solutions and I refuse to strap a shock collar on her or have her voice box cut out like some people do. I would love to know how you did it.

          • Exactly if my neighbors complained about my dog/s or kid/s. I would immediately address the issue no questions asked. Ppl who think that neighbors who complain are just complainers are truly ill mannered ppl. Excessive dogs barking for hours is so nerve racking like I never would have believed. I have a neighbor who moved in 2 years ago and their dogs bark for 3-4 hrs a day sometimes the whole day non stop. I would have never believed dogs could bark for that long at a time unless I experienced it. You can’t use the phone without it in the background, watch tv, eat a meal, talk with your family or friends ect. It is a 247 nuisance in your ear all day and really takes it toll. And on top of that they are the type that play loud music partying from 5 pm until 2 am with music as loud as a club thurs-Sun. Finally a notice went out to them from the owner and the extreme loud music stopped but the dogs haven’t. I can’t think of any other word for these ppl other than barbaric. The kind that when you approach them nicely about the complaint they want to fight. As I said if it were me being complained about my dog or kid. I would take immediate action because I am a f person with manners and respect for others peace period.

          • Jesus you are insane. No one is keeping you from enjoying your yard. You can still be in your yard, you just have to suck it up and deal with some annoying barking. You are being a selfish, pussy. You don’t own the neighborhood and if you aren’t threatened, then you shouldn’t be calling the cops. The court system has better things to do then dogs barking. You clearly have way too much free time and are insanely controlling.

          • You are anything but “that Kool guy” .There is always a reason for a Dog to bark. If you thought your dogs then politely ask your neighbor if you can do the same or teach her how to deal with her dog. I know people like you, selfish and crazy that think they are perfect and there is no flaw in their act. Wake up man, it is just a little dog no one died because a dog barked.

          • Yeah I see your side but what if those “teenagers” don’t have parents so they had to get a cheap place at a young age so they could afford to keep their dogs that they love dearly even though they bark because they have anxiety when their away from their owners but the teenagers have to work two jobs to keep afloat and the dogs cant be inside the whole day. Also they both have PTSD because of traumatic events during childhood so they emotional need the dogs. Are you going to call the cops on them so they’re dogs are taken away or they are evicted so you can go outside noise free? Or did you forget there are people who dont have it as good as you and might suffer greatly because of YOUR actions? Not disagreeing w you but there are two sides to every story so please yes take 2 fucking mins to talk to your neighbors first at least jesus.

          • Everything you’ve said is true. I have neighbors who let their dog out at 6-6:30 a.m. on a regular basis. They just open their door, enjoying the morning pre-sunrise, and allow their dog to bark on their lanai. Of course it wakes me right up, given the fact that my bedroom windows are only feet away from the direct barking. I made the mistake of addressing it with the man of the house today when I took my dog outside, and he got very defensive, and told me to “shut up.” He also gaslighted me, and tried to tell me that my other dog , whom was INSIDE and only barking for the duration of taking my other dog out due to separation anxiety, was barking and not allowing someone in the house to sleep at that moment…work hours blah, blah, blah. This was at normal afternoon hours, and my doors, windows shut; he tried to say it was the same thing as his dog barking at six in the morning, outside, directly at my bedroom. Yes, I can hear when their dogs bark when locked inside the house, but it is nothing compared to the noise level of his dog barking outside. I can easily sleep through that and would never even notice the slight noise from inside. I told him that I will likely take it up with the authorities, etc. Nothing surprises me about the depth of peoples’ sociopathy and complete disregard for others these days. I immediately hush my dogs up if they start any nuisance barking, even during day hours when reasonable noise is allowed, i.e. mowing, normal dog barking, etc. I even stopped allowing my own dogs out onto the lanai, during normal day hours, because they were barking out of boredom. This was a couple of years ago and before these jerks moved in, and I did it without anyone having to ask me or complain, but because I could empathize with others and didn’t want to disturb their peace. I have enough problems and stress in my life to deal with, and don’t want to have a war with a-hole neighbors; I just want to sleep in the very early hours of the morning.

        • I am in similar situation, my German Shepherd is barking a lot and I am sick of my neighbors complaining about my dog. I don’t know what to do, I did all the training and yet my dog is barking a lot. My dog is amazing dog, looks damn aggressive and protective but he will not bite or attack anyone. Loves to play with kids. And understands the basic commands. But for god sake it’s a German Shepherd that is so strong and active. I will try to do what is possible, but I am still not so sure on what I could do, should I give up my dog? I have 1300 square meter garden that my dog is running around. Or should I really tell my neighbors to fk off? I don’t know what to do also.

          • So your neighbors are wrong because your dog can’t stop barking? You’re sick of your neighbors complaining? How about your neighbors must be sick of your dog. Look, just because you think your dog is an “amazing dog” and looks “damn aggressive” doesn’t mean your neighbors feel that way.
            Did you get your dog only for the looks? Do you spend proper time and give that dog breed the proper exercise and attention it needs so it’s not barking so much? That breed has a loud bark. Surely you knew that about the breed before You decided to own one. Be a responsible owner and care for it properly. So it doesn’t bark so much. The neighbors have a right to peace too.

          • Buy a f muzzle for when you’re gone or a bark collar. The bark collar will train him not to bark how do you not understand how nerve racking excessive dog barking is.

          • When it barks, squirt it with the house. It will take time so don’t get lazy and keep on it.

            It is important that you try and do this every-time.
            I had a kelpie that was very vocal, as far as I know no neighbours were upset but she was pissing me off.
            Everytime she barked I squirted her with the house, it worked within a month. Years later on average she barks for 5 seconds a week.

          • HOSE… God why does it always come out as house..
            No don’t squirt it with a house, that would be bad, use the garden hose.


          • I am in the same boat one of my neighbours has complained multiple times about our German Shepard barking. She claims he does it all day every day, we have security cameras and can confirm that it isn’t all day she even complained about him barking all day while I was working from home due to covid for 2 months which was a lie because I was home everyday except maybe an hour doing deliveries and he was inside with me, but there are times now that I am back at work that he does bark and it is for a few minutes at a time but it is only ever when the neighbours are in their back yard. He does not bark at the other neighbours on the other side ever as I have asked them and they said they never even hear him, the other neighbours in the complex have also said the only time they hear him is when a delivery van comes up the driveway of the complex. I don’t really know what to do because he only does it when we aren’t there. I am getting a barking collar to see if that will deter him and am going to introduce him to the neighbours to see if he will be relaxed enough knowing that it is them and he has met them before. He has lived with us for 2 years now and it has only been this year that he has started barking at them so I don’t what has changed besides them using their back yard more and that they have a wallaby in their yard.

        • I have to agree. I have two dogs in a condo. My dogs can be quiet for hours on end during the day – generally they sleep alot. When I am home, they bark when they play together, you know a fun playful bark. Sometimes they bark at me when their water bowl is empty. A couple of months ago my neighbor started pounding on the wall because he heard my dog bark . What he didn’t know was that I burned something in the oven and the fire alarm went off, the dogs were scared. HIs pounding scare them more and they barked in a panic. After I got them I calme down I went to talk to the neighbor, he yelled at me told me that this was a quiet development and that it should be quiet 24 hours a day. I said uh no, first of all dogs bark sometimes, second my dogs only bark in a few instances, they hear a delivery at a door by me, they bark for about two seconds, they sometimes bark when they are playing together.. and sometimes they bark when their food bowl is empty,he interrupted me and told me he didn’t care. He told me that he had called the police and our home owners association and both of them told him there was nothing he could do. I just left, clearly he did not want to work at a solution. Two weeks pass. My dogs are at my feet, I am working from home due to Corona virus, virtual work. It is 10:30 in the morning they start playing and bark a couple of playful barks. He starts pounding on wall about 16 pounds , loud, vibrating the wall. I call the police. The officer tells me that he cant do anything but that the neighbors behavior is harasment and I can file a anti harasment order against him. I don’t want to be that kind of asshole, but I don’t want my dogs to get taken away either. It is bullshit. My dogs right this minute are quietly sitting with me on the couch. They have been quiet for hours. Being home has allowed me to see them all day and they have been great. They are dogs, Dogs bark. Our development allows dogs . There are children here…. wanting it to be quiet for 24 hours a day is not realistic. He is a bully and gets off on trying to make trouble.

