Resolutions . . . for your dog?


Looking for an idea for a blog post, I just looked through my oldest posts, wondering just how long I have been doing this. The answer stunned me: since mid-2010.  I got lost for a bit, reading through musings from years past.

I came across one written at precisely this time of year in 2011, about making new year’s resolutions for our dogs.

I made a couple of resolutions at that time, and here’s another stunner (sarcasm alert): In the past six years, I absolutely haven’t done the two things I said I was going to try to do.

It’s probably smart to make small, achievable goals, instead of the big ones like “I’m going to make my dog’s food and compete in a new sport.” I still want to do both things, but I haven’t made them a priority; lots of other projects have come up that have been pushed to the top of my “to do” lists. But both things are still goals I’m interested in. I have to take some small steps toward achieving them.

Do you have any goals for you and your dog or dogs this year? Any that you’d care to share? They might inspire others to think about and develop some goals for improving their dogs’ lives, too!