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Vet Visits

Is Frequent Urination in Dogs Normal?

If the symptoms your dog exhibits are straining to urinate, frequent, small accidents or repeated, small puddles when going outdoors, a likely cause is a lower urinary tract issue such as a bladder infection, bladder stones, or cystitis (bladder inflammation). Diagnostics will include a urine sample, urine culture, and possibly xrays of the bladder. Some breeds such as Schnauzers are more prone to certain lower urinary tract issues like bladder stones.

Don’t Skip the Stool Sample

A fresh stool sample is no one's favorite to collect, but it's important for a lot of reasons.Parasites are not the only thing that can be seen on a fecal check. Whether done as part of a routine screen or when a pet is sick, poop contains a lot of good information.

Veterinary Visits: It’s Important to Be There for Your Dog

I am going to be blunt; I have a strong opinion about this. There is absolutely no chance that I would allow any of my dogs to be taken into the back" at a veterinary clinic for anything short of surgery. Our new vet does go above and beyond with her clinic's degree of owner involvement

Diagnostic Health Testing for Dogs

Basic screening tests, in combination with regular physical exams, are foundation components of a good health care program. In younger dogs, routine tests are done to establish normal baselines, exclude congenital problems, and/or ensure safety for anesthesia. In older pets, these tests often provide the first indication of possible health problems.

Physical Exams for Senior Dogs

There are a number of ways that we can stay on top of health issues that creep up on our dogs with age. Annual veterinary visits are a staple in every healthy pet's life. A comprehensive physical exam from nose to tail is step one in picking up clues to underlying concerns at every age, but it becomes even more important in the senior years.

Make Vet Visits Less Scary

Vet visits can be stressful for the beings on both ends of the leash! As my dog sits in the waiting room, awash in trepidation, I, too, am often worried about what decisions I'll need to make regarding diagnostic testing, what it's all going to cost, and the pros and cons of every possible scenario – all while battling an overall concern for my dog's physical and emotional health. Veterinary care is a necessary part of responsible dog ownership, and, fortunately, a little pro-active planning and thoughtful training can help reduce vet-related anxiety for both dogs and their owners. The following tips will help prepare you and your dog for your next trip to the vet's office.

Advocate for Your Dog

Willow. She scans for hazards (snakes

Blood Pressure Tests for Dogs: Worth It?

A health exam for all adults includes a blood-pressure reading. So why not for our dogs? There are a few reasons that veterinarians save blood-pressure testing for only certain cases. Although an estimated 20 percent of humans suffer from white-coat syndrome" (temporary high blood pressure caused by the anxiety associated with visiting the doctor)

The Scooting Dog Decoded

Why is Rover dragging his butt across the carpet? Not just annoying to watch, this behavior is usually indicative of a bigger problem - infected or impacted anal sacs. Also called anal glands, these little pouches are found on several different mammals including dogs and cats, and are not very noticeable when healthy. When they are clogged or infected, however, your dog will MAKE you notice them.

3 Steps to the Perfect Vet Visit for Your Dog (and You)

Planning ahead for your next appointment at the veterinary clinic will reduce your dog's stress level and foster good behavioral conditioning. With these easy tools, you can turn a grandly BAD entrance into one that is stress-free and smooth. Say goodbye to undesirable behaviors like lunging, growling and barking!

That All-Important Wellness Visit

While we know you don't want to hear it, your senior dog needs a twice-yearly veterinary well-visit. There are many health issues that can be treated if detected early

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