Veterinary Applications of Laser Therapy


Acupuncture Points and Trigger Points: Traditional Chinese acupuncture points are stimulated by a focused laser beam, used solely or in combination with acupuncture needles, to produce a systemic effect; high doses of laser therapy may be used to deactivate trigger points (hyperirritable spots that induce pain elsewhere in the body) found in muscle, ligaments, tendons, and periosteum.

Anti-Inflammatory: Creates vasodilation, activates the drainage process of the lymphatic system, reduces the mediators that incite irritation.

Bone Repair: Improves healing times after trauma or orthopedic surgery (can be used over metal hardware).

Infections: Viral, fungal, bacterial (laser therapy stimulates the immune system).

Intraoperational Procedures: Can be used during surgery to directly affect damaged tissues.

Musculoskeletal System: Sprains, strains, fractures, ruptures, disorders, degenerative conditions.

Neurological: Remediation of peripheral nerve injuries and spinal cord lesions; improves nerve function; accelerates nerve regeneration.

Oral Problems: Gingivitis, stomatitis.

Pain Management: For acute or chronic conditions, especially beneficial in reducing pain from arthritis and neurological pathologies; can reduce or eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals in certain cases.

Skin Conditions: Ulcers, dermatitis, lick granulomas, burns, hot spots, pressure sores.

Tissue Healing: Accelerates cellular reproduction and growth, reduces inflammation, swelling and formation of scar tissue, prevents tissue damage and death.

Wound Healing: Induces cellular proliferation; increases formation of new blood vessels, activates collagen (the protein necessary for tissue replacement and repair) and DNA synthesis; prompts growth factor release; reduces wound closure time; increases breaking strength of the wound.