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  • If Your Dog Won’t Eat
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • All About Dog Dentals
  • How to Get Pups to Sleep
  • Smart Collars
  • Dog Training for Kids
  • Hygromas
  • Looking for Dr. Perfect
  • Teach Your Dog to Relax
  • Vaccine Reactions
dry dog food

WDJ’s 2024 Approved Dry Dog Foods: Search Over 1,000 Varieties

We’re excited to now present information about every single one of the dry dog foods made by the companies on our “Approved Foods” list, including their complete ingredients lists. Even more exciting: This is a searchable database. You can use filters to find foods that meet many specific needs for different dogs.

Download The Full February 2024 Issue PDF

  • The Foods We’d Choose
  • Hallmarks of Quality
  • Approved Dry Dog Foods
  • How Long Can Your Dog “Hold it”?
  • Loose-Leash Walking
  • “Acoustic Masking” for Sound-Sensitive Dogs
  • How Far Should You Walk Your Dog?

Download The Full December 2023-January 2024 Issue PDF

  • Gear of the Year
  • Xylitol Poisoning
  • How to Teach a Cue
  • Cushing’s Syndrome
  • You Gotta Do the Math!
  • Dog Wheelchairs
  • The Best Breeds for Kids
  • Dog Antibiotics Guide
  • Stop the Barking

Download The Full November 2023 Issue PDF

  • Ataxia Attack
  • Dietary Fiber For Dogs
  • Getting Dressed? Yes!
  • Canine Cataracts
  • Drop It Right There, Pal
  • Take Your Dog Shopping
  • Looking For Librela
  • The Wrong Class?
  • No More Nipping

Download The Full October 2023 Issue PDF

  • Why You Should Can It
  • WDJ’s Approved Canned Dog Food List
  • How To Give A Pill
  • Chaos At The Door?
  • The Best Dog Gates
  • Canine Influenza
  • Types of Training
  • The Best Training Treats For Puppies
  • Starting From Scratch
canned dog food

Whole Dog Journal’s Approved Canned Dog Foods

Here you’ll find a list of pet food companies that make the kind of foods that meet our canned dog food selection criteria. We’ve included ALL the information we gathered from each company on our approved foods list. Here’s the most exciting part about the table, however: It’s a searchable database that you can use to find appropriate foods for your dog!

Download The Full September 2023 Issue PDF

  • Care for Heat Stroke
  • Found a Stray Dog?
  • Boundary Training
  • Rope Toys are Dangerous
  • Worms and Deworming
  • Dental Extractions
  • Confidence-Building
  • Stuck in the Middle
  • Teach Your Dog to Heel
  • Best Dogs for Seniors
  • The Agony of Dog Feet

Download The Full July-August 2023 Issue

  • Lyme Disease
  • Puppies and Kids
  • Kennel Cough
  • Still Feeding Puppy Food?
  • Prevent Broken Nails
  • Find a Great Trainer
  • Anesthesia Recovery
  • Paw Protection
  • Crying All Night?

Download The Full June 2023 Issue PDF

  • Fresh Kibble?
  • A Sudden Tilt
  • Managing Bitey Puppies
  • Top Dog-Walking Gear
  • Weirdly Colored Poop
  • Alternatives to “Cones”
  • The Hand that Feeds
  • Mushroom Poisoning
  • Prepare for your Puppy
  • Shaving Against Advice
  • Foam with his Coughing

Download The Full May 2023 Issue PDF

  • Words Matter
  • Intestinal Blockages
  • Freeze-Dried and Airdried Diets Reviewed
  • Dog-Reactive Dogs
  • Causes of Seizures
  • Soy in Dog Food
  • Noise Fears and Phobias
  • Training a Deaf Dog
  • Housetraining Failed?

Download The Full April 2023 Issue PDF

  • Car Safety for Dogs
  • Food Aggression
  • “Swamp Cancer”
  • “Board and Train”
  • Socializing your Puppy with other Dogs
  • Bacterial Folliculitis
  • Diet for a Small Dog
  • Collar or Harness?
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Hip Dysplasia

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