        • I completely agree , there is dog etiquette. When you have a neighbor punching your fence and yelling of course your dogs are going to go crazy at them . The neighbor can escalate the problem . As soon as I hear my dogs barking after 15 to 30 seconds I go see what’s wrong and usually bring them in . I always respect my neighbors and do everything that I can not to disturb or let my dogs disturb . Sometimes you just live next to an asshole neighbor who doesn’t work and drinks all day and he is annoyed that when I let my dogs out in morning his two dogs bark in the house because they have no yard so they let them shit and piss in his dining room and then gets child protective service comes in for the shit and piss and maggots in his kitchen sink then he wants to bitch because I just open my back door to let the dogs out and they didn’t even bark but his own dogs hear and start barking and wake him up .

      • God it’s so true ppl who think kids scream and dogs bark are the true assholes. If you live in an apt building and kids scream all day outside and dogs bark all day. That can really bring on stress even the kind that manifests into physical ones. Ppl who are responsible for their kids behavior and loudness other their dogs who bark hours on end. Are ppl who respect themselves, others and are courtesy neighbors. I have a small dog and I trained her not to bark excessively. Now she only barks if someone knocks on the door. New neighbors that moved in have 2 dogs that bark hours on end and I am not exaggerating. I’m talking about 3-4 hours at a time something must be mentally wrong with the dogs. I’ve never experienced this and can’t believe how long a dog can bark for. All the neighbors in the building are complaining it’s so nerve racking omg. The owner has sent them a letter but they refuse to muzzle them or a bark collar when they leave. I am a complete dog lover but this is too much it’s literally affecting my mental state. To make sure I wasn’t exaggerating for being a complainer. I knocked on 10 of my neighbors doors to ask if it was affecting them. Very last one of them said. “Omg I can’t take it it’s driving me crazy.” Again I’m not exaggerating when I say hours at a time. I know kids scream and dogs bark but there has to be a limit and respect for neighbors. I trained my dog not to bark and I trained my kid to keep a light tone when playing outside. I mean there are retired elders in apartments, disabled ppl ect. They are also the type of neighbors who blast music 3-4 days a week as loud as a club. Basically the kind of nightmare neighbors you hope never move in. For anyone who thinks like the above commenter. I hope a neighbors moves in with dogs who bark 3-4 hrs at a time. I mean a few mins here and there or even 30 mins is one thing, but f 3-4 hrs at a time sometimes it’s been all day. And then these kind of ill mannered ppl that live in apt buildings are the true assholessssssss. We all have a duty and obligation to teach our dogs not to bark excessively and to teach our kids not to scream for hours at a time.

          • Make sure no dogs are allowed before, moving in if it is so much of a bother to have barking dogs and noisy kids.. Or Yes, move else where…

          • Why should people move because of your barking dogs Danielle? Do you own the street? Do you bark at people, and they have to go through the stress and expense of moving home?

            Sociopathic barking dog owners. Scum of society.

          • You really aren’t very bright. In fact you are incredibly stupid. You far surpass mere ignorance, as you have a very twisted sense of logic. Actually, You have no logic, you are not logical in any way, which makes you completely Illogical.

          • So we should move because of lazy dog owners?? I should scream over my neighbors fence over and over at them to see how they like it…scream at them every day for hours..sometimes in the middle of the night. That’s what their dogs do..BARK..BARK..BARK..BARK..BARK..BARK….repeat.. Or maybe I should play heavy metal music really loud….every fking day..to see how they like being annoyed. But I wouldn’t because I have consideration for my neighbors..unlike the lazy ass dog owners..like Danielle.

          • You’re the arrogant idiot Danielle! People need to do something about their dogs barking incessantly! Be respectful of other’s peace and quiet.

    • I agree…neighbors suck. People for some reason have forgotten that the world doesn’t revovle around them. You are always going to have neighbors with dogs or kids that irritate you, and you kind of have to suck it up and deal with it. I hate to break it to the world of complainers, but the shit you do annoys other people too! If you want to be able to do what you like then you need to let others live the way they want too. There are worse things in life then barking dogs. People have way too much time on their hands.

        • 😂😂😂😂 firstly I can tell you haven’t been to a 3rd world country because please let me know how you THINK a third world country is and I will prove you wrong . If you don’t like dogs don’t get one but if your neighbor has one and is barking on occasion not excessively than you are the one with the problem not your neighbor .

      • I meant my response to be for why are people so controlling and intolerant…. thank you , you are right on.

        Phil the fact is that there are all kinds of noises in communities, Kids playing ball , basket ball thump thump thump, young adults that play music and come home late creating noise in a small community, cars that make noise, delivery services, yard maintenance workers…. children crying. To pick on dogs is BS. People who live in small communities need to be tolerant. Maybe an approach to this could be a simple and understanding conversation instead of a rally of all the police and neighbors one can get to listen to their complaint. People who don’t try to talk it out show there true colors. They just want and thrive on conflict, they are bullies and their intent is to control poeple. F them.

      • The above comment was directed at Danielle, who feels entitled to make her neighbours life hell, with her neighbours by having an animal bark at them.

        How would you like it if someone bombarded you with 90db+ of noise, everytime you went in your garden Danielle? How would you like it if your kids couldn’t sleep before school, your baby couldn’t nap because some scum want to have a barking animal? You wouldn’t, would you.

        Always the same with sociopath dog owners, fuck the world, fuck people’s sleep, fuck the neighborhood.

        Then you complain when someone has had enough and takes matters in their own hands.

      • Agree with Phil 100% and I’m a huge dog lover. Unfortunately, there are horrible dog owners out there who never walk their dog or interact with them..so they bark…non-stop out of boredom and frustration. My neighbors NEVER walk their 2 dogs and I get to be woken up from them with their piercing loud bark almost every night..sometimes between 2-4 am. Many other neighbors have dogs and they walk them and socialize them often..guess what? Those dogs rarely bark.. I’m selling this house (which I love btw) but hate the horrible, irresponsible dog owners that live behind me. ..those dogs are so loud, I can hear them through noise cancelling headphones. THanks assholes!!

  3. Pam, I just experienced the same thing today with my neighbor. I recently got a new best friend (9 month miniature poodle) she barely barks & I heard my neighbor (that has loud teenagers, two non-stop barking dogs) telling my dog “Shut the F*** **Dog”… Yikes
    I was ready to go kick ass… yet I relaxed & I sent her a text stating “I’m sorry, if my new puppy that’s in training & barking disturbed you but she is gated in our courtyard & has a 30 minute playtime. It was only 4pm Ca.

    Bottom line, we don’t owe anyone an apology. Live life Stress Free.

    My Puppy Is A legit, Legit, Service Dog!!!

    My neighbor doesn’t understand my medical issues & she is stressing me out more then she will ever know.

    God Bless

      • CGR seems like a fking as hol, dog owners are doing their best to be patient with as hol neighbors. It is our land and house. We are doing our best to train our dogs. Dogs are living thing, people like us are protecting the animals and providing care. Isolated cunts like you, are the ones destroy the lives of animals. Try to care for other living things before trolling.

