Sample Dog Park Rules


Park rules should be posted prominently near park entrances – if they’re not, ask about them prior to bringing your dog to the park, and make sure you are able and willing to comply. Here are some of the rules that you are likely to find:

Dog Park Rules

-If a separate area is provided for small dogs, please honor the size restrictions.

-Dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed/neutered. (Alternatively, no females in season allowed.)

-All dogs must be currently licensed.

-No choke, prong, or shock collars. Remove harnesses.

-No unsupervised dogs; dogs may not be left unattended.

-Owners must clean up after dogs.

-Aggressive dogs are not allowed. Please do not bring dogs with a past history of aggression toward dogs or humans. Dogs who demonstrate aggressive behaviors toward dogs or humans in the park should immediately be removed from the park and not return.

-Children under the age 8 (or some other designated age) should not enter the off-leash area of the park. Alternatively, children under the age of (designated age) must be directly supervised at all times in the park. No running, loud, or rough play allowed.

-No more than three dogs per person (or other designated number).

-No smoking or eating within the fenced dog park area.

-Always close gates behind you.

-Be polite and considerate of other park users.

-Keep dogs on-leash until you enter the off-leash area (or the “airlock” immediately preceding the off-leash area).