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Canine Swim Caps?

Chloe, my eight-year-old Labrador Retriever, loves to swim. When we lived in New York, she spent almost every morning in streams and lakes, diving from high granite boulders in summer and breaking through ice in early winter. But when we moved to Montana, finding clear, open water for swimming was a challenge. Then we discovered the therapeutic pool at Apex Animal Hospital and signed up for recreational swims. Now every Tuesday Chloe swims laps while retrieving a tennis ball.

Structure of the Canine Ear

he adds, it makes no sense from a health or holistic living perspective."üOne flap down? It takes some pups a little longer to develop the upright ears typical of their breed.üPrevent ear-piercing drama: Warm the ear cleanser or treatment before putting it in your dog's ear."
dog ear infection

Dog Ear Infection

Chronic ear infections are the bane of long-eared dogs, swimming dogs, recently vaccinated puppies, old dogs, dogs with an abundance of ear wax, and dogs with allergies, thyroid imbalances, or immune system disorders. In other words, ear infections are among the most common recurring canine problems.

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