        • You ever f wondered why pet muzzles and bark collars were f invented. It’s for dogs who are such excessive barkers it disturbs the peace. If it were my dog being complained about I would slap a muzzle or bark collar on them quick. Neighbors with excessive dog barkers make excuses about their lazy training. Let a dog who barks excessively move in next to you and watch you sing a different tune. What is it about ppl who think like you and don’t train their dogs or kids. Instead of get mad at neighbors who’s peace is being disturbed address it.

      • EXACTLY why don’t these ppl get it. I have a Maltipoo big dog lover and I trained her not to bark and trained my kid not to scream. These ppl that think like this are ill mannered and don’t get ppl are entitled to peace. There is such a thing as disturbing the peace. Why do these ppl get offended by something they should know should be done. These are the types that let the f dog bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark and never ever say quite. Moment my dog barks I shhhh her and she knows. Just like with kids you train them ASAP when young. Well moment you get a f dog you start training them ASAP. Or as time goes on they get adjusted to never being told no by the owner or if it’s a kid by the parent wtf ppl.

  4. How about keeping your dogs quiet? What a concept! Would you put up with your neighbor playing loud music at intervals all day and night? And to the one person that says all neighbors are assholes? Nothing tops Asshole like a lazy dog owner that thinks everyone should have to put up with their barking dogs. People have a right to peace and quiet in their own home. Put the barking flea bags inside so they can annoy you and not your neighbors, have some damn respect for others.

    • My dogs don’t sit outside barking, you damn troll. They are trained German Shepherds. Obviously you are a dog HATER. Dogs BARK. Kids scream. If you can’t take it (living in a community with kids and dogs), move to a desolate atoll in the Pacific, and stick a pencil eraser in your ears.

      • You are an asshole.. People like you with no common sense are the ones who shouldn’t be allowed to own animals.. I have two dogs of my own.. But I will be god damned if I’m going to try and enjoy my backyard with a dog barking non stop . Fuck your thinking tough guy.. I’m assuming you don’t have a neighbor with a dog that does not shut up… until you do….. kindly mind your own business.. If you had a dog next door that wouldn’t shut up? You’d know it is most annoying…. Fu very much

        • Excessive barking is one thing but if a neighbor bitches from less then 10 minutes barking and not incessantly never later than 10 pm your neighbor is an asshole! I have a 7 month old pup who is in the process of being trained and always attended to but my neighbor sees it fit to yell at my puppy when I’m not there. I’ll be on my way out to get him but by then my cowardly neighbor will never say anything while I’m around. If he was a man he would call me. Stop your whining ppl.

          • Yea but then ya have it bark 10 minutes in the morning then 10 minutes before lunch, then 10 minutes after that then bla bla…. Ends up adding up, and it turns into barking on and off throughout the day, your 10 minutes easily adds up to hours.
            Beside the point, shouldn’t be barking for anywhere near 10 minutes! I know when my flea bag barks for more then a few seconds I go see what the problem is, she will get growled at if it was barking at a neighbour and if she does it again she gets the hose. Reason why I don’t let it go on is because its extremely loud and people enjoying the peace don’t need to hear 10 minutes of that god awful noise

          • At Michael (not Steve): If you think occasional bouts of 10 minute barking are “excessive” and your first inclination is to refer to your dog as a “fleabag” then you are A. a pussy and B. should not own pets.

      • TR
        That’s really responsible. Just because people can’t stand barking annoying dogs doesn’t mean they are dog haters. It’s your responsibility of a dog owner to care for them properly. Don’t allow them to bark and annoy everyone. Not everyone thinks it’s cute!

        • That is an ignorant statement. Dogs bark that is what they do. Now lets be rationale and understand we all know that barking for Hours , literally ( if that is true) is probably a problem, maybe the dog is scared? maybe someone is provoking it, maybe it is getting used to being home alone. Most , healthy, well cared for dogs don’t bark for hours. That is a fact.

          Dogs have normal happy barks that are reasonable — sometimes when dogs play – they bark, sometimes they bark if they are thirsty or hungry and their owner forgot to fill the bowls. Sometimes they bark because they hear people approaching their door , and in an apt or condo complex this could be multiple times a day.

          As long as the barking is not on going for more than 10-15 minutes at a time, or at night for long periods at night, I would say tolerance and just normal human kindness is in order.

          People have to be reasonable, just like children dogs do make noise from time to time. No one is promised 24 hours a day of quiet ,that is insane and unreasonable. If that is what you want you need to move somewhere with lots of property.

          • Dogs barking is way way louder then children playing.
            For example a dog barking 10 houses away we can hear inside our house with all our doors and windows shut. When family members bring their children to our house and they play on our front we can barely hear them and thats with our windows open.
            Thing is, if my children playing are being to loud I would be a responsible human and control them.

            I also think its crap when dog people use the excuse about children playing compared to dogs barking. Dogs are just ANIMALS! They are not as important as a real human child and if you really do see your dog as your children and yet you still let it howl and bark says a lot about your parenting skills.

      • I would just ignore these whiny people . As long as a dog is not excessively barking and are not unattended while you are gone from the house they will have to deal with it I’m afraid . Funny when my neighbor started on his drunk rampage all my other neighbors came to my defense and he started screaming to them . I called the police and they made a report . I got him on video hitting my fence and when he started his drunk rampage of course my dogs started really going insane trying to protect . Then the neighbors came out and started yelling at him and he was telling them to suck his alcoholic dick ! It wasn’t because my dogs barked occasionally it was because his dogs would know when I let my dogs out I don’t know how perhaps the door closing and his dogs would start barking in his house and he couldn’t stop them . Hypocrisy is all through USA . Now I made my first call to police and will record my dogs not barking and his dogs barking anyway and sue him .

    • Exactlyyyyyyyyy what is it with these kinds of ppl that don’t understand disturbing the peace and that ppl are entitled to it. The humane society told me they would send an application for me to fill out. My neighbors who dogs bark no exaggeration 3-4 hrs at a time sometimes all f day. After the 2 letters are sent to the neighbors if problem not addressed. They send a 3rd letter and if problem still isn’t addressed. Then they come with the police and remove the dogs from the residence. I don’t know what world most of these ill mannered ppl live in. But disturbing the peace can be addressed by law. If they would start training the dogs moment they get them. Then the issue wouldn’t get out of hand I’m sure they wait until after months or even years having them. Actually they don’t bother to think of f training them until they get that complaint idiots. And this is coming from a dog lover and dog owner. 🙄

  5. I moved into a upper middle class culdsac & had a neighbor who kept their small yappy dog outside 24/7 & alls it ever did was bark bark bark.. ! most likey for stress & attension it never got, i feel dog owners if your going to have a dog you should treat it like it was your child not a piece of disposible property to keep locked up outside… there is a place in HELL for dumb ass pet owner who neglect taking care of things in life there pets their children their property.. etc etc… i nicely asked these people at least 4 times to please keep their dog quiet but they ignored my request i had to move away after owning house for only 2.5 months lucky i was able to sell my home emediatly.. it was a very nice home… i bought a 2nd home out in the country no stinking loser trailer trash neigbors to deal with now… I don’t even care for people any longer anymores… i believe in KARMA & people deserve what they get the bad ones deserve nothing….

  6. I have to English bulldog’s that are very sweet in nature. They are inside dogs and the only time they’re allowed outside is to relieve themselves. On the other side of the fence happens to be 3 dogs who stay outside 24/7 and unfortunately when my dogs are out and their dogs are out they all charge the fence. 3rd party neighbor complains and now I have the citation. Feedback?

