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Whole Dog Journal's 2019 Gear of the Year: Select training and dog-care equipment, recommended by experts.

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The December issue features our 2019 Approved Wet Dog Foods list and the criteria used to compile our list.

Whole Dog Journal’s 2019 Approved Wet Dog Foods

Canned dog foods represent only about 15% of the overall pet food market. Why don’t more people feed their dogs canned food? It has...

How to Compare Nutrient Levels in Canned Dog Foods with Dry Foods

The percentages of nutrients shown in the guaranteed analysis section on a pet food label (protein, fat, fiber, moisture) are expressed “as fed” –...

Canned Food Is Not Bad for Dogs’ Teeth

If you ever want to see us develop a twitch when asked a question, ask us something about the teeth-cleaning ability of kibble. First, you...

FULL LIST: Approved Wet Dog Foods for 2019

Products appear alphabetically by best-known name. In some cases, this is the name of the company that makes the food; in others, it’s the...

Download the Full November 2019 Issue

The FDA and many others are trying to determine if there is a link between cases of canine DCM and the affected dogs’ diets. Here’s our take – and suggestions for feeding your dogs.

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The Ricochet is a high-tech toy is best deployed in interactive, supervised play with a single dog. Keep your video camera at hand, because you will want to record the fun!

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Putting your dog’s nose to work is a fun and effective way to improve his behavior and responsiveness to you.

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Billions are being spent to launch countless CBD “supplements,” which are widely available online and in pet supply stores. So why doesn’t your vet want to talk to you about these products?

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Does your dog understand what behavior you wish her to perform when you use verbal cues alone, with absolutely no hand gestures or suggestive body language? In many cases, the body-language picture we present to our dogs tells them as much – or more – about what we expect them to do as our verbal cues do.

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The fact is, feeding the same type of products from the same company year in and year out is putting your dog’s health solely in that company’s hands. There isn’t any single company I would trust my entire lifetime of nutrition to; why do we expect this from any pet food company for our dogs?

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