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The Recall: Teach Your Dog To Come When Called


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A reliable recall could save your dog’s life.

Question: Can you really count on your dog to come when called?

Typical answers: “Yes, he comes most of the time, as long as he’s not too far away.” “Usually, but not if we’re outside, or if there are distractions.” “If I show him a treat, he comes right away!”

Translation: No, these dogs—like most—can’t be counted on to come when called. Sometimes they come, sometimes they don’t.

And it’s not their fault! Dog’s aren’t born knowing they should run right for us when we call them. And most of us are only beginning to understand how our dog’s think and learn.

It’s our responsibility to positively train our dogs so that they respond instantaneously to a recall cue, whether you’re calling him in for dinner—or stopping him from making a mad-dash into a busy road.

Now available exclusively from The Whole Dog Journal is The Recall: Teach Your Dog to Come When Called. In this life-saving guide, our expert-trainers and contributors show you…

  •  Why it’s important to learn how your dog values his rewards, and which one’s work best
  • Why your dog sprints over to you in some places, but runs the other way in others
  • What to do if you’ve “poisoned” your recall cue and your dog just won’t respond

Available for instant download, this eBook reveals how dogs learn, and why they do what they do, so you can teach him to instantly bound towards you when called.

The Recall is available ONLY from The Whole Dog Journal. Set your dog up for success today… order & download now!

*Please note: This is a downloadable E-book.