    • Talk to your HOA or whomever cited you, and have the citation dismissed. It is baseless if dogs are allowed in the neighborhood and especially if you have your dog behind a fence. The person who leaves dogs outside 24/7 should be cited for animal neglect. Call the ASPCA or your local animal control authority.

  7. Wait for an opportunity for the dog to be out and shoot it dead. Your neighbor cares nothing for your peace of mind and is killing you in increments too minor to be considered a crime. You indeed MAY shoot a loose dog. Or just move away like KCW had to. The poor home owner who had to give up a home for peace of mind from low-life’s and endless barking. As for TR, you are beneath contempt and likely on parole. Hopefully, they get you back soon.

      • Well Steve, humans generally don’t stand in their garden screaming at 90db at 3am. If they did, the police would have a word.

        So if little barking poodle pumpkins is a human in your eyes, perhaps you should make sure he isn’t a menace to society.

      • no, it is not a stupid comment having lived through it and now permantly have a lovely auto-immune disorder – or x or y or z poor health condition. that is what happens when you miss years of sleep and it is well-documented

        also – then all that leads to weight gain

        and lots of pharmaceutical consumption to cope with all the loud jerks around you who won’t recognize another’s right to peace

      • my youngish neighbor had a massive stroke in her yard right next to the barking dogs she had been forced to listen to for years and would not speak up about. she had to relearn everything.

        YEP I BLAME THE DOG PEOPLE (not the dogs – they could not help being with the idiot humans that refused to train them and let them be in the yard 12 hours a day)

        I have moved – no point – evil humans like that don’t change

    • TR the police officer, people are sick of being kept awake at night and the law not doing anything about it. Spoke to someone recently who’s newly born baby couldn’t sleep, because of a barking dog.

      Authorities didn’t care, the owner continued. A barking dog more important than a sleeping, human baby. When people get driven mad and the law won’t help, they start to do crazy things.

      How’d you react, if someone kept your baby awake?

    • oops, I ordered a device on sale on the net, you mount it on your roof they say, infrared, autonomous, some sort of noise deterrent, computer driven, it warns 3 times, if no improvement it then shoots little balls of paper at the culprit saying all sorts of insults.” asshole”,” shut up”,” c..t”, I guess if a dog is aimed at, the owner can read and translate to the dog, noisy cars, bikes are targeted too, but the device is too slow unfortunately, and they recon it s useless, these people can t read anyway, they re working on a new device with sound and written words projected on surfaces saying ”please respect ur neighbourhood, thanks for being considerate”, if no improvement, it shoots 16 caliber bullets, maybe by that time the laws protecting uncouth , inconsiderate people and their noise making things, will be void, fingers crossed they say on the advertisement, one of my friends highly doubt they ll succeed, for there s always gonna be a market, business, money, gst, made out of these purposeless self titled good people he says…far out! I didn’t t think about that! I ll try to set a trend that makes it cool to own flies as pets, big blue ones attracted by poo… not saying that people are full of it, at all! imagine, it ll be buzzing in the neighbourhood! disclaimer: in some countries they put honey on their geni….and have their pets …it s getting rough, forget the last sentence. peace and love,, wherever furry end it comes from…

  8. I am with Just Sayin,,, ,,, kids yelling and dogs barking just deal with it ??? really ??? that does not make for a good neighborhood. I too had a dog for years and worked very hard to control her barking,, i paid attention to her barks and learned her language,, why she was barking and at what. I just earned the right to retire,, and all i have wanted to do for 40+ years of working is sleep in,, no alarm clocks,, no having to go to bed at a set time to get to work ,, enter the new neighbors with 2 kids (which are quiet but play out front at times) and the endless barking dog from hell,,, REALLY ?? I JUST RETIRED AND WANT TO SLEEP IN ,,,, i called the police who told me to call the humane society who told me they would send a letter if this was the first complaint ,, they would send a real person if there were mutliple complaints,,,,, what a waste i thought ,, they would probably just throw the letter away thinking it junk mail like most people do… anyway ,, i figured ok,, im going out of town for a week we’ll see what its like when i get back. (mind you i patiently waited 6 months for them to do something about this dog),, anyway i came back home and guess what,, NOTHING,, they did absolutely nothing about it,, so a couple times (maybe i had a little wine) i screamed at their dog to shut up ,, (hopefully they think im just a crazy lady)… still nothing,,, here is what i have done 1st i spent 45$ on a battery anti barking device that looks like a bird house i put in my tree,, it senses the dogs bark and emits a high frequency people cant hear but annoys the dog,,, hmmm well,,, worked pretty darn good,, i would say it cut the barking down by about 50% still not enough for me though ,, so upgrade to 200$ model,,, i just put it in the tree.. If your defending the dog owner dont,, thats totally unfair to all the other nieghbors,,, i litterally had been sleeping with ear plugs in my ears and in the morning that didnt even help i had to put noise cancelling headphones over myh ears that already had ear plugs in them to be able to sleep through its high pitched crazy making barking…. be persistant,,, file a law suit if you have to video tape the behavior whatever it takes dog owners MUST BE RESPONSIBLE,,, I WAS

  9. So, I am curious, as a dog owner, I do have a barky dog. My neighbor hates me with a passion. I get it, I would hate me too. They bark when were not home it seems. We have lots of company, they bark. Yet not at night ever. And no 6am barking either. We’ve had training, bark collars, shock collars, double fence, treats when she stops barking, keep them in in evenings. She is a catahoula. It’s frustrating. My neighbor wanted to have my dog’s voice box removed. She never barks more then 20 min in a row. people are always walking dogs and that gets her going. I don’t know what to do to not get sued. Yet my neighbor says I have done absolutely nothing and plans to sue me over it. They don’t work, don’t have air conditioning..perfect storm. please, not looking to be bashed. really asking for some alternatives I might not have done.

      • My parents have a similar situation. Their dog is only about 2 yo and is still very cute 🙂 she is also a mixed dog that needs to run a lot. She is still young enough to get into mischief though so thats why she has to stay outside when someone isn’t there with her. Both my parents work full time jobs so playtime is usually afterwards. She doesnt really bark in the house and she sleeps inside at night so she’s only usually out sometime between 7-8 am till evening. My parents have tried training and treats, the vibrating collars, and the emitters for when she barks. She still barks though it depends on the day for how long. Sometimes its a few 2 min back and forth barking in the neighborhood and sometimes she barks for 15 min. But its usually when no one is home. My parents have tried so much but now they might be getting a fine because one neighbor keeps calling. I’m sorry that she needs to do this but I just don’t know what else I should suggest to my parents. I do know that someone suggested that they remove the dogs voice box but my dog does alert us to potential dangers there was one point that she reacted a mountain lion that had come into our neighborhood and let us know through her reactions (alerting and protecting) while she was in the house. To my parents she is part of the family and it feels cruel to take away her voice.

  10. I took my puppy from a dog foster home about a year ago. I love him to bits; he has a great personality, and I feel that he loves our family so much, but he barks A LOT… So, leaving home is always a challenge for us. My husband and I were thinking about taking him to ‘doggy school’, but then again, it’s extremely expensive, and the nearest ‘doggy school’ is far away from us. Maybe you have some advice? THANK YOU!!!

  11. My nieghbor across the street has an annoying loud agressive mut that barks at everything all day including me if it sees me doing anything. I have an Australian shepherd that only barks at something that is a threat like strangers coming onto the property. When she barks I go take a look. But what good is a dog that barks all the time. The nieghbor said it’s my fault because I once went to his house and told him he had a prowler on his property so thats why he got the dog. No logic there blaming me. If you ask me it’s not the dog disturbing the peace; it’s the human nieghbor doing it. He figures since he has lived in his house twenty years before I came along across the street well then he has rights and can do no wrong. I just say: Need my help sometime pal, you won’t get it.

