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Reading Your Dog’s Body Language


Explaining Your Dog’s Thoughts and Behaviors…

Humans are a verbal species. While dogs are capable of some vocal communication, English is a second language for them. Their first is body talk—body language they use to say exactly what they want and how they feel.

If only we humans were half as good at reading their signals as they are at reading ours, there would be a lot less miscommunication. Truth is, most “misbehaviors” are the result of human misunderstanding.

We owe it to every pooch to try our hardest to understand their needs, feelings—when they’re being bashful or flat-out panicking (many people confuse these expressions)—and even when they’re trying to tell you something is wrong.

Reading Your Dog’s Body Language includes a helpful stress behavior dictionary, describing specific behaviors and body movements that all dogs use to indicate stress and fear, so you can help them avoid potentially disastrous situations.

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