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Taking Care of Your Senior Dog


How to Support Your Senior Dog and The Special Care Aging Requires

Despite the twinkle in their eyes and their youthful heart, you and your dog are looking the inevitable in its graying, muzzled face: aging.

While your dog’s days of running and rambunctious play may not be over just yet, only a bit slower than usual, considering what lies ahead and making certain changes now can mean a healthier, longer life for your beloved canine companion.

Much like a set of new, carpeted pet stairs for your senior dog, Whole Dog Journal’s eBook, Taking Care of Your Senior Dog is only a few steps away, filled with the information you’ll need to give your older dog the support they need.

With your purchase you’ll gain instant access to a variety of subjects specifically tailored to the care of older dogs:

  • how to keep your older dog supported and safe in a multi-dog household
  • whether younger canine companions are right for your senior dog
  • the commonality of canine arthritis
  • the many available natural treatments
  • and many more…

The prospect of aging doesn’t need to be a fearful one for you or your dog, only another stage of life to go through together. Lead your dog up those steps as a team, with Whole Dog Journal’s eBook, Taking Care of Your Senior Dog.

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