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Dog Food Elimination Trials Are Worth The Effort

Allergies can literally cause a dog to tear his hair out, setting acute moist dermatitis (hot spots") into motion and triggering fits of paw-licking and head-shaking (caused by allergy-induced ear inflammation and infection). When this happens

Commercial Foods For Allergic Dogs

Owners who don't feel capable of or willing to carry out a rigorous trial may prefer to try a commercial dog food that has been processed in such a way as to render the proteins hypoallergenic, or one designed specifically for use in an elimination diet. Chances are good that your veterinarian carries at least one of these types of food. Some are limited-ingredient diets, available over the counter; others are prescription diets. All cost around 30 percent more than even the best nonprescription dog foods.

5 Steps To Determine How Much To Feed Your Dog

Each and every one of the six people who adopted the puppies I fostered recently asked me the same question: How much should I feed him?" I was surprised the first time

The Top 5 Things to Look for on a Commercial Dog Food Label

Recently I visited a fancy new pet supply store?* – seriously, the fanciest store I've ever seen. It boasts a fenced and rubber-matted area for patrons' dogs to play while their owners shop; an area where owners can bathe their dogs (with warm water, cross ties in the raised tubs, shampoo and conditioner on tap, waterproof aprons, cool blow driers, and plenty of towels); an area where visiting veterinarians can provide vaccinations and basic health exams; a climate-controlled, glassed-in area for puppy and dog training classes; and, oh yeah, aisle after aisle after aisle of toys, beds, treats, shampoos, and lots and lots of dog (and cat) food.

Dog Food Logic – Make Smart Decisions on What You Feed Your Dog

The following is an excerpt adapted from a new book that can help you make smart decisions about what to feed your dog.

Whole Foods in Vet-Prescribed Dog Food

Three months ago, I asked, Why can't veterinary nutritionists design recipes that meet most nutritional needs through the use of whole foods

Humanization of Dog Food

Industry analysts frequently observe that “humanization” has been a hot trend in pet food for the past few years. The term is used to describe products containing ingredients that are popular in the human food industry, as well as those that are manufactured and/or packaged to resemble human food.

New Guides In Town

When buying food for their dogs, owners depend on the product manufacturers to deliver a “complete and balanced” diet in those bags, cans, and frozen packages. Perhaps without even being aware of it, owners also understand that there are government agencies responsible for setting standards as to what constitutes a “complete and balanced diet” for dogs, and for making sure that pet food makers meet those standards.

Choosing the Right Top-Quality Dog Food

premium / natural / holistic pet food makers.üToo many choices? Never! It's good to have options

The Dog Food Industry Has Come a Long Way!

the smart companies have found ways to offer products with the kind of ingredients that discerning pet owners want to see on the label. It's doubly smart

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