  12. After reading all of the comments about people who have dogs and think it’s “ok” for them to bark all the time is ridiculous. Dogs are wonderful creatures however please understand that nobody wants to listen to your dog bark for hours on end the same way nobody wants to listen to a crazy person scream on a bus or train the whole 3-hour ride. At least you can get off and take a quiet cab the rest of the way. At home, it’s not that easy.

    You’re responsible for your dog and the noise it makes.

    If it’s you with the barking dog then try to keep it quiet and don’t use the excuse “that’s what dogs do”. Would you blow an air horn in Church or Class and say “well, airhorns are loud” when people get annoyed.

    Dogs don’t help with break-ins at all. Look on youtube at what dogs really do when an intruder comes in. They run scared or don’t do anything at all.

    I agree that shock collars and muzzles are not nice. There are vibrating bark collars that really work and don’t hurt the dog. If it’s you with the barking dog the least you can do is call them inside where only you will be disturbed with the incessant barking. Pets need supervision and training.

    • I agree 100% – I read excuses from too many owners of barking dogs here defending their inability to manage their dogs. You’re the owner, guess what, it’s your responsibility as the dog owner to find a solution, not the responsibility of all the neighbors you’re offending. They didn’t ask to be exposed to this nightmare. If you don’t think it’s that bad, then you’ve grown used to the barking. Stop making excuses for the barking and truly be a responsible dog owner. And it’s not the dog’s fault, so don’t blame the dog. They have probably received little to no training. And stop being selfish to think your dog’s barking is just what dogs do and others just need to understand. No, they don’t. Have some empathy and consideration for your neighbors. There are many beneficial online resources, trainers, products, and common sense solutions that will help you deal with your barking dog. Stop ignoring the problem, take responsibility, and find a corrective solution for the issue.

  13. I appreciate this post. All the fighting everyone else is doing kept me from going over to my neighbors house at 5am and knocking on her door. I have anxiety and do not like controversy but this morning I was ready to put it aside because I couldn’t take it anymore.

    Probably 3-4 days out of the week I am woke up by their dog. I have lived here almost 2 years and it’s been building up since.

    I got a puppy a year ago, she doesn’t bark, except when she hears other dogs barking, so mornings at 5am are a fun time for me after I’ve been worked a 12 hour shift at the hospital.

    I’m not an asshole. Not all of the people who are frustrated by barking are assholes. Some of them may be. But some of them might just have had enough.

    • Amen. We are not an agrarian society who gets woken up at the crack of dawn by a crowing rooster – or a barking dog.

      I live in a very densely populated apartment complex and the neighbors think nothing of bringing their dogs out to bark and play at 5:30 am. They wake up the entire neighborhood.

      There is also currently a coronavirus epidemic in NYC where I live. There is a hospital nearby and many Drs, nurses and other hospital employees live here. Lots of people work swing shifts around here too.

      The sound of your barking dog is not music to anybody’s ear at this time.

      There are quiet lots and non residential areas a few blocks away where your dog can bark without disturbing others.

      Too lazy to walk there? Then don’t be surprised if the neighbor gets angry.

      3 days in a row same neighbor tosses a ball under my window at 6 am. I politely asked the security guard to have a word with him and the man walked away.

      However he learned nothing and continued to bring his barking dog there.

      So this morning I went out and gave him a piece of my mind. He said that it was not him, that’s the first he heard of it, etc.

      Believe me, if your neighbor comes out in their pajamas and tells you to keep your dog quiet, you are disturbing them, whatever the hour.

      Take your dog away from the building. People who play catch with their barking pets in the predawn hours under their neighbors’ windows are lazy and inconsiderate.

      Take your dog elsewhere to bark. We have a wide riverfront park about a quarter of a mile away. Your dog can use the exercise and so can you.

      Especially during coronavirus people are cooped up, they may be working from home, educating their kids at home, recovering from illness at home.

      What kind of person wears a mask to protect themselves from coronavirus but disturbs all the neighbors with their barking dog?Not one who really has any idea what is actually going on around them.

  14. Barking dogs belong in third world countries, along with feces on the street.

    If you don’t have the basic empathy and consideration, to not keep your neighbors awake with an animal, best you move to a third world country.

    Otherwise, people will complain and eventually take you to court. This is a human society, not a kennel.

    • I agree. I bought a house for some peace And quiet; large lot, only one neighbor near me. I have a disabled son who needs rest. Our neighbors moved in around the same time and put a pool practically on the property line. Every time their children swim, their dog constantly barks. I kindly asked if there was something wrong Because the dog actually sounds distressed,and They said the dog was protective of the kids in the pool. I told him I understood that if they could please train the dog we would appreciate it. It honestly sounds like the dog is in our house barking. I think everyone on this thread is talking about excessive barking not the occasional bark or playful bark/ yip. Working from home, my colleagues actually commented on the dog barking outside. Maybe it’s the acoustics of our houses and the proximity but I’m going to buy an ultrasonic machine that I meant to sound every time the dog barks. Seems to be the only way to solve the issue. Any way I think my neighbors are very nice,but they are very lenient with everything and that includes the dog! I wish I didn’t feel my blood pressure rise after 15 minutes of constant yipping, I actually thought of moving even now I just finished unpacking

  15. When we moved into our home the 3 neighbors had dogs who barked at each other, people and those who walked by. Our dogs weren’t the barking type, we did have a dog who would bark every once in a while but she didn’t like to be outside. One particular neighbor her dogs were involved in a fence fight and they blamed the other neighbor’s dog. That dog was put down. Now we have a dog who likes to be outdoors. The dog has started barking and engaging with the other dogs. I put a stop to it when home. I did leave my dogs out recently not realizing it would be an issue, while gone during the day. Same neighbor with fence fighting dogs has come to our home and complained that she has been yelling and screaming commands at our dog and it won’t listen. She put bark collars on her dogs to put one on ours and she is in fear of being in her yard as is another neighbor because of our dog. Our fence doesn’t meet hers, her dogs still bark and now I am managing my dogs yard time. I am fine with controling my dog. Training a dog takes time and effort. I am upset that she is antagonizing our dog and that having 3 barking dogs in her yard is fine. She has also complained in the past about doing our yard work on the same day as everyone else because it bothers her. I don’t know how to please her.

  16. I have a neighbor. She has two dogs. Starting in November they started to bark. Not during the day, but as soon as the sun goes down. It doesn’t stop until the sun rises. So one day I text her and asked “hey. Is everything ok over there, your dogs are going nuts.” Her reply was “yes. I hate them. They keep us awake at night. You may hear me yelling at them. If you know of someone who wants them they can have them.” I thought maybe she would do something then. It continues. In December I again have reached a tipping point and text her. I told her I have a vibrating collar she is welcome to try. I’m not trying to get her to get rid of her dogs. I want to help her keep them since she has kids who may be attached. She said No thanks. She hasn’t heard them much and she thinks they got better. I told her No. it’s actually the same. They are moving closer to my home. Then she joked that the mailman pulled up in her yard and knocked on her door. The dogs never even made a sound so it scared her to hear someone knock. I’m like !!! Sure enough when the sun goes down it starts. So she knows it. She said she did. She knows it’s an issue. Here it is April and I’m still Not sleeping. I’d love to sell my home and move but I should’t have to. Can’t afford to either. I could cry thinking this is my life. I contacted the sheriff who says there is no law against it but they can talk to her. They can check the decibel level but says in his experience no dogs reach 85dcb from a neighbors house. Grrrr There is literally nothing I can do. I love dogs. We have a lab. I trained her not to bark at everything. If she does she quickly runs inside and I look to see what it is. If someone told me my dog barked all night I would fix the that problem. My dog will not be one disturbing the peace. It’s rude!! Control your dogs. It’s not that hard. I’ve started hating my house. Intense when it starts getting dark. I hate it every single night. I haven’t been sleeping and it’s affecting my health. I’m out of options.

