Vet Visits

3 Steps to the Perfect Vet Visit for Your Dog (and You)

Planning ahead for your next appointment at the veterinary clinic will reduce your dog's stress level and foster good behavioral conditioning. With these easy tools, you can turn a grandly BAD entrance into one that is stress-free and smooth. Say goodbye to undesirable behaviors like lunging, growling and barking!

That All-Important Wellness Visit

While we know you don't want to hear it, your senior dog needs a twice-yearly veterinary well-visit. There are many health issues that can be treated if detected early

Common Values in a Canine Blood Test

Here are some of the values you might find on your dog's chemistry panel, or chem screen

Get Your Dog’s Bloodwork

When it comes to that most primitive part of us, there's nothing as basic as blood. In virtually every culture across the planet, blood represents the stream of life itself. Because its looping path always leads it back to the heart – that great repository of emotion – blood has come to represent all that truly matters to the human spirit: passion, heritage, mortality, atonement, commitment, sacrifice, even our connection to the divine.
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What To Do If Your Dog Has Worms

Deworming agents are present in any number of prescription and over-the-counter treatments for dogs and puppies. If your dog shows signs of a gastrointestinal worm infestation, there are all sorts of products available that are made exclusively to rid dogs of various types of worms. But there are also deworming agents included – whether they are needed or not – in many flea and tick treatments and in most heartworm preventive drugs; in fact, it's sometimes hard to find a minimalist flea treatment or heartworm preventive drug that does not contain dewormers. The question is, is this really necessary? Are intestinal parasites that much of an ongoing threat to most dogs – and their owners?

When to See a Vet and When to See a Trainer

or gradually becomes uncharacteristically undesirable."

Use Caution When Filling Veterinary Prescriptions at Human Pharmacies

A few years ago, I was at my vet’s office when an older couple brought in a Chihuahua puppy who was very ill. Despite the staff’s best efforts, less than an hour later the pup was dead. The cause? A drug overdose, due to a prescription error made by a human pharmacy.

How to Decipher Veterinary Code

What the heck do all those letters mean? They can seem as random as letters in a bowl of alphabet soup. But those acronyms pack a lot of information in just a spoonful. Here’s a guide to deciphering all the letters that you may see that have to do with veterinary professionals.

Veterinary Applications of Laser Therapy

Acupuncture Points and Trigger Points: Traditional Chinese acupuncture points are stimulated by a focused laser beam, used solely or in combination with acupuncture needles, to produce a systemic effect; high doses of laser therapy may be used to deactivate trigger points (hyperirritable spots that induce pain elsewhere in the body) found in muscle, ligaments, tendons, and periosteum.

When to Seek Veterinary Care After Your Dog Has a Close Call at the...

Did Your Dog Have a Scary, Sinking Moment in the Water? “If the dog comes out and he’s fine, he’ll shake it off,” says Jules Benson, DVM. “You need to watch him for the next 24 to 48 hours, because that’s when aspiration pneumonia (caused by water going down into the main-stem bronchi) can occur. Especially if it’s water other than a pool, where there could be bacteria or protozoa in the water. If they aspirate any of that and it goes into the lungs, the bacteria spreads and multiplies.

Veterinary and Human Medical Centers Collaborate

The Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and Wake Forest University’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, signed an agreement in January to form the Virginia Tech/Wake Forest Center for Veterinary Regenerative Medicine (CVRM). The goal is to facilitate the use of cutting-edge, regenerative (stem cell) treatments for pets and people. Clinical trials performed at the center will provide valuable information concerning the effects of stem-cell therapy.

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