Musing About Unusual Mixed-Breeds


The dog shown here is half Bloodhound, half Border Collie. I was skeptical, too. Bloodhound I can see. But I don’t see a trace of Border Collie.

Then I learned her story. Indy was an “accident” – the product of two purebreds owned by a family who actually breeds and shows Border Collies and Bloodhounds. I wouldn’t have guessed that a fan of one of those breeds would also possess the other, but you never know about people.  Indy’s owner could testify to the certain presence of Border Collie; she bought Indy as a puppy who was still trying to suckle her totally-over-it Border Collie mother.

I was reminded of this incongruous cross last weekend when I saw these dogs. I never got a chance to ask what they were; they also look like some sort of Bloodhound-mix.  I saw these dogs at a sports event within 80 miles of Indy’s breeder; could they have been littermates? The odds are against it, in a state as populated as California, but who knows? Weirder things have happened.

What’s the weirdest mix you’ve ever seen? Just among the mixed-breed dogs whose parentage was certain? Breeds whose origins were just a guess don’t count here.


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