    • Here’s an idea – Find our when your neighbor’s “quiet time” is (obviously not at night). Make a recording of a barking dog on your iPhone or some other device and PLAY IT LOUD until she comes over to knock on your door. Do this every single day until she muzzles her dogs.

      I live in an apartment building with thin walls. I had a neighbor who had a loud home phone that rang all day while she was out. I work nights and she worked days. So I politely explained the situation to her and asked her to turn the ringer off during the day.
      She did not do it.
      So after that I just put my phone up to the adjacent wall and rang it as loud as I could, night after night until I could here her and her husband wake up.

      She finally got the picture and the ringing stopped.

      Actions speak louder than words. Disturb her world big time for a week or two and you will not hear those dogs anymore.

  17. I have 2 jack Russell both are yapping at someone who excercises there dog on the car park Opposite me he the chap sits on the wall which my dogs don’t like he does it everyday Twice since the lock down there is also 2 Others that excercise there dogs by throwing a ball my jacks bark when they see them. My jacks bark at unusual noises and when the post man comes There is flats at the back of me and the young chap came round about them barking and should keep them in. He also said that they bark at 4 in the morning but only if they here a noise other than that they go to bed with me and get up around 9am. He said he was going to get the RSPCA and will be sorry when they get taken away they are my life as I am 73 he also said that I will be sorry he has been filming all this

  18. I have a new neighbor who has 3 dogs and no fenced yard… I have to walk about 300 ft to get to my mailbox past their house and also take my trash cans out and now I’m afraid as everytime they are outside they rush to our gate and start barking at us aggressively… the neighbors are being total jerks and don’t even apologize for their dogs behavior. Should I call animal control and just let them deal with it?

  19. I have a neighbor who will bark and yell at my Heinz 57 mix dog. I calmly approached her the first time I caught her doing it when about a year after we moved in. I asked her what I could do for her and asked what was wrong. We talked and she said I can’t stand her barking all hours of the day. My dog is outside between the hours of 10 or 11am to 8pm I apologized and told her that we recently moved from a rural area. I told her she is a really sweet dog and is protective. I told her I would do what I can to keep her from barking. Again I kept catching her antagonizing my dog with yelling and barking at her. I again approached her and tried to calm my neighbor down and she started yelling and repeating something has to change…..I did try to explain that her acting aggressive towards my dog wasn’t helping the situation and that she is making it worse. When I’m outside my dog won’t bark at her she stays at my side and just lays there. But if noone is outside and the lady comes out she barks at her. Now the lady has called AC 4 times and each time the officer always says that I’m doing all I can. He says I’m not in violation. While he is here my dog won’t bark at him either. I dont know what else I can do.

    • I’ll tell you what to do ok… SHUT YA DOG UP, simple.
      If you can’t shut it up or train it, get rid of it, Why should it be a burden or a nuisance to your neighbours?
      I don’t get your thinking, whats the big problem? Its an animal not a human.

  20. This has been fascinating reading, particularly the passions on both sides. But in this case as in all others, if one person’s liberty infringes upon the liberty of others, that person is in the wrong. I live next door to an elderly gentleman who got a Great Pyrenees five months ago. She’s barely a year old. She isn’t housebroken so she doesn’t go into the house with the owner. She’s huge and he’s frail, so her daily walk is three minutes from the bottom of a cul-de-sac where we both live to the top and back. The owner can barely restrain her. The rest of the time, she spends locked up in the garage, which faces my house. The owner keeps the garage door up a few inches for air circulation. Because this poor dog, who really is very sweet, is extremely lonely and bored out of her skull, she barks incessantly, any time of the day or night. She has a big rib case and her bark is deep and loud. I’d call what she does baying. She’s not in pain, she’s not hearing intruders, she calling out endlessly for someone to see her, to play with her, to talk to her. She gets practically zero exercise, as well. Please note that the retired owner is home the entire time this is going on. On the one hand, the dog breaks my heart. This is a form of animal abuse. On the other, the constant noise is affecting my mental health and shattering my concentration. I, too, have a dog; she never barks, but the barking from next door makes her anxious. I’ve spoken to the neighbor several times and also called him. He’s not interested in changing anything. (“There’s nothing I can do about it.”) So, there it is. I’ve recorded the dog many times and can demonstrate just how loud she is. I’ve kept a scrupulous log for six weeks of all the times she’s barked. Soon, I’ll send a certified letter that the owner has to sign for, just so he can’t say he wasn’t aware. I’ve canvassed the neighborhood and have the names of other neighbors who are also bothered. What I’m doing is building a case. When this virus is more under control and the courts open again, I’m suing him. Even if I win, the judge can’t force him to get rid of the dog. But the owner will have to pay to defend himself, and he might have to pay damages. If he refused to show up, he would get fined and I would win the case. If the barking is still not addressed, there is, apparently, no limit on the number of times I can take him to court. To be clear, I have no objection to the occasional joyful bark while playing, or yapping when seeing familiar faces, or when intruders are present. But this is something of an entirely different order. She won’t stop until she gets some company or stimulation, and the owner seems utterly uninterested in training her, either to be housebroken or to bark less. I’m baffled as to why he has a dog at all; he spend very little time with her. Some may think I’m being obsessive. Sometimes I’m in tears because I can’t get away from the noise. A dog of that breed can live another 11 years. I decline to simply accept that I have suffer 11 years of an incessantly baying dog because the owner is too selfish and inconsiderate (to me) and cruel (to her) to change the situation.

  21. I just read through the comments and I will say, you dog people are insane! You guys really have something going on with the front of your brain. You love your dogs, we get it. You need to understand that they are not human! They are animals! They are extremely loud and the sound travels. Just because you love your dog and think its barking is fine, is totally insane to expect others to like it as well.

    One thing I have noticed with irresponsible pet owners that let their dogs nuisance bark is they can not stand it when someone rides a motorbike, 5 minutes of kids riding a motorbike in their backyard drives these dog nuts insane, yet they just don’t get it about their dogs 🙂 leaving their dog howl and bark on and off all day or night is fine.
    I will also say a dogs bark is louder and travels further then a cheap crappy 2 stroke motorbike YES ITS TRUE

    Don’t you hate it when that old pensioner that owns all them yappy dogs, doesn’t have to work, is at home all day, can get off their bum to go to a fast food restaurant but can’t get off their fat bums to see why their dog is barking or maybe train it… These bludgers should not be allowed to have dogs!

    Imagine if people went out in their front or back yards and screamed as much as dogs bark…

    I have found a way to drive my neighbours crazy lol. When their dogs bark I discipline it by yelling at them or squirting them with the hose. When they come out having a fit about me disciplining their dog I inform them that I did not buy the dog so why should I have to put up with it? If you are too lazy to do something about your dog I will… They usually keep it inside because they don’t want me doing things to it.

    Grow up dog people! Shut your dogs up. Who do you think you are? You don’t own the street! Yea your dogs might be barking on your property but what you don’t understand is you are doing it on my property as well… Get it? Probably not.

