Do More with Your Dog


Stunt dog trainer/performer and author Kyra Sundance has created an entire program around teaching dogs to do tricks. Trainers can become Certified Trick Dog Instructors (CTDI), and dog owners can earn titles at five levels by having a witness sign the Trick Dog Performance Form found on Sundance’s website. To achieve the various levels, you simply need your dog to perform enough tricks from Sundance’s Tricks List to meet the requirements for that level:

Novice Trick Dog (NTD): Demonstrate 15 tricks (intermediate and advanced tricks count as two tricks).

Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD): First earn your NTD, then demonstrate 12 tricks from an intermediate or higher skill level (advanced and expert tricks count as two tricks).

Advanced Trick Dog (ATD): First earn your ITD, then demonstrate five advanced or expert tricks.

Expert Trick Dog (ETD): First earn your ATD, then demonstrate five expert tricks.

Trick Dog Champion (TDC): First earn your ETD, then submit a video that meets the requirements spelled out on the Do More With Your Dog website.

For Sundance’s Tricks Lists and more about her Trick Dog titling program, visit her website here.

You can apply for a Trick Dog Title here.