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  • Behavioral Probiotics
  • Counter Productive
  • Let’s Increase Diversity in the Dog World
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  • Behavioral Probiotics
  • Counter Productive
  • Let’s Increase Diversity in the Dog World
  • Ringworm Isn’t Either
  • Adopt or shop

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  • Fostering Rescue Pups
  • Ready for Anything
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Understanding the “Guaranteed Analysis (GA)”

The guaranteed analysis (GA) is a highly regulated part of a pet food label, and the facts printed there are subject to surveillance and enforcement. State feed control officials may sample and test the product at any point in its production and sale; they often do visit stores and pull product from the shelf to […]

How to Shop Dog Food Labels

Alright! You’re in the pet supply store, armed with information about what you have been feeding your dog. You know which nutritional adequacy (AAFCO) statement to look for, you know how much protein and fat should be in the guaranteed analysis of the foods you are going to consider, and, presumably, you know how much […]

In the Fine Print: Nutritional Adequacy Statements

It’s bizarre, but one of the most important things on a pet food label is often in the tiniest print: the nutritional adequacy statement, aka the “AAFCO statement.”  AAFCO stands for the Association of American Feed Control Officials. This is the organization that developed the standards the industry uses to determine what constitutes “complete and […]
dry dog food

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation: Choose Several Dog Foods

You may have not noticed, but we’ve been using the words “foods” and “products” in the text above. We strongly encourage owners to rotate among at least three different products from different pet food companies throughout the year. And more may be better! Here’s why: Most pet food companies use the same vitamin/mineral premix for […]

Four Steps to Personalized Nutrition

The beginning of your dog food buying journey actually starts with what you feed your dog right now. You are feeding your dog something already, correct? Good! In order to make choices that will maintain or, better yet, improve your dog’s health, you need to know what’s in the food you already feed him. Otherwise, […]

The Best Foods for Your Dog

We know that many of you subscribe to Whole Dog Journal in order to learn about dog food. We’re also aware that, more specifically, many of you are hoping that we will tell you which foods are best; you want to know what you should be buying to feed your dog.  Well, we have some […]

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A Diagnosis for Foster Puppy Coco’s Strange Gait

Since I last wrote about Coco, the little dog with the strange gait (her front feet move normally, but she can only...

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Four alumni of our local shelter. Grateful that all my friends adopt from the Northwest SPCA ...

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It’s a little chilly in my office this morning. Good to have a cuddle buddy. ...

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Her DNA test results are back... any guesses? Wisdom Panel says 40% American Staffordshire Terrier, 38% Weimaraner, 15% Labrador. I admit I did not expect AmStaff in such a little pinhead. Well, as my brother-in-law said, 100% cute! ...

Top models are born, not made. Apparently. ...

Samson doesn’t enjoy temps below 70. ...

Vet visit for Miss Coco; Woody tagging along as canine security blanket. (OMG, you guys, a vet who will let us come into the clinic! I am so excited!) ...