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Choosing The Right Dog Chew For Your Dog

Beef hides and hooves, pig ears and snouts – Do you know which of these animal products are good for your dog, and which are dangerous? Walk down the right aisle in any pet supply store and you can't miss them: row upon row, bin upon bin of preserved and processed animal parts, all intended for your dog's chewing pleasure. First, there are the rawhide products – perhaps the least visually objectionable stuff on display. Most pet stores carry many varieties of rawhide chews, including flat discs, round rolls, twisted and braided chews, and fanciful items such as rawhide footballs and food bowls.

Common Hazards to Dogs

One of our primary responsibilities as caretakers of our canine companions is to keep them safe. There seems to be an endless host of hazards just waiting to take advantage of a breach in our defenses and attack our unsuspecting pals. If you've owned dogs for any length of time, you've probably encountered your share of those hazards and vowed not to make the same mistakes again. It's easy to become paranoid and want to shroud your four-legged family members in bubble wrap to protect them. But how much protection is reasonable? How do you keep your dog safe and still let him enjoy his life as a dog?

Mysterious Holistic Medicine

Some (though certainly not all) holistic veterinary practitioners sometimes use unconventional diagnostic methods. Whole Dog Journal describes some of these tools, from the nearly ordinary to the truly far-out. Every system of medicine has something to offer, even if it’s hard to explain just what it is and how it works.

Nettle for Dogs

Are you among the millions of people who set out into the great outdoors every year? If so, are you familiar with Urtica? If not, you certainly should be. Collectively known as nettle, these plants inhabit drainage ditches, stream banks, and other moist soils in North America and throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Nettle deserves your attention. In fact, it actually demands your attention. Even the slightest brush of skin against the stems or leaves of the plant will immediately result in a painful sting.

The Right Herbal Remedy For Your Dog

With new herbal products popping up like weeds on store shelves everywhere, it can be difficult to decide which ones are right for you and your dog. There are herbal remedies for immune system support, cardiovascular health, worms, fleas, nursing bitches, and dogs with urinary problems. Herbal products with cute and clever labels (most of which tell us nothing) have appeared on the shelves of health food stores, pet supply stores, even in mainstream supermarkets.
Seacure for dogs is a whitefish derived supplements.

Securing Seacure

Can you imagine a food so easy to assimilate that even the most impaired digestive tract absorbs it on contact? Originally developed to combat world hunger, this amazing protein supplement is now saving dogs. Seacure, which is made from Pacific whiting caught in the Pacific Northwest, contains beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and other fish nutrients, but its amino acids and peptides (the fundamental constituents of protein) are its primary healing ingredients.

So Much to Talk About

that the claims in the article do not and could not apply to Natura Pet Products or any of our outstanding pet foods. Everything that we make is exactly as specified

Effective Healing Herbs for Dogs

Unlike conventional drug therapies and surgical interventions, effective herb use does not focus on suppression or removal of disease symptoms. Instead, the herbalist begins his work from a more holistic perspective, one that starts with identification and correction of underlying issues and external influences that cause or contribute to illness.

Shipping Your Dog Cargo While You Fly

Travel with your carry-on dog can be safe and easy if you are prepared; shipping your dog cargo is an entirely different matter. The airline industry doesn't help its public image when it resists legislation and regulations intended to improve animal safety during air travel. New rules, ordered by Congress and proposed by the FAA, are supposed to go into effect by the end of this year, but are being met with vociferous objection from at least Delta, Northwest Airlines, and the Air Transport Association.

Hydrotherapy and Aquatic Exercise for Canine

Hydrotherapy and aquatic exercise are the hottest new tools in canine physical rehabilitation. And that's not just a jump in a lake. Today's cutting-edge therapists work with veterinarians' referrals and use sophisticated underwater treadmills and other specialized equipment to provide rehabilitation for a variety of medical conditions. And they are frequently able to achieve better results in less time than through the recovery regimens prescribed by more conventional veterinary practitioners.

Acupressure Can Relieve Nausea

trace the bladder meridian (shown as the dark line in this illustration

Herbal Medicines and Nutritive Herbs

Wild dogs, researchers have observed, browse a broad variety of berries, grasses, flower blossoms, seeds, and even a few roots in their continuous search for food. Many of the plants they eat are quite tasty, even to us humans, while others are not palatable at all. In fact, some of the plants wild animals nibble upon may even be regarded by humans as potentially toxic. So why do they consume such plants? Because maybe they are not looking for food. Perhaps they are seeking medicine.

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