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Dog Licking A Beer Glass

Beer for Dogs?

Don’t give a regular beer to your canine companion (the alcohol is toxic to dogs), but you can share beer’s festive spirit with dog-friendly alternatives.

Dog-Friendly Stores

Wondering what stores are dog friendly? Here’s a list of retail stores in the U.S. that allow you to shop with your well-behaved dog.

How to Put a Harness on Your Dog

Not all dogs are happy to “get dressed.” Here’s how to gain your dog’s cooperation and comfort with putting on a harness.
Border collie dog running with red frisbee

Dog Chase Toys to Tire Your Pup Out

Most dogs love to chase toys, and the game is a great way to help your young dog—or older dog!—get some fun exercise.

Types of Dog Gates

The selection of dog gates for use indoors – and even outside your house – has exploded in recent years. Here are the most helpful dog-gate types.
Dog walking

You Can Walk Two Dogs at Once

Skip the gadgets. To walk two dogs at once, each dog needs to be trained to walk on leash and ignore distractions.

How to Teach Your Dog to Swim

Not all dogs know how to swim! If you live near water, or have a pool, it’s a great idea to teach them how to swim. Here’s how.
Tiny Dog (Jack Russel) Wants To Play With Ball

How to Teach a Dog to Play Fetch

Playing fetch with your dog can be a great way to spend time together as you enjoy a cooperative game.
Senior woman riding bicycle and walking Malinois dog

Riding a Bike With Your Dog?

Here’s how to train your dog to run alongside your bicycle. The key is using a special dog bike leash attachment.
Guide dog leads a blind person through the train compartment

Common Service Dog Tasks

You name what you need a service dog to do, and a dog can probably be trained to do it.
Male golden retriever puppy playing with a rope on modern vinyl panels in the living room of the house.

Are Rope Toys Dangerous For Your Dog?

Yes. Dogs can tear them apart and swallow the threads, which can result in an obstruction and costly surgery.
Man find a lost pet

Found a Stray Dog?

What to do and what NOT to do with a stray dog you’ve found.

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Give Them Time!

When you bring a dog home from a rescue or shelter – or anywhere, actually! – give them space and time! Be friendly and encouraging, but don’t loom or fuss over them.