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Beginner’s Guide for Agility Training


If your dog is a constant bundle of energy, it can be a challenge making sure your canine companion is regularly getting enough exercise. While physical activity is essential, mental stimulation also plays a role in calming your dog down. Taking your dog on a walk or run is good for the body, and puzzle feeders are great for their mind. Agility training can be the best of both worlds.

Whether you’re interested in signing up for competitions or you simply want to try agility training at home, the experts with Whole Dog Journal explain what you need to get started. From purchasing the correct supplies and equipment to enrolling in online or local classes, you can set your dog up for success.

In Whole Dog Journal’s latest downloadable e-book, Beginner’s Guide for Agility Training, you’ll learn valuable tips for creating a positive experience for your dog. By teaching your dog how to navigate a variety of obstacles, you’ll build their confidence, cultivate a deeper relationship with your furry friend, and help burn energy.

Beginner’s Guide for Agility Training contains useful information for all dog owners interested in recreational or competitive agility training. Topics covered in this beginner’s guide include:

• Training exercises to improve your bond with your dog
• Activities to help keep your dog in prime physical shape
• Keeping your dog safe on the equipment and reducing the risk of injury
• Using verbal cues and treats to communicate with your dog and elicit the behaviors you want from them
• Ways to earn competitive titles from home via online video submission
• Managing unwanted aggression with therapeutic agility games

Download this comprehensive e-book today to learn the new skills you and your beloved dog can both benefit from for years to come.

Beginner’s Guide for Agility Training is available ONLY from Whole Dog Journal. Download your e-book today to ensure your dog is safe and competent on the course.