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Dog Bites


How to Stop Your Dog From Biting

There’s nothing scarier than an unprovoked dog bite – the snarling and snapping of teeth, the sudden change seen in your beloved canine – but, what if you dog’s behavior wasn’t as unexpected as you first thought?

Do you, your dog, and those around you the biggest favor you can, and download Whole Dog Journal’s newest eBook Dog Bites today! Educate yourself on your dog’s body language to make yourself aware of the subtle aggressive behaviors you may have been missing.  Growls, leash-nipping, and heightened awareness are only a few of the usual mannerisms that may have slipped under the radar.

Learn what you can do to see the signs of potential aggression early on and take preventative measures. With the instruction you’ll find in Dog Bites, manage the stress of other people and outside stimuli on your dog’s behalf, and identify the things that might make your dog growl, snap, or bite.

With your purchase and instant download, you’ll be able to sink your own teeth into the tantalizing topics below:

  • How to recognize common triggers in your dog’s environment
  • Create a “Stress Action Plan” to manage adverse equipment or behavior
  • Managing aggression in a multi-dog household
  • Which types of collar to use that mesh well with positive-reinforcing training methods
  • The difference between play biting and real biting
  • Developing your dog’s “bite inhibition;” an important difference that can be taught to puppies and older dogs alike

Be your dog’s protector, so they don’t have to! Purchase and download Whole Dog Journal’s eBook, Dog Bites today and gain access to the tips you’ll need stop the tooth marks in their tracks!