  22. I have a neighbor who has become obnoxious about my dog barking. In order to address her complaint I only let my dog who barks out in the yard 3 times/ day for 15 minutes each time. I had been simply letting her run around the yard. I’m thinking I’ll make it a more controlled thing, and put her on leash. In addition, I also prepaid thousands of $$ for 1/ doggie day care and 2/ for our 2 dogs to go to a doggie play group once/ week. Yesterday my 2 dogs were outside and the woman yelled at me to make my dog stop barking. She had been outside less than 5 minutes. I took my dogs inside, but also yelled at her pretty aggressively.

    I’m not trying to skirt the law here, but it seems to me that letting my dog run around in her yard 3 times/ day isn’t excessive. In addition, my husband has an office nearby, and on tuesdays the dogs are at his office all day because our cleaning people are here on Tuesdays.

    I probably should not have lost my cool. But when she yelled across the canyon for me to shut my dog up/ I was furious. So the one time my dog went outside yesterday, this woman lost her mind?

    I never ever allow my dogs to bark prior to 10 am. And most days I try to arrange for them to be out of the house to avoid confrontations. But really, there are occasions when the dogs are here, and I think it’s ridiculous that I can’t let them be outside for 15 minutes, 3 times/day.

  23. I have a neighbor who has become obnoxious about my dog barking. In order to address her complaint I only let my dog who barks out in the yard 3 times/ day for 15 minutes each time. I had been simply letting her run around the yard. I’m thinking I’ll make it a more controlled thing, and put her on leash. In addition, I also prepaid thousands of $$ for 1/ doggie day care and 2/ for our 2 dogs to go to a doggie play group once/ week. Yesterday my 2 dogs were outside and the woman yelled at me to make my dog stop barking. She had been outside less than 5 minutes. I took my dogs inside, but also yelled at her pretty aggressively.

    I’m not trying to skirt the law here, but it seems to me that letting my dog run around in her yard 3 times/ day isn’t excessive. In addition, my husband has an office nearby, and on tuesdays the dogs are at his office all day because our cleaning people are here on Tuesdays.

    I probably should not have lost my cool. But when she yelled across the canyon for me to shut my dog up/ I was furious. So the one time my dog went outside yesterday, this woman lost her mind?

    I never ever allow my dogs to bark prior to 10 am. And most days I try to arrange for them to be out of the house to avoid confrontations. But really, there are occasions when the dogs are here, and I think it’s ridiculous that I can’t let them be outside on such a limited basis. Am I being unreasonable?

    We also never allow our dogs outdoors after 5 pm. So our barker may be out at 10 am/ 1 pm 4 pm ? It seems to me that allowing a dog out this frequently for a 15 minute break should not be against the law. We live in a private house, and neither neighbor either side of us has ever complained about our dogs. We have another neighbor who does leave her dog outside from 9 am – 5 pm, and I never hear the rude woman screaming at her. I have, however, been told by various other neighbors that they resent her leaving her dog outside all day every day. But it never bothered me.

    • sure – whatever – try working at home? ever think of that?

      I do – I have been barked out of the front half of my house for years, stuck in a tiny semi-sound proofed area

      and then I lost my business as I could never concentrate – because the non stop barking from 3 houses – during the day.


  24. I’d rather listen to a dog bark for a few minutes, then hear R.A.P. music and kids screaming. It makes me sick the way dogs are always targets for creeps. So what if a dog barks sometimes. That’s a normal part of life. Their damn kids scream and run around any time they feel like it. The laws are very wrong and very unfair. I’m sure a lot of wonderful dogs have lost their homes and been killed because of these complaining, selfish creeps. If you have a dog or dogs, you’re a target for all these selfish, complaining scum. They awful people know that dogs don’t have any legal rights, so they go after them. I damn them all to hell. I hope them and their stupids kids drop dead.

  25. My neighbor is threatening to have our dog removed from the home because she has major separation anxiety. She doesn’t cry outside, she only cries (maybe even howls?) while she’s inside and all alone. She probably cries most of the time that everyone is gone. We haven’t had a complaint from any of the other neighbors that we live in close proximity to, which is strange because the neighbor on the other side of us is very snoopy. So if she is as obnoxious as he says then why isn’t anyone else bringing this up? But I no longer live in the house. Before I left my ex we had three dogs. I took two and he kept one. We just broke up a couple months ago after a 6 year relationship. All our dogs are rescues and the one he kept is the most emotional and sensitive out of them all. She had a really hard past and was in terrible condition when we rescued her. She is a happy girl when she has someone with her. She is so distraught now that her mom and her babies are no longer in the house with her. My ex goes to work and that’s when she cries and cries. The next door neighbor is now saying that we’ve been abusing her for years which is totally insane and such a hurtful thing to say about people who advocate for rescuing animals. We LOVE our pets like they’re our children. He says he will not give up until our dog is removed from the house. This is devastating to us as the breakup has already been so difficult on us and our pets. Our dog has been through so much she would be devastated if she had to be re homed yet again and so would we. How do you punish a dog who has separation anxiety and who is a rescue with emotional issues? When nobody is there to tell her no? I feel like this guy is taking out all his anger on us. He sits outside and listens to her and leaves his front door wide open in the middle of the summer. Why would he do that if he doesn’t want to
    Hear her crying? He walked up on our front porch last night, was super disrespectful to my ex’s Dad, then got in my ex’s face and was threatening him. Our neighbor just moved in with his new wife, they have three kids, who we used to see all the time and now we never see them. I’m literally concerned about the well being of his family. This guy seems like he’s losing his grip and it’s really scary. It’s difficult to reason with someone when they’re so aggressive. We’re at a loss right now and I can’t stop crying. The thought of losing her is killing the me. Please help with any suggestions on how to help our dog feel at ease when nobody is home? I can’t stop crying I already feel so bad for taking the other dogs and leaving her confused.

    • Find a competent animal behaviorist/trainer and have them work with your dog to help solve her issues and follow the trainer’s advice. Your neighbors should not have to keep their doors and windows closed and be trapped inside their home, not able to sit on their own porch because of your dog, whether your dog is inside your home or not. Quite frankly, your neighbors are probably at the end of their own rope after having to listen to the dog crying every day when no one is there at home with her. Fix the problem, don’t blame the neighbors who have a very valid complaint.

  26. You can’t kill the owner of the chronically barking dog. Although, the owner probably deserves it and you would likely get caught and go to prison. However, under the law, dogs are considered property. No one goes to prison for destruction of property, even if it could be proved.

  27. i cant even let my dog out to pee with out her running to the bak gate and barking. i stop her everytime but the neighbour comes running out saying hes gonna call bylaw if i dont shut her up its 6pm. im afraid to let her out at all anymore

  28. I only read the title. Seems to be from an ignorant person, frankly.
    5 things to do when your neighbor complains about your dog barking-
    #1-Shut your dog up. Period.
    There’s no number two.
    If you need number two, you are a piece of number two.
    Dogs aren’t the problem-ignorant/oblivious owners are.

  29. My neighbor’s dog was out for 2 hours barking the whole time at anything, in 29 degrees Fahrenheit. No doghouse.They’re on their 4th or 5th one over about a 10 year period. The others are dead. I guess maybe all these barking dogs are crying for help? Maybe you should pay more attention to your own animals than your selfish crusade on not giving a…
    NAHHHH… stupid people are hopeless.

  30. It’s true with good owners and intelligent neighbors know that humans are smarter than does there fore humans teach Dogs to obey and be good as if owners are in control they represent the way the animals acts. It’s common for Dogs to protect their territory if their is a threat but excessive and constant aggravation of animals out of control and unable to understand they live in a human environment which should not be unnecessarily abused or violated. If he owners cannot control there pets they are not doing their job or owners of the property as there are laws to protect property owners from individuals that abuse there rights and lives with noise pollution from negligence from people that don’t care about their neighbors.
    Animal Control or Law enforcement Officials are there to serve and protect. Don’t believe me look it up n the web. Read and weep if you must. Neighbors are to be respectful of one another . It’s in the Bible.

  31. I’m the complaining neighbor. I’ve spoken with the family repeatedly regarding the barking and the escapes. I was told that it was a puppy, and it would outgrow the behaviour. That was over 5 years ago. Dogs don’t outgrow behaviours, they have to be trained.
    I don’t want cookies. I want to go outside my house, in my own yard, and not be subjected to the constant barking that occurs when I’m outside my house. I don’t think I should be the one who has to build a fence to achieve quiet. I’d also like to walk across my lawn and not worry about dog logs.

  32. Two comments directed at WDJ:
    1. You damage your credibility by allowing vulgarity and name calling in these comments. If you can’t afford to pay a moderator to patrol and delete, then close commenting. A cheap way for you to find a team of moderators would be to offer a free subscription to WDJ in exchange for volunteering to moderate. That would have to be subject to some timeliness metric, for example posts that break the rules are taken down within 4 hours.
    2. Rules: hmmm, comment #1 doesn’t work unless you have rules to start with. Set a standard for what is allowed in the comments, then enforce it. See 1 above.
    3. The original post failed to mention separation anxiety as a common cause for barking. An owner might have no idea that their dog actually has an emotional problem being by itself, hence the barking. Some owners might actually decide to try to help their dog with this if they had a clue that it was due to anxiety.

    • some of us humans are barking too – from the anxiety, lack of sleep, and total disregard for our own rights to the enjoyment of our own homes

      so sick of this self-entitled dog on brain culture

      can’t even walk in some places without tripping over shit piles


  33. I find that this article and everything it says is a total disgrace to dog owners especially when yall accused some of us as having behavior issues. My dog is an American Fox Hound whom is very much treated well and disciplined. He has a barking habit because of other small rodents during the day at night I monitor him while he uses the bath room and have still been reported for noise ordnance. This is a disgrace I only let hime out during the day hours unmonitored other wise he is monitored im in NC anything I can do?????

  34. My boyfriend just got a job and my dog had never been left alone but now has too so we are slowly introducing him to being left alone. Today was the first day but the neighbour’s moaned because he barked a few times. We got a camera that we are able to talk to him through and tell him too stop but the neighbour’s told us that it is animal cruelty. Does anyone have any advice about what to do and how to stop them texting every time we try to train him as this has happened several times now? Thank you.

  35. There is such an array of opinions on here but there have been a few comments that suggest continual barking is OK, or even “natural”, and I vehemently disagree with that.

    I am currently in the middle of a neighbourly dispute for this very reason. We have been dog owners most of our lives but, since losing our last and having children, we are not. Our neighbour’s dog barks incessantly. It typically happens when they are not home but it is not limited to this. It can be LOTS of short episodes of 5-15 minutes, or it can last for hours. Eventually, it will tire itself out and switch to whining. It has access to the garden so it is a mix of inside and outside. Yes, it helps to shut our windows (theirs are apparently broken) but that is just not feasible in the long term, especially in summer heat, needing to keep the children’s rooms cool (and also, why should we have to?). It can happen any time of the day – we have episodes at midnight, 3AM, middle of the day, you name it. Unless you have experienced barking on this scale, it is difficult to describe how much of a challenge to your sanity it can be!

    It can wake all of us up. It can prevent us from getting to sleep at night. It can prevent us from enjoying our home. It can prevent me from concentrating on my work (for hours). Our neighbours have not behaved in the way mentioned in this article. They have been defensive from the start. They make no commitment to change the situation, or compromise and, at one point, even stated that we shouldn’t have bought the house if we didn’t like dogs, which is both unfair and factually incorrect.

    We have had the “dogs bark, get over it” argument from them as well and it amazes me that this mentality exists. I would never let my dogs bark continually and I used to routinely check in with neighbours that they weren’t being disturbed whenever I was out. I didn’t do this primarily for the welfare of my neighbour (albeit it didn’t hurt the relationship), I did it for the welfare of my dogs. It is important to know whether your dogs are settled when you are not there.

    Our relationship has deteriorated to the point where it can no longer be resolved amicably and we are left considering next steps. However, I can’t stress how important it is to take neighbours complaints seriously, put yourself in their shoes and try to work together to solve the situation if you can. This “I love dogs. Everything my dogs does is fine” mentality is both dangerous and, in some cases, probably incorrect. I know every situation is different, and some people do exaggerate their concerns, but having a suspicion they are does not absolve you of the responsibility to make sure – for both your neighbourly relations and your pets.

    • I hate to be dramatic but I dealt with this for about 10 years over a 13 year period. No sleep for years. Destroyed my health and livehood. I was a homeowner with no recourse whatsoever, surrounded by 3 barking problems on different properties at one point.

      FOR THIS ONE REASON – I will never buy again – unless so rich or truly away from another’s home.

      So I move into this apartment and 2 years in the whiners win and get dogs. Dealing with the PTSD. Totally sucks. Luckily none of the same level of barking but truly get sick of cleaning up poop and smelling the piss.

    • Leave your bulldog outside all fucking day to bark? Just a wild guess. Drive a Harley per chance, Karen? Damn snowflakes all dog owners that can’t be bothered to take personal responsibility for their dogs.

      • Agreed, you should have to undergo stringent tests to have the chance to apply to own one single dog. These people have no regards for any fellow humans, and generally are as dumb as their dogs (small brains with lots of grey matter).

  36. Intolerance between humans and animals, loud music , trucks engines roaring because you want your vehicle to be noticed, small cars with loud mufflers, I think dogs has Rights to communicate and Bark , dogs are smarter than humans, and humans are dumb enough not to understand
    Emotions of a disturbed person always reflects itself towards others , Regardless

    • so someone else being an asshole justifies you being an asshole?
      not honey – not true

      so are you saying I should just stop giving a shit about everyone and be as loud as I like all day – walk down the streets singing out loud?

      gee thanks for your permission DOGTARD-HUMAN

    • TRULY

      loser neighbor: my dog needs to piss on your home to mark territory

      followed by 5 more dogs now pissing on my house within 2 hours

      and somehow lazy loser justifies by – ‘oh thought it was a commercial property’

      OH REALLY? SO WHAT !!! no one wants to smell your dogs piss on concrete

      losers – all of you tiny city apartment dog owners – all DOGTARDS

  37. Why is it that our neighbor calls us “intolerant” when she’s the only one in the neighborhood who lets her dogs bark? We’ve suggested bark collars, dog training and working with them to curb the annoyance. Every neighbor complains about her and the dogs but she blames the barking on someone passing her house, the other neighbors’ dogs, the squirrels, the birds, the planes, you name it. Refuses responsibility. We called the Dumb Friend’s League to ask for help to a solution. Along with suggestions, she finished her comment up with, “there are very few bad dogs, but a lot of bad dog owners”.

  38. ‘that might be an exaggeration’?

    screw you

    indeed i have been woke for years – multiple TIMES PER FUCKING DAY – on end by barky fucking assholes

    and one of yours now pissing on my front door

    FUCK ALL SELFISH DOGTARD HUMANS — bunch of narcissistic losers who need asslickers around all day cause they don’t love anyone but themselves
    and continue to try figuring that out

  39. This article just panders to shi**y dog owners Number 1 should have been stop your dog from disturbing people immediately Instead it suggests making your neighbour some cookies while minimizing how aggravating poorly trained dogs are. Shove your cookies and shut your dogs up. Ive got kids and dogs, if you actually train them and take responsibility for them instead of forcing your community to deal with the fallout then youll quickly learn “kids scream dogs bark” is a cop-out excuse only lazy